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Name: Download Fast!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   master94ga
Version: 05-Jan-2011
Released: 05-Jan-2011
TMX id: 3579050
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 58,469
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:41.75   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.0058,469
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:41.76   3DMAX! Ankh <3+ 0:00.0158,385
0:42.01   AR »Down.+ 0:00.2656,284
0:42.04   KANTER+ 0:00.2956,032
0:42.09   eckmeck+ 0:00.3455,612
0:42.40   waxii:.+ 0:00.6553,007
0:42.45   silk roger+ 0:00.7052,587
0:42.46   Sundive+ 0:00.7152,503
0:42.54   master94ga+ 0:00.7951,831
0:42.56   nair+ 0:00.8151,663
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Author Comments

Fast! -05/01/2011


____________________..\About the track/..____________________
Welcome on my newest track, this time is a fullspeed.
This is my second fullsped, the first is really bad and I hope that you like this one.
The speed is very high and its hard to get a good time.
For to noob like me, I made the CP respawnable, only one isn't respawnable.
There are some loop, one wall and some jump, I thinks that is smooth.
I made a normal scenary but I thinks that the result is very good.
The MT isn't my best, I made a short intro, a simple GPS and I added in the outro only FX effect and blur.
Have fun and please put feedback,replay and if you like it award.

_______________________..\Some info/..______________________
Author time: 42.77
Coppers: 5260
Mod: no
MT: yes
Blockmix: yes
Style: fullspeed
Respawnable: no all CP
Beta-tester: yes

____________________..\About the screen/..___________________
For the screen I contacted   de.point / off
He made for me an awesome screen.
Big thanks to you for the screen an attention.

_________________..\About the beta-tester/..__________________
I put the track in beta area for received some feedback.
Thanks for the support, for the detailed feedback and attention.
My beta-tester:   Didi|R4a|  DisGo.esu|  Razo.'R |R4a|  DDR.Buddha|  NrjZ|  »burT!|  arti|  DMW|  Neutrino'off|  wormi|  Pat


N»avigato® by   Natzke

Phenomenon by   de.point / off


User Comments
Showing 14 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  master94ga 05-Jan-2011
___________________..\Thanks for the /..___________________
o1-  DisGo.esu
o2-  morrow.
o3-  PedroSierra´
o4-  kawi
o5-  Razo.'R |R4a
o6-  Odr_soo
o7-  Didi|R4a
o8-  Guik'Z
o9-  Neutrino'off
10-  NSNL
11-  Azinicious
12-  cobham
13-  marpua
14-  Mattnac.
15-  CvRk
16-  »burT!
17-  winter
18-  `Lazzy.07!
19-  »Jackster'
20-  DxMarillion'
21-  Sundive
22-  waxii:.
23-  wormi
24-  AR »Down.
25-  pascow.esu
26-  darkpuddle
27-  diplo|mp
29-  moe - offline!
30-  GodofWar
31-  3DMAX! Ankh <3
  qb»Flow 08-Jan-2011
sorry no award by me - nice ideas but I think they aren't that well calculated in here - especially the first 10 sec
  waxii:. 08-Jan-2011
sry for this time but i don't have the time to put a better one^^
(nice track)
  master94ga 08-Jan-2011
@qb»Flow: ok, thanks for the feedback, is my second FS, the next track will be better

@waxii@FL9: nice time


Best of the week and 27 awards
Thanks to you guys, this is a fantastic result for my second FS.
  Pat 11-Jan-2011
I was the only one in beta who criticized the track and I think that's the reason why I'm not listed in your AC. Btw, you never changed anything what I told you. You don't understand the sense of beta area, it's to improve your track, not to promote it.
  master94ga 11-Jan-2011
But you are serious?
You aren't in the AC because you don't like the track.
I can add you but is the same thing as when I asked you to put a replay.
You said that don't like the track...
If you don't like the track because I should add in betaster?
Then it isn't true that I did not change anything about what you said, I changed the
flow that you didn't like it whit and helped me dmw...
I follow your feedback even though you were the only criticism, the other guys like it.
So what do you want? I put the track in beta-area only to receive feedback.
If I do not follow the feedback I would do more than six updates.
Think... and after write Pat
  wormi 11-Jan-2011
I agree with Pat, all kind of feedback -> betatesting -> adding to list.

If you write only those who liked the track you could call that list "my fans" list instead of "betatesters".

And btw, I tested it too and even liked it and I'm not in that list...
  master94ga 11-Jan-2011
@Wormi: I added you on tmx united and forgot to add here ^^

Edit: added also pat on tester but no sense for me...
  Pat 11-Jan-2011
Haha your arguments don't make sense. You just add those who like the track, then you have to call them fans, like wormi said, not testers. Btw, the track is still one of the most unsmooth tracks I ever saw, so you didn´t change anything I told you.
  master94ga 11-Jan-2011
I was wrong not to add you.
However only you think that the track is unsmooth...
The track have 28 awards, they are presents?
Ridiculous ...
  Pat 11-Jan-2011
Never said that the awards are presents or someting else. But the jumps and drops are unsmooth, that´s just a fact.
  master94ga 11-Jan-2011
I don't understand... for me the jump are smooth.
And if many guys give an award means that for them are smooth.
Really, only you don't like the jump, I don't understand
  Pat 11-Jan-2011
Omg, look at the first drop and the jump after. Without airbreak, they aren't smooth, because the 4 wheels don't hit the road at the same time!
  AR »Down. 11-Jan-2011
Have to agree with Pat, its not rly smooth
But... Who cares ?!?
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 31 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Sundive 08-Jan-2011
User Award   waxii:. 08-Jan-2011
Like it!

User Award   wormi 08-Jan-2011
Good one!

It is nothing special but I think that's the reason why you've got so many awards. I like easy and simple fs (because I can't drive hard ones..). I really liked the smoothness in this one but some parts are a bit boring, for example that first platform corner after first jumps. However, I really liked many parts on it: high speed corners soon after start and uphill part before wallride are awesome! And well, also MT and scenery work are decent, but you know FS track can't be as beautiful as those dirty ones... ^^

User Award   AR »Down. 09-Jan-2011
Nothing special, but its ok
User Award   pascow.esu 09-Jan-2011
cool one
User Award   darkpuddle 10-Jan-2011
User Award   diplo|mp 10-Jan-2011
User Award   KANTER 11-Jan-2011
Great track
User Award   moe - offline! 01-Feb-2011
oh my god
Great fullspeeder, man
for sure
User Award   GodofWar 01-Feb-2011
Yep its a nice Track!!"
User Award   3DMAX! Ankh <3 19-Oct-2011
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