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Name: Download f i n i s f i n a l i s
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GSA|Cheet
Version: 04-Jun-2011
Released: 15-May-2011
TMX id: 4016501
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 39,509
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:27.54   cranberries+ 0:00.0039,509
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0:27.73   shortz.esu+ 0:00.1937,873
0:28.06   Infector.bro+ 0:00.5235,033
0:28.58   Bogojo(sir B)+ 0:01.0430,557
0:27.59   zerospeed+ 0:00.05-
0:27.62   dow|.Dave.+ 0:00.08-
0:27.71   seb.esu+ 0:00.17-
0:29.42   miyok+ 0:01.88-
0:31.10   i-racer+ 0:03.56-
0:28.31   .Fakecheese»+ 0:00.77-
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Author Comments

Hey all

after a very long inactive period (mainly due to my final exams) I´m now proud to present you a new track by me. And yeah, this will definately be my last track ever... I started building it in the winter holidays, but then my exams came and I decided to finish it now.

The name: finis finalis is a latin term meaning "the very end", that means it´s my last work I´m presenting here on TMX.

The track itself is a nice little hunter (27 secs) which should be alot of fun after some tries. Not too easy to get it right, but the ones who remember my tracks know that it should work u find the line^^ And yeah, the style ..ah well.. the track contains some little blockmixes, but some which one doesn´t recognize at the first glance (someone who doesn´t know about tm wouldn´t see them at all). Two of them I used to create very nice drops(: you will enjoy it. The other mixes are there to improve the scenery style. This time, I didn´t build an entire "close to the track-scenery", but I decided to use some scenic(close) but also some panoramic parts. That means, the atmosphere is still complete, and there should be a nice atmosphere with these farer-away-blocks. Intrp, GPS and outro(just blur) are there aswell, but quite simple; I wanna repeat that this isn´t an entirely special track.. some people who betatested it wanted to see some more secs but I decided to leave it like this cause I want this one to become a nice hunting track. This has always been the problem with my tech tracks.. they were not good for online and many people were not able to drive an appropriate replay. This time, it´s a little bit easier and waay shorter, so I hope that more people will reach the finish line^^. Therefore, as a little goal, I set up a copper competition!!

deadline: 29.05. 20.00 MEZ
1st replay: 5000cc
2nd replay: 2000cc
3rd replay: 1000cc

Special thanks to GSA|Hecktor for helping me with the screenshot!! I really like the result Biggah´

thx for beta-testing:

joe b
spn o.0|'P.H.C«

enough blabla, just give it a shot and pleeeease leave a replay!! ofc some feedback is appreciated aswell forever...

User Comments
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  GSA|Cheet 15-May-2011
  cranberries 15-May-2011
wows, have to try this asap ...
  GSA|Cheet 15-May-2011
u remember me?
  cranberries 15-May-2011
of course and I still can't believe how long it's been since your last track
  GSA|Cheet 15-May-2011
(: just checked it. more than two years
  dow|.Dave. 16-May-2011
I'll try it in some hours!
Really love it to see a new track made by you!
  GSA|Cheet 16-May-2011
kk ;D


due to a cut found by cranberries, I had to update the track. Should be fixed now ;D and thx alot cran!

btw: I guess most people don´t remember me got just 20 downloads by now^^
  dow|.Dave. 16-May-2011
You should add your track here: *Click
And I posted it already here.
  GSA|Cheet 16-May-2011
already done and I posted it on pp and on ppo aswell but somehow im not famous anymore ;V well nvm, it´s just a last little track (:
  i-racer 17-May-2011
Sorry about the bad time ; but I'll improve on it...
Very nicely created mini ...
  GSA|Cheet 17-May-2011
np ;D and thanks for your nice feedback anyway
and well, my TM time actually came to an end 2 years ago. this is just a very last track, so no chance that I will start again


competition is over!!

Shortz 5000cc
zerospeed 2000cc
dave 1000cc



sry, but i had to do another update, because my cut-fix didn´t work at all :/

well, in the end I decided to add another cp at ~5sec. so you cant drive backwards at the start

have fun
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User Awards
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User Award   .Fakecheese» 15-May-2011
Great track, sweet turns and nice jumps
Great job
Sure u won't make one more??

- Fakey
User Award   Sparco 15-May-2011
n1 & bb
User Award   SPN'« 15-May-2011
awesome work by good old Cheet
User Award   dow|.Dave. 16-May-2011
Awesome little techtrack as I already told you in beta-area.
Really creative and cool ideas! I like the startsection most.
Everything feels so good and is well flowing. <3
Love it from the start to the end.
At first it's maybe a bit hard to find the right line but
when you got it it's just an amazing track!
I had a lot of fun driving this one.
Well done mate. Perfect work!
Sad it's your last one.

Deserved !

User Award   Beginner 17-May-2011
Great Track.
User Award   i-racer 17-May-2011

It’s a big shame your giving up,
This one track alone proves you are
A Very talented creator …
But, as they say:
‘When you gotta go you gotta go‘…
But if humanly possible ? come back,
Initium Novum
Immediately, if not sooner...
User Award   miyok 17-May-2011
User Award   Infector.bro 18-May-2011
Awesome map, we'll miss you here.
User Award   shortz.esu 29-May-2011
rly nice track for your end of mapping career. Take care in real life mate
User Award   Psymax 29-May-2011
awesome one!
i just love it
User Award   dow|Boomer 29-May-2011
amazing track
User Award   cranberries 05-Jun-2011
godspeed, my friend

well, after what I did to you there's not much I can say to make things better, I'm really really sorry about the cuts and the long wait with my replay, but I had to play the best time to show my appreciation for this little track you call your last ^^ it's not an easy track (that's not a bad thing) but it's incredibly fun to hunt, the length of the track is pushing the player to fight for every hundredth of a second, and to find the perfect line, maybe a bit of luck here and there (especially on the platform in the middle of the track ^^) but luck is part of the game, and a good player makes his own luck (btw, my time is definitely beatable, I'm not a perfect tech driver and it would take too much time for me to improve this replay, no time to no-life it ^^) anyway, I don't want to write too much, not because I don't have more things to say, but because I don't want to bore you ... the final words from me to you would be "thank you" because you're one of the first superstar authors I discovered on TMX ^^ and your influence goes to the core of my track-building career, HUGE THANKS !!!

... keep playing Forever !

User Award   SapphiroN 06-Aug-2011
Brilliancy. Nothing else. 8D
User Award   Quat 14-Nov-2011
ppo nice hunter
User Award   Bogojo(sir B) 15-Nov-2011
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