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Name: Download FasTMap
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 29-Apr-2011
TMX id: 3965666
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 54,628
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:32.01   AR »Down.+ 0:00.0054,628
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0:32.07   blom+ 0:00.0654,013
0:32.11   AR »Transporter+ 0:00.1053,604
0:32.14   KmyKzy"+ 0:00.1353,297
0:32.17   X3Max+ 0:00.1652,989
0:32.18   AR »vader!+ 0:00.1752,887
0:32.19   eckmeck+ 0:00.1852,785
0:32.21   havok+ 0:00.2052,580
0:32.22   pascow.esu+ 0:00.2152,477
0:32.22   jefferson farfan+ 0:00.2152,477
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Author Comments


Simple FS track with a simple name.

Hunters: expect sharp turns to steal that last measly hundred of a second.

Track info:
-Style: Full Speed
-Author time: 32:35
-Coppers: 3362
-Outro:(loop cams only)
-Mood: Day
-No BM except for two palmtrees
-Building time: +/- 25 hours in 2 weeks

Online +:
-Easy to finish
-Close times
-Short so more restarts

Thanks betatesters:

Wallpaper: 1920x1200

Video - Youtube
Video - TM-Tube

This is the first time I used a (basic) transition but still very easy (at the end). But please tell if I can do something better next time.

Oh and this is the first time I released a track without password and will do so my next tracks. In the early days there were some copycats that uploaded other peoples tracks under their name. I'm sure if I hadn't pw protected my early tmn tracks that they would have surfaced under various names and who'd have believed I was the original author. Well it probably wouldn't have happened like that but just the thought made me use a password and I just kept doing it ever since (and maybe it kept those tracks a little bit mysterious) But now I think it's useless to still use a password.

Password for my previous tracks = wieldop

And please watch my Sunrise video
Sunrise Collection 2005 Part 1
Sunrise Collection 2005 Part 2

List of gratitude:
Thx! Buddha Great to hear it exceeded your expectations.
Thx! Placket
Thx! Razo.'R Cheers!
Thx! winter Muchas gracias!
Thx! broilerz
Thx! Freak Nice to hear you see my style. The hole gives a little extra challenge but fair enough.
Thx! Quat
Thx! Bizar
Thx! aenima Thank you and I hope you're right that it will be remembered.
Thx! alki92 Ty! I'm afraid times are already under .20
Thx! SweSebbe Big thanks back to you! Cool that you see Sticky Tarmac in this one. It indeed has the same sharp corners and the drop looks the same too (unintentionally). Anyway great that you like the simplistic style.
Thx! WAL-Ace
Thx! DxMarillion'
Thx! Wormi Cheers. The palmtrees were originally on the ground but I raised the track using TrackStudio and forgot about those trees being raised too. But I got so used to them that I left them in.
Thx! Devo
Thx! gayusnerdus Much appreciated.
Thx! chrisor. You're very welcome.
Thx! dreamY
Thx! Empy'
Thx! kws.est
Thx! bud_der_weise
Thx! ErA
Thx! uetzer
Thx! KmyKzy
Thx! hcl.jeff
Thx! Down An honour to hear that from you Down. Your time literally made me lol because it's so bloody ridiculous But after looking at your replay I also see a .9x happening
Thx! ZopUH Im still looking for your spycams
Thx! indy_air Im happy you like it this time. Yeah I think my previous tracks were overproduced. I have to build more on intuition again, more raw. Well thats the theory.
Thx! Kimmy
Thx! Jutzel
Thx! habichuelo
Thx! Mastermind I know
Thx! armi111
Thx! Dule'

4000 characters $%&^#@
list continues in comments below

User Comments
Showing 31 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  jstc 04-May-2011
is it allowed awarding maps just by watching the video?
  Hitchy 04-May-2011
that's like download track/watching gps
  GR. 04-May-2011
jstc if you like the video you can vote on youtube or tm-tube

List of gratitude pt2:
Thx! ReviLo
Thx! BobMarley
Thx! audioswap
Thx! fabio_m Maybe classic one day Cu in Tm2!
Thx! Hr.Mann First I have to surprise myself but I'm on it.
Thx! emag01
Thx! Asylum stalker3334
Thx! Didi
Thx! Vader! Got it!
Thx! Marten
Thx! The Groove
Thx! DeFacer Tjeeeerz matie!
Thx! pantseri Yeah even a noob can get a 32 here and feel like they're close to the pro's
Thx! Santino You're mistaking me with Hylis but you're welcome
Thx! fytrim Fair points mate. The end is still a buttock-sqeeuzer like I (try to) build in all my tracks but you're absolutely right that a transition is not usual for my style.
Thx! TimeBreaker L0olL1!
Thx! d!v!ne
Thx! maxi031x
Thx! speedbuilder
Thx! Damian
Thx! 13unlucky
Thx! ben75
Thx! Thor
Thx! Silver°
Thx! waldfee
Thx! Kebab 05-May-2011
no jstc, it's written in the ancient book of tmx rules that you have to download the
Of course it's allowed..
  Mastermind 05-May-2011
Now I can congratulate for the Botw-map
So congratulations
  GR. 05-May-2011
Thanks MM! But you had the real botw this week
  dan!el 05-May-2011
cg for botw#1 and 50 awards
  GR. 06-May-2011
Thanks Dan!eL
  xsam1 07-Jun-2011
ganjariders tmxacc was hacked...
  GR. 30-Jun-2011
no its not
  Craicy.esu 19-Mar-2015
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User Awards
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User Award   AR »vader! 02-May-2011
umm yeah....yet another award for this map
See? It´s right there -->
User Award   Marten 03-May-2011
Good track
User Award   The Groove 03-May-2011
love it
User Award   DeFacer 03-May-2011
Awesome stuff mate! Love this style of building

User Award   pantseri 04-May-2011
Awesome FS, even for n00bs ^^. Great work!

User Award   Santino 04-May-2011
Great track from the master of miracles.... or was that Jesus! Nice to see you making more gems.
User Award   Fytrim. 04-May-2011
amazing track. it feels like sticky tarmac indeed. especially because of the oldschool platform and the smooth drop!. The intro looks fast done, which is less cool. The scenery isn't at it's best and the transition at the end isn't your style at all and that's also why it doesn't fit in imo. The length also is a problem for me because the track is already short and the track ended (for me) at the end of the wallride. So good job, but not great.
User Award   TimeBreaker 05-May-2011
Oh well, a bit short but fun, I finally felt like an average driver again as I was able to finish the track in 3 tries

User Award   d!v!ne 05-May-2011
User Award   maxi031x 06-May-2011
Great map
User Award   DR Cracker 20-May-2011
Very nice FS-track

User Award   Schabowy.w 30-May-2011
Rly nice map
User Award   DGF Kielas 09-Jul-2011
Nice and driving
User Award   Frx ben75 12-Jul-2011
Great job!
User Award   Thor 01-Sep-2012
great track
User Award   Silver° 23-May-2015
Nice one
User Award   waldfee 02-Nov-2015
User Award   Kebab 18-Apr-2016
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