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Name: Download Back in Future!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   .Dotchy «
Version: 18-Jan-2011
Released: 17-Jan-2011
TMX id: 3612593
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 69,482
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:36.50   Never+ 0:00.0069,482
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0:36.77   .Dotchy «+ 0:00.2766,398
0:36.82   Cyber_Dragon+ 0:00.3265,827
0:36.88   mr.pokora+ 0:00.3865,142
0:36.94   uetzer|R4a+ 0:00.4464,457
0:36.94   Sundive+ 0:00.4464,457
0:36.96   .nixx+ 0:00.4664,228
0:36.96   der-bozz.esu+ 0:00.4664,228
0:36.98   diplo|mp+ 0:00.4863,999
0:36.99   GodofWar+ 0:00.4963,885
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Author Comments



Back in Future!

(17th January, 2011)


Here I am with my Comebacktrack. I know you will say 'Wtf is that... a started PR track which ends with a Fullspeeder is his Comebacktrack?' or something like this but it has a good reason why I build a track like this. Normaly I build (speed/) tech but this time I wanted to build a style where I knew that I´m not good at. I also promised Ivica to make a tribute to him on his birthday... But unfortunatelly my new pc wasn´t finished yet. Now it´s finally here. I know that he´s a fullspeeddriver so I make a fullspeeder out of the track. (:


Here are some informations about the track:

°Style: PressRight & Fullspeed
°Coppers: 4675 cc
°Length: ~37 sec (PR-12 sec | FS-25 sec)
°Difficulty: Intermediate
°Intro: Yes (~20 sec.)
°InGame: Yes (Gps,...)
°Outro: Yes (Fx Colours)
°AT: 0:36.94
°Possible: 0:36.8x


Now to the Showcases:

Place 1 on the ScreenCompo:
»Ivatius by   Never

Place 2 on the ScreenCompo:
Online Season - The Final by   Cyber_Dragon

Place 3 on the ScreenCompo:
"[PF] Peak Fear by   »Flo.F®"

And here is a special one for Cybi, cause he dispensed the coppers for the ScreenCompetition:
"Losing Control by   Cyber_Dragon"

You can have a look at the ScreeenCompo. if you want.


This track has also a ReplayCompetition:

*Best replay: A spam mail with 3 tracks and I´ll give you my feedback
*Second best: A spam mail with 2 tracks and I´ll give you my feedback
*Third best: A spam mail with 1 track and I´ll give you my feedback

DL: 24th January 2011


And big thanks to all my Betatesters


Thanks for all awards

*~ diplo.xT|mp
*~ Turtle« 'dB
*~ V.neck
*~ iNever'
*~ NrJ'z
*~ eNks
*~ arti
*~ »rafffi. (Raffi)
*~ Cyber_Dragon
*~ xbrenbread

*~ .dejavu
*~ Revilo.o'
*~ Rile91
*~ [K]Dino
*~ Madana
*~ Placket.
*~ quad2k.xT
*~ Zenit
*~ GodofWar R4a
*~ Bl@derunner

*~ dxaxnx
*~ MagnetMan
*~ Ivi. <3
*~ Didi|R4a
*~ DreamY.'
*~ Arzar.xT|mp
*~ »CvRk
*~ »!
*~ Dan!eL|'P.H.C«
*~ Metal_Snake.F®

*~ Mastermind

Total downloads: 273


User Comments
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  joe b 20-Jan-2011
uhu, uhu.
not cool.
  Never 20-Jan-2011
  Fytrim. 20-Jan-2011
2. No I didn't google that name, that movie is very known.
1. I know its not the title thats why its a fail.
  Never 20-Jan-2011
its a fail because its not the title of a movie?
  Fytrim. 20-Jan-2011
because it sounds weird when you get used to the other name. fuck.
  joe b 20-Jan-2011
why do you answer, btw, never?

I mean isn't that dotchys track?
And I'm pretty sure, that my comment wasn't for you. 21-Jan-2011
How can anyone travel back to the future? That doesn't make any sense. You can travel back to the past, but not the future.
  .Dotchy « 21-Jan-2011
It´s because I was gone from tmx in June (from past) and I came back in January (in future)
  MnM | Revii 21-Jan-2011
why people always care about the tracknames, that's sensseles
  Never 21-Jan-2011
Quote ...
why do you answer, btw, never?

I mean isn't that dotchys track?
And I'm pretty sure, that my comment wasn't for you.

why? because i tough you was talking about the cut i've found.
i posted "i've found a new cut" and than you post "uhu uhu, not cool"
  'Ghost! 21-Jan-2011
overratedness ftl
  Never 21-Jan-2011
  PF spid3rZ 21-Jan-2011
can't even finish this track, no matter how i drive, the screen turns black and says "No cut, bla bla. No award, but i enjoyed the PR part...
  MnM | Revii 21-Jan-2011
Quote ...
overratedness ftl

  Sundive 23-Jan-2011
PF spid3rZ did you even watch the gps? ;o
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User Awards
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User Award   worm.apx 18-Jan-2011
Nice press right and...
Nice the track!
A big for u!!!
User Award   Maggy 18-Jan-2011
nice trak
User Award   iv!ca' :O 18-Jan-2011

That was obviously my reaction on this page. Cannot believe you actually made me this track. And yeah, it was quite strange when I first time tested it in beta, you've never made style like this before so I should guess something will happen. But I didn't cause I couldn't even think about upcoming tribute. I know you promised me a tribute for birthday but I completely forgot about that. But now I'm glad you did birthday present for me even if it is bit too much late, dude, 3 months... First time I got a big surprise while driving on ppo, when the track came, this intro just blew me away. Ok, for some maybe it ain't something special, but I found it really great and creative imo. And you told me you suck on MT - ehmm..ok I will accept it as a joke because its simply impossible to believe in this after watching this beauty There is not much to tell about the track, you're legend, you make quality techs, speedtechs and now its your second great fullspeeder. Firstly, I've thought you stole PR part, actually I was sure, I couldn't have imagined you as a PR builder, imo you should try to make some longer PX. Even if here is only 11-12 second, it felt longer and its pretty cool. Ok there I was surprised. But, looking that I'm fs driver/builder more, FS part ain't that mindblowing xD . Well, yes its cool and smooth, in vneck/freak style imo. You made it very well, smooth, easy and huntable, just lovely. This track just tells that you was working hard and was doing it with passion. And I love you for that. The scenery was great as always (and when it wasn't ? ), don't wanna talk much more, you created an amazing atmosphere again. Screen is also very nice, tho not really for 10/10 , anyways lovely work . That was an amazing feeling during drivin', so thank you very much for building my first tribute here, I am/was very happy about that ('very' cause it was FS xD).
Also there are some bad things, like I cannot see those Fx colors and that stuff, 4k5x coppers are still too much for my sh*t of comp. and the track by you is again way too short, you've not broken a limit of 39 seconds, like its your longest track. . But I hope you'll do it in future cause there is a big trackbuilding talent in you. Thanks again, I'm happy cause your nice present for b'day *cough* .

greez Ivi. <3
User Award   Didi|R4a 19-Jan-2011
User Award   .dreamy 19-Jan-2011
Ivi is a lucky man.(;
Big award!
User Award   Sundive 19-Jan-2011
User Award   CvRk 19-Jan-2011
User Award   »! <3 : off : 19-Jan-2011
User Award   dan!el 20-Jan-2011
like it
User Award   Metal_Snake 21-Jan-2011
Absolutely original track !
The PR part was good, very tight and fast.
And i enjoyed the FS part even more, smooth, and it feels like a good old nation track with these typical smooth jumps.
Great job
User Award   Mastermind 23-Jan-2011
interesting combination!
Very well executed!
Take this:

P.s.: hope for a better Mt next time
User Award   Nadal 23-Jan-2011
nice dude
User Award   moe - offline! 24-Jan-2011
nice PR, nice one
User Award   >>|Puma|<< 02-Feb-2011
User Award   scar.d 28-Apr-2011
nice fs part although i don't like fs normally.
but get rid of the pr pf pl stuff its nice to watch but gets annoying after a few tries
User Award   makonen.nwt 12-Jan-2012
Happy birthday
User Award   d@se 13-Jan-2012
I "LIKE" THIS!!! 2 tumbs up ^^

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