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Name: Download Last Stars
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rewiind
Version: 02-Jan-2011
Released: 02-Jan-2011
TMX id: 3588075
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 28,410
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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0:52.69   Sparco+ 0:00.0028,410
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0:52.74   aenima+ 0:00.0528,248
0:53.09   Etidu+ 0:00.4027,116
0:53.96   .Dotchy «+ 0:01.2724,301
0:54.57   HardDance+ 0:01.8822,327
0:56.40   peteypablo7+ 0:03.7116,407
0:58.33   Hitchy+ 0:05.6410,163
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Author Comments

Hi dudes. Just a random upload by yours truly. I've finished this track a while ago, but never felt like uploading it. Now I'm in some sort of a 'what the heck' mood, so.. what the heck, here it is. It's a 52 second long tech track. When I started building, I aimed at making an overtransitional hell, hence the large amount of transitions first 15 seconds or so. The simple scenery gives the track a total of ~1500 coppers, which in combination with the day mood shouldn't lag too much. The title of the track refers to 1) a brilliant song by rapper Mr J. Medeiros, and 2) the fact that this track is tributed to the last real stars on tmx. This site is drowning in an ocean of little kids and immature behavior. Luckily there are people that keep their heads above the flood. The following guys have made a great impact on my 'career' here, which I want to thank them for.

| Dutchy | brenni | Mr Hubby | Extract | Wesc | Januy | TimeBreaker | HardDance | Sparco | Kendal | Alba | Ænima | Peteypablo7 | Matto | Sapphiron | Vgr | ziE | SweSebbe | Pat | Etidu | Whizkid | Bajs | Psymax |

Ofcourse there are more than the ones listed here, but these are some of the very greatest. Thank you.

Peace out, Rewiind.

User Comments
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  mr.hubby 02-Jan-2011
  rewiind 02-Jan-2011
  ZoggeR 02-Jan-2011
sweet Screen
  peteypablo7 03-Jan-2011
my name popped up in an author comment so my alarm went off my logs on the pc told me it was your latest track including my name really happy to see that I could help you with sth in your career here ^^ will check tomorrow probs
  NLChr!s 03-Jan-2011
Gotta agree with that author comment.
  Khone 03-Jan-2011
agree with the AC.

taking a look at this list, it really is a relief to see that there are still some guys here who really go great work without childish behaviour good idea aswell rewiind

checking the track now
  Pat 03-Jan-2011
I'm really glad to be named in the AC and I fully agree with you about the childish behavior. Will test the track as soon as I am back from vacation (:
  HardDance 04-Jan-2011
Damn, you gotta love these awards man, havent seen so nice awards since tmn
  peteypablo7 04-Jan-2011
meh, I do write some once in a while
I could pass you some proof if you want to
  - ziE @ RIP TM <3 07-Jan-2011
I will give you an award, but as of now I really don't know what to write.
  rewiind 07-Jan-2011
No problem, just happy to know you appreciate it. And thanks for the amazing words guys. Keep being awesome
  .wesc 09-Jan-2011
oh I missed this!
E: what´s up with the trackpage structure?
  brenni 11-Jan-2011
Ahw man, that's really an honour to me !

But my name is written with a small b at the start, well.
Never mind, since this is somewhat a tribute to! At least I'm feeling like it is.
  mr.hubby 13-Jan-2011
hehe, even pat wrote a 'real' award man! you can be proud (:
  Pat 14-Jan-2011
xD yeah, that should be my longest one (:
e: omg, was mine your 1000th award?
  rewiind 18-Jan-2011
Sorry Pat, it was either my 999th of my 1001th
  Pat 18-Jan-2011
Haha shit (:
  Blix. 20-Jan-2011
Haha, I had the 1000th award!

Track is underrated
  comedY_xT. 28-Jan-2011
Again I love the accuracy you always put into all your project, containing the AC, the screen, the MT and the track. But for me it's sadly too expert to be enjoyed D:

Gratz for every award tho, deserved.
  brenni 29-May-2011
still didn't award it
I find no time..
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Hitchy 02-Jan-2011
Awesome track Perfect speed between all the turns
This replay is just temporary until i get a better time
User Award   Blix. 02-Jan-2011
Nice tech track! Slides fit, speed is right and very challenging. Great track, nothing more to say


User Award   Quat 02-Jan-2011
wow, this track is really awesome. I like the style and the way how the track is designed.
User Award   HardDance 03-Jan-2011
Great track Rewiind, no bullshit, just road with great flow and cool combinations. The platform part is brilliant, makes you slow down and keep a tight line. The scenery is seriosuly one of the best iv seen lately, very simple, but very nice, love those roof blocks. And the details, like poles under cp and so on, no loose connections, if you get what i mean. Thats the best time you will get from me, feels like my fingers are broken after the Hello 2011 challenge Rose just had. So you just have to live with it. Well done!
User Award   mr.hubby 03-Jan-2011
You know, sometimes I love this track and sometimes I hate it but that are normal changing I guess. However, there is one tiny - or big; depens on the point of view - little differnce to all those modern transitional techies. Of course, Im not talking about real transitional tracks like you said you wanted to build, no, Im talking about the fact that these transitional tracks are faced with a new dimension of difficulty due to those transitions. A good oldschool techie like you build here can be as annoying as hell, nevertheless, its still way easier/more fun keep fighting for a good time. The track you've build really has some many places which make me struggle hard but: Firstly, they are the only things that make the track annoying. Secondly, some of these combinations are unknown to me and last but not least, they instantly create a unique flow. In comparison this creation of flow aint typical for a line of transitions. Furthermore, no scenery overloads or any other confusing things. This simplicity makes it a cool challenge which only depends on you & your skill. Besides, I have to thank you for putting my name between THOSE NAMES, Im glad you think Im worth there and it keeps me experimating with my style or just simply imroving them. Overall, a cool hunter which really deserves a good repla yfrom my side, so you'll recieve it asap ... btw I friggin love this platform eventhough I havent really mastered it yet. In my first version of the award I wanted to critise you about this double poles and this chicane in front of the first jump, but, while driving the track I realized/thought that its actually the builders decison where he puts which block and the player has to live with it. Anyway, the track's great the way it is but critism is lso important - this is my last conlcusion^^


User Award   aenima 03-Jan-2011
Well, I recently checked the botw tracks and was quite dissapointed... 6 fullspeeds, 1 pf crap and only 3 tech tracks with max 30 secs length. It's sad but long (50sec-1min) quality tracks are pretty rare these days (at least on tmnfx). So I'm really happy to see one of my idols (yes, sir, u are) build such an amazing track in these dark times (wewt, im quite dramatic today). Lovely oldschool touch with freaking nice new combos, especially the slide through the two poles and the following one aprox halfway through the track. And btw, the screen is the best I've seen in ages! So, good job sir, I salute you.
User Award   NLChr!s 03-Jan-2011
aight man, you're lucky i'm sick otherwise i would've missed this one i guess. I start this award by saying that this is a hard track for me to finish. Not only because im not that good in driving tech but also because these slides are hard to master. At least for me they are. BUT, that doesnt stops me from awarding it, because I finished it ... yes I did, ooh yes I did. And I can see why this track is so beautifll. It really is different from most tech tracks nowadays, i mean ... It's almost a minute long. You don't see it that often anymore. And Im also liking the scenery, those little poles sticking out like mushrooms ^^ yeah it's simple scenery, but sometimes that is enough. Well don't really feel like writing more stuff, I think you get the point when I say: I like itah!

User Award   peteypablo7 03-Jan-2011
well well Rewiind ... I saw this one quite short after you released it. didn't had time enough to drive it, but now I had. couldn't drive it properly from the first run, but I got that more than once on tracks from you. it's really not because they're hard or bad, but just because I'm not the best tech driver around ^^ and that's exactly what you need in here. you made a really cool track with loads of nice slides and well flowing corners. the general flow is very well and you combined the transitions very well. I should say that on some places the speed is rather high and decreases quite heavily on some spots. it's not bad at all, since that gives a good challenge to the track. if it was too slow, I'd rather fall asleep instead ^^ a too fast one could results in too much crashes from my side. so you kinda pleased me (without knowing it yourself) by having fast and slower parts in the track. the drops and jumps in the track are quite hard in the first run, but are getting easier the longer you practice on the track. I'm sure I'll never reach a 52.xx like Aenima has here, but well he's a great driver and I'm not in tech ^^ neverthless, I couldn't resist trying and trying untill I was sure I wouldn't be last when uploading a replay. I managed to get a 56.xx and since it wasn't a clean run at all, I should be able to drive around 55 perhpas. it'll depend on the time I have if I'll be trying some more to get a better time. the scenery you created in here reminds me a bit to the scenery from vgr at some spots. you should for sure take that as a compliment since his scenery is simple but very well fitting. you also used a quite light scenery, but for tracks like these, that works perfectly to fit the atmosphere on the track. Furthermore, I'm really happy and somehow honoured to see my name appearing in your author comment. yeah, for sure I've talked with you once in a while. but did I influenced you that much in your career? I guess not ^^ anyway, I'll keep acting like I'm doing now and I don't think you'll be against that. at least there's one condition that you should do: continuing making such a nice tracks. You definately deserve my award on this track and I hope for you that some more guys will see this one and get theirself awarding this track. been a while since I saw you appearing in BOTW while you really deserve a spot over there. your tracks do contain a lot of quality, but sometimes quality is underrated compared to friendly awards (what is overrated). btw, nice screen as always mate: quality is very good, blur fits perfectly and the font looks good.

I also couldn't let go writing the longest award ...
User Award   dadm 09-Jan-2011
Perfect job

User Award   Roomie¬ 09-Jan-2011

User Award   .wesc 09-Jan-2011
You know you have a special style dude, a perfect mixture of elegance and subtlety. Your maps (and screens) doesn´t call the attention too much at first sight but if you stop to pay attention on details you notice how everything is in its right place. Each turn, each block... yeah such a beauty to look at and also to drive through. I would like to remark specially the part of the drift between the two poles and the next turn, that was epic. Great job again, Rewiind.

Thanks and please don´t leave us!
User Award   Pat 12-Jan-2011
Wow. That´s really a great track. The quality is just stunning and that´s exactly that what´s missing the last time here on tmx. I love the screen, the flow of the track and the scenery. Everything just fits perfect.
And now, to the AC. I fully agree with you about the immature behaviour. I miss the old times here. And furthermore, the quality of the tracks in botw is getting lower and lower. And one example for this is that this track has no chance to get in there. Well, it´s sad that it´s a point of promoting to get many awards, not of quality.
Well, enjoy all those long awards here, which are "real" awards and please keep up building.
Greetings, Pat (:
User Award   Sparco 23-Jan-2011
Thank you very much for listed me in your list, I'm honored, especially coming from you. Your track now, I only dislike the first slide, the rest is good as usual, the AT is hard. Sorry for the late and little award.
User Award» 29-Dec-2011
really nice
the best tech track i've played till date:v
User Award   Etidu 26-Jan-2016
Splendid track : beautiful and unique.
We definitely don't see tracks like this one these days.
This screenshot aged extremely well, just like your tracks.
I'm very honored to figure in the list in your AC, I wonder what I have done haha.
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