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Name: Download Competo 24h IV HaNno A night
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Hanno
Version: 15-Jan-2011
Released: 15-Jan-2011
TMX id: 3635123
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Laps
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 4m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night
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4:15.48   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.00-
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4:18.70   Mawi+ 0:03.22-
4:19.02   dignitas/Carl Jr.+ 0:03.54-
4:19.41   dignitas/Sabre+ 0:03.93-
4:20.40   @Olf+ 0:04.92-
4:20.67   »RtA«mael²+ 0:05.19-
4:21.08   Bubble+ 0:05.60-
4:24.15   Angry Bahamut+ 0:08.67-
4:28.44   JakeRay+ 0:12.96-
4:33.06   Cocktail.afc+ 0:17.58-
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Author Comments

Hey guys!
This is my latest map, which I have built for the "Competo 24h-race IV" from 15th to 16th january 2011. I have put a lot of work into this map to make it enjoyable and challenging for every kind of player and skill.
Building the hole track took me more than 115 hours(!)
I really have to say that this map was the most difficult and complex one I have made so far. Building a long map is hard enough as some people might know, but making such a long laptrack is even harder. I felt like a pilot who has to land this huge track like a plane on a tiny little road and connect it to the start/finish, because there were many other blocks from the previous route of the track, which sometimes forced me to build some new unordinary things .
The map has a unusual and competitive flow and not to many transitions to avoid cuts and wayfinding problems. I tried to build bugless and to use all the different kind of techstyles, from speedtech with plattforms up to really challenging competiontech parts on bluecarpets.
I also included some long offroadstraights, loops and bigger jumps to allow drivers streching their fingers or whatever during the race. That's important if you have to drive several hours in a row
The map has some special parts, for example the "Plantronics-Circles" which include some very smooth +360° turns and the "Competo Arena", which I mixmapped completly under a dirtmountain. The Competo Arena has two bottoms you can drive on, and is made out of more than 600 blockmixes. And there are still some other special parts left, which you can discover by yourself in the mappreviews I created for the tournament (you can find them below).
Due to avoid drivers pressing their "retire-button" before the stint starts I disclaimed an intro, but of course there is ingame MT and an outro .
Something you should know about this map is the fact that it's not made for offline wr-hunting. It is a varied laptrack for an online 24 hours-race where you drive together with more than 70 drivers at the same time(!) in lapmode and fight with your team for each checkpoint!
Because I want to help keeping Tmx and TmTube online and their comunity alive, I decided to donate 0,1€ for every to each of them untill the 22nd january

So all in all I hope all players enjoyed the cup and had a lot of fun with it,
greetz HaNno

Btw here are just some facts about the map :

Buldingtime: 115+ hours
Mainstyle: Tech
Coppers: 6197
Checkpoints: 45 + start/finish
Length: 4:16min - 4:30min
Curves: 49
Dirtparts: 1
Loops: 1
Offroads: 14
Platforms: 10
Jumps/Drops: 11
Blockmixes: 759

Specialthanks :

Moony (Admin/Scriptwriter)
Shorty (Tailer -> see below awesome <3)
Helion (Admin)
Mike (Admin/Betatester)
Evil (Admin)
Locdog (Admin)
CKay (Admin/Betatester)
Zip (Admin)
One (Caster)
Foxx (Caster)
Predator (Caster)
Bluedragon (Caster)
Now (Betatester)
Domme (Betatester)
Bundy (Supporter)
sigN-Gaming (Relayservers) (Relayservers)
All participants, viewers and everybody else who supported the event!

-> go on with the first comment ->

User Comments
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  JoFo. 18-Jan-2011
i really doubt you gain 3 sec at the start here, cus of the last hairpin
  B1ts 18-Jan-2011
trust me.. you do... try the track yourself and you'll see you gain at least 2 secs.. and wtf r u guys talking about.. there's no way to upload a replay that starts at speed of like 250 it must be either played solo or rounds (1 lap)
  Flyps 18-Jan-2011
i always had -2.5x to -3.xx in 2nd round i think, although my wallbangs have been horrible
  .nixx 18-Jan-2011
  JakeRay 19-Jan-2011
Quote ...
ps. don't told me as big baby "jalous, jalous"

I lol'd.
Sorry Nixxie
  Ad0 19-Jan-2011
kewl map
  Pat 19-Jan-2011
you should improve your english nixxie (:
  JoFo. 19-Jan-2011
oh, ok great run sabre^^
  .nixx 19-Jan-2011
cute 20-Jan-2011
you don't say..
  jstc 21-Jan-2011
lol i could even hear the sarcasm here ;D
  Shanki@TMNx 22-Jan-2011
great run sabre!
  jstc 22-Jan-2011
lol n1 Carl
  Hanno 22-Jan-2011
124 ! That means 12,4€ for Tmx and 12,4€ TmTube. Cya Next race
  vOx. 14-Feb-2011
lol. Would've been funny if whole tmx awarded and u lost all your money jk .

okay track, but way to long for my taste (:
  Hanno 01-Mar-2011
Finally my PayPal account is vertified now (after weeks -.-)
TmTube and Tmx recived my donations
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User Award   DustBird 29-Nov-2015
you deserve it
User Award   nunni 14-May-2017
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