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Name: Download drowning
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   brenni
Version: 07-Apr-2011
Released: 07-Apr-2011
TMX id: 3891105
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 78,739
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:43.34   ted_turner+ 0:00.0078,739
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0:43.46   chrisor.+ 0:00.1277,431
0:43.47   pascow.esu+ 0:00.1377,322
0:43.51   AR »Down.+ 0:00.1776,886
0:43.53   AR »2slow4you+ 0:00.1976,668
0:43.54   brenni+ 0:00.2076,559
0:43.58   GSA/Joker+ 0:00.2476,123
0:43.60   AR »Transporter+ 0:00.2675,905
0:43.61   eckmeck+ 0:00.2775,796
0:43.65   .dejavu+ 0:00.3175,360
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Author Comments

- drowning -
(Avicii Remix)

Well Guys, I actually don't really know where to start.
Since It's my first Track after almost 6 months I hope you show some patience at rating it. I had a lot of lack of time during the last months...

About the Track-Name. When I built this Track, I used to listen to Armin van Buuren & Laura V - Drowning (Avicii Remix) all the time.
It's actually one of my favourite songs. So I love the song and I think that this Track is my best Track, so why not calling it after one of my favourite songs? The building-time was about one week in summary, which is in my eyes quite a lot of time/work... It's got eyerthing a simple yet well flowing and fun Fullspeeder needs. Drops, Jumps, (smooth) Transitions (not too many), Tricks and a, in my opinion, nice Scenery. There's also an Intro and GPS which are both made by myself. Just a simple Intro with some colours, cams and texts! The GPS is also quite simple.
I like this Track very much so please do me a favor and give me constructive Feedback about what you liked and maybe didn't and I'm always happy about awards and replays!

About this beautiful Screen...
It's made by deja, who's actually my favourite screenmaker just after Bimse. When he sent me this stunner I couldn't believe at first! Imho this Screen is one of his best and also one of the best ever seen. (at least for me) If you want to see the big one also, just click here!

I had also some really good beta-testers, just like jstc (Jose), Pascow (Daniel), Petey (Timo) !
Without their help this Track would've never been as it is now! So thank you very much guys, (especially Petey for your constructive Feedback)

So far, brenni

User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  jstc 07-Apr-2011
you forgot me as your bt?
  brenni 07-Apr-2011
No I didn't
  jstc 07-Apr-2011
goood :'D
  mr.hubby 07-Apr-2011
thank you.
  brenni 07-Apr-2011
I love you guys

And why do you thank (me?) hubby
  mr.hubby 07-Apr-2011
because (you?) released a track and since you are my favourite fs-author who seemed to be inactive or off, I want to thank you.
  brenni 07-Apr-2011
I have to thank you ALL for those lovely words!
Especially dadam
  dadm 07-Apr-2011
jstc wrote a longer award
  brenni 07-Apr-2011
Yes it's longer but you said the Track's perfect
  dadm 07-Apr-2011
And jstc said you're a machine and he added a "<3" at the end of his award.
  Pat 07-Apr-2011
Deja, this is art!
  jstc 08-Apr-2011
i put at always every award i write a "<3" at the end
  .dejavu 08-Apr-2011
Im gonna hunt this in a moment

maaan, your AT is impossible to get for me!
Nice run! I do really would like to see a run from Down here
  brenni 08-Apr-2011
I just love you guys.
Every award mean so much to me and every word is just ap leasure to read.
Even if it's not a big one, thank you so much
  Fytrim. 09-Apr-2011
award this guys. best track in botw atm.
  brenni 09-Apr-2011
thanks you very much, bro'
  jstc 11-Apr-2011
insane words from craxx xOO
  brenni 12-Apr-2011
I can't believe this and actually I'm wondering if he was drunk while writing this award
Nevermind, thank you veeeeeeeeery much for those words craxx.
You know what? I'm still YOUR fan!
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User Awards
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User Award   ceo_tw 10-Apr-2011
Cool start and nice flow!
User Award   Didi|R4a 10-Apr-2011
User Award   Mattnac. 11-Apr-2011
Nice mate, iLd
User Award   craxx - gone 11-Apr-2011
remembering the times, where you was my fan.

finally it's time to reverse roles.

Craxx is kneeling down for his new FS-master.

a huge award for burni, given to him with much love, from an old friend.

User Award   Joko|R4a 12-Apr-2011
Awesome Track oO
Great Flow &nd Sick Transitions..
+ very nice sceenery ^^
All In 1 veery good track
User Award   °°Dino°° 13-Apr-2011
Really nice Track,
damn challenging

End is a bit annoying sometimes,
but really cool when you make it

User Award   Lioncast.troLL 13-Apr-2011
Amazing flow dude
very well done ! a well deserved award !

User Award   Shadow Hunter. 13-Apr-2011
Nice track.
User Award   indy_air 13-Apr-2011
Wow.. that was a hell of a ride
The best upcoming fser I've tried for months.. I've tried a couple of them but its months ago that I felt one was really worth an award. It's not that they are bad, but just boring and just mixing parts of different tracks together into a new one.. kind of senseless.
However you managed just to bring something fresh in it. Not with the help of so called "creative transitions", (that usually just bring more inconveniences and bumping character to the track then help to improve it), but with flow, smoothness and a touch of things that are not defineable but just make tracks adorable and worth to burn the tires down on. (: Dunno how to explain it, it's just some sense you need as a fs tracker and guess what you got that stuff imho.. MT and scenerywork gives the whole work some touch of nobleness *_*
So take that award - hopefully more coming - and keep up
Precious work brother

After half a year passive, my skill level has dropped down between novice and bottom, so I'm sure you won't be angry not to see a replay (; Armpump setting in after some laps :/
User Award   AR »Down. 20-Apr-2011
User Award   devo. 10-May-2011
User Award   Apfelfresser 02-Jun-2011
very nice track
User Award   aliendj22 07-Jun-2011
very nice !
start sux
rest is awesome !
User Award   .Wiinty 12-Nov-2011
Nice one (:
User Award   »mostfriendlyplayer 11-Jan-2016
really nice one
User Award   Ravenwest 18-Sep-2017
i like your style
User Award   ted_turner 28-Oct-2019
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