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Name: Download Afreaka
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   iv!ca' :O
Version: 10-May-2011
Released: 10-May-2011
TMX id: 4000179
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:42.99   AR »Mudda+ 0:00.00-
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0:43.04   Switch+ 0:00.05-
0:43.24   AR »tk!+ 0:00.25-
0:43.26   Harry.esu+ 0:00.27-
0:43.27   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.28-
0:43.30   X3Max+ 0:00.31-
0:43.34   AR »Down.+ 0:00.35-
0:43.41   kaynBock+ 0:00.42-
0:43.45   apX. agent+ 0:00.46-
0:43.47   EviL.+ 0:00.48-
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Author Comments

A f r e a k a

First thing:

Yop guys, here I am again with a new and this time special track. But special doesn’t mean I built something new, crazy or so, but something better. I guess you can already predict something by seeing the title but whatever, it is written below. This track also planned to be duo, but I won’t write again about that and why it isn’t, even it was better for me since I could continue it alone and make surprise for one guy earlier…

The MT:

I will first write something about MT to increase curiousness. ^^. Standard: intro, cams, gps and no outro. There is my normal intro, some cams, cars and texts messed around, and sorry for little “f’ mate, but that’s just because track name and you’ll see ^^. In ingame I made gps signalization inspired by one from “Descent.”, the gps itself and camchanges are standard ofc. In outro is a little cam at start, rest is ofc “no outro” outro, just with cam2 and wall/loop cams. That’s all about MT.

The Track:

This map I started building inspired by Freak’s smoothness, so I just added about 25 sec. quickly and then my duo partner asked could we make another map and I already had 25 sec. and sent him. But our project failed so after quite much time I’ve continued it. As I saw how the track turned out pretty good, I decided to dedicate it. So, this track is, as you maybe already guessed, a tribute to Freak (I guess you know who guy I’m talking about, it is   C4 Freak). Why him? As I said this track is imo built in freak’s smooth style but before the last wall, then I think that style is killed by some different but whatever…Well, he is also my fav. fs builder and I call him smooth guy because every his map is really smooth and can’t be bad and [no homo]I just love him <3[/no homo]. And I won’t more blabla, that’s the least what I could do for ya mate. (: The track itself doesn’t have something what you didn’t see before but the flow in it is pretty good imho and I’m proud of it. The finish line is a bit too straight maybe, I know I could extend it, but I wouldn’t it goes longer than 45s, so its about 43~44s. The scenery is my normal style but heavy somehow, cause there are about 7k cc but I hope map is normally driveable, if I hadn’t problems, hopefully you won’t have them too. I just wonder if there is any wrong sign cause I don’t use them, not to mention unconnected pole. ^^. The AT isn’t hunted (43.69) cause I would like to see more replays, bad or good, just upload it to raise the LB. I know I got some maps with high Lb, but I would also like to have one with 9x k and maybe chance for classic one day so I hope here it is possible, track isn’t hard (imho) and its good 4 some hunts.


o Style : Fullspeed <3
o Coppers : ~7k
o Length : 43.xx sec.
o AT : 43:69
o Mood : Day
o MT : standard, read above
o BM : no
o Screen by   Dule ty m8 ! Big : ~


Guess whose tracks I’ll put here, normally all his maps are just great but I won’t ofc showcase them all so there are just few very nice tracks:

Descent. by   C4 Freak

Earthquake» by   C4 Freak

Unearth. by   C4 Freak

And one more good track:
[FS] StairwayToHeaven by   banned broilerz | BB

Last Words:

That was all what I had to say, now drive it, push that LB with replay, bad or good, doesn’t matter just push. Feedbacks in any way are always welcome and nice to see so what are you waiting for ?

P.S. sorry for multilap

User Comments
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  Switch 19-Jun-2016
yours isn't bad either
  apX. agent 20-Jun-2016
well, that is finally a wr that is really good. The .2x was not really the best
great time shadow
  AR »tk! 20-Jun-2016
think this was either the first or second classic record i ever got, so it was a little bit outdated thanks
  Switch 20-Jun-2016
Just watched your replay, your driving line is so weird will hunt again, I want to see you drive 42
  AR »tk! 21-Jun-2016
  Switch 22-Jun-2016
well there it is, my job here is done
  Dule 24-Sep-2020
That screen really didn't age well
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User Awards
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User Award   Kang 18-May-2011
Snatch now this, sweet. This is my vote for best challenge so far this year. Awesome track. Keep it up man.
User Award   aLeonDegiuamelle 24-May-2011
Crazy track right here! Pretty damn tight line ,anyway very exciting ride when i learned how to drive it properly (after like 50 fail runs ) it was pure awesomeness
User Award   Placket.ft 01-Jun-2011
Great track »
User Award   »panKey. 01-Jun-2011
User Award   Rasque 01-Jun-2011
Nice track
User Award   Dule 07-Jun-2011
User Award   armi111 20-Jun-2011
lol guess what.. i finished it firsttry after ppo :DD
but now to this beauty of a track and imo the word beauty is not even enough!!!! this flow is imo just unbelievable, i recognised it the first time i drove that track but i could never finish it xD
somehow it has a huge difficulty but i dont know where... its just so chilling to drive it...
and all theese smooth transitions, this is a well deserved tribute to freak, his couldnt be any smoother(that is a huge compliment )

i think this is one of the best tracks i ever drove, huge thumbs up!!!
just AWESOME!!

User Award   .Wiinty 23-Jun-2011
Played this masterpiece so many times and I didn't award yet?
Sorry for the late award but here it is.
> <
User Award   miyok 01-Jul-2011
User Award   dan!el 05-Jul-2011
50th award
User Award   McBong 07-Jul-2011
hard but nice track
User Award   X3Max 21-Nov-2011
Really enjoyable map
User Award   arti 06-Apr-2012
User Award   AR »tk! 25-May-2012
great map
User Award   Switch 22-Sep-2012
Good work here
User Award   Pesca 31-Jan-2013
User Award   SR Jokester 31-Jan-2013
User Award   'Twister 09-Dec-2013
oh this is cool
User Award   scale 16-Mar-2014
User Award   apX. agent 07-Apr-2014
nice one
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