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Name: Download Escudo [Trial]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Igntul
Version: 26-Jan-2011
Released: 26-Jan-2011
TMX id: 3671660
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,056
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Trial
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night
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13:40.26   Nawk+ 0:00.0013,056
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
15:13.53   Matt-LOL+ 1:33.274,148
16:51.03   onicole+ 3:10.770
17:38.82   clem193+ 3:58.560
19:01.90   Tortugo+ 5:21.640
22:37.97   elgster+ 8:57.710
32:06.47   HouseKeepR+ 18:26.210
36:41.43   Xerox.+ 23:01.170
40:05.56   shortz.esu+ 26:25.300
42:31.91   worm.apx+ 28:51.650
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Author Comments

so this is my new [Trial] map, and before u get scared i'm telling you that this one is not so hard as you might think.. well it's hard of course but not so much
The feature of this track is that it's a dirt only 256x256x256 track, that means that everyone is able to open it even without TMUnlimiter
I also have to say that this map was made without TM Unlimiter, I used only TrackStudio, so this means that it was a huge lot of work *_*
I started it long time ago and you can see it because on a normal TM Unlimiter map there's a lot of additional grass but not here.

Screenshot in higher quality

Name: Why did i choose this name? when i first thought of "Dirt Trial" i reminded a Car which on Gran Turismo 5 is called "Suzuki Escudo Dirt Trial Car", so well thats how it came out


Scenery: this map is really heavy, and it will also be laggy, i'm sorry for that but dirt blocks are a lot "expensive". well i tried to make a mix between good scenery and light scenery, there are some rooms and grass-fields with walls

Lenght: It's kinda long, my autor time is 21:14:33 with a lot of mistakes and respawns, i think 15 minutes or a little less is possible. there are no hidden CPs of course and no big pathfinding. about 20 cps and ofc no rings because there are no dirt rings

Difficulty: as i said above it's a hard map but not too hard, it will take you some time to finish it. I didn't build this one with a "top difficulty record" purpose but with the purpose of having a fun track with lots of huge jumps and speed parts, to be playable for everyone because it doesn't need TMUnlimiter to be played
There are no ways to miss a CheckPoint because the track mainly goes only upper and upper, with a final PF jump

Coppers: 26735

Blocks: 3416

Blockmix: of course

Mod: Manic Miner Mod by Katodik in night mood to get a scary sky. You can download it here.

Media Tracker:

no media tracker at all

Easter eggs: none

Please let the mod load and then rejoin the game because the atmosphere is a lot better with it!

This is the third map of a trio of Trials

-> "Nomis [Trial] by   Igntul"

-> "Heaven's on FIRE [Trial] by   Igntul_eie"

-> "Escudo [Trial] by   Igntul"

And my very first trial "Prove yourself [Trial] by   Igntul"

Good Luck and Have Fun!

User Comments
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  Igntul 26-Jan-2011

Award Thanks :
  Flyps 26-Jan-2011
omfg, where shall i start to comment?

this is insane work. pure art. so damn epic...

some cps are really hard, and at first attempt they seem a bit lucky... donnow if they're lucky in general... there're 2 or 3 cps, where i almost desperated (when i started horning )
and the last cp.. omg... till i found out, that it's a PF-part, i thought, that that last stunt is impossible... i thought, one would crash into the last sculpture if u don't turn a bit to the left

and lags i've never seen... my eyes hurt, i'm totally dizzy, probably for the next 4 weeks...

and i hate clouds in night mod

all in all it was fun to drive it... but i doubt i'll do it a 2nd time ^^
  Igntul 26-Jan-2011
thx for your comment^^

really glad you liked it, because it took so long to be created..

about the lag issue, did you try to lower your TM graphic settings? if you see clouds this means it was pretty high quality so you could reduce it a bit, i have 15 fps with max settings but i get 80 with min.

anyway 58 min is a very fast first run, gj^^
  Flyps 27-Jan-2011
yeh - lowering the graphics never came into my mind.. -.-

but.. 2 awards... whazzup with this community...
  onicole 28-Jan-2011
wow very nice! Only Track studio

amazing track !

if you don't mistake in this track

maybe 13~15m time 28-Jan-2011
Nice time onicole
  matto 29-Jan-2011
using the Escudo in GT is like cheating
  onicole 30-Jan-2011
thx Empy

My Second Drive.. 30-Jan-2011
Where the heck is the awards?
stupid tmx never giving any attention to the real tracks, only to the transition sh!t.
  Flyps 31-Jan-2011

people here always say, that they wanna see new, original stuff... here it is... and no one cares about it... always the same.. i'll never understand it...
  vOx. 31-Jan-2011
@Empy: The transition tracks are underrated as hell, and boring fs's + techs are overrated. building new and innovative transitions are hard and rare so stfu
  HouseKeepR 13-Feb-2011
I didnt came further then cp 14 or 17

too much lag to devert the obstacles over the boosters for the big jump...
All settings too lower lowest low.. but didnt help

Very great map for what i've seen so far !
  Igntul 14-Feb-2011
@vOx.: do you know i moved every single block from the stadium to these far places? do you know i spent 3 months and 100+ hours on TrackStudio?
a tech fs or whatever builder can wake up thinking "today i make a track" and in 5h he's finished, with 100 awards the day after
  .Wiinty 29-May-2011
OMG!! Each block you placed it from the stadium to his place now? 3 Months! Incredible work! But I have a question: Why didn't you do it setting 256x256x256 from TMUnlimiter?
  Igntul 29-May-2011
because tm unlimiter didn't exist when i started building and it isnt possible to enlarge the trackside of an already existing track^^
  onicole 14-Dec-2011
U R real builder igntul
  Nawk 22-Jan-2019
top 1 buggiest tm trial
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Nixion 09-Feb-2013
Very nice trial, first finish 1h, awesome finish
User Award   Matt-LOL 06-Jan-2016
i loved this, sadly i can call it the 15fps challenge cause my pc can't handle all this goodness
User Award   11111001101 01-Jul-2017
92:29.09, but it was worth every minute
User Award   Loe 22-Dec-2017
oh yeah hi
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