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Name: Download the Awakening.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rewiind
Version: 28-May-2011
TMX id: 4052962
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 22,012
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
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0:53.25   rewiind+ 0:00.0022,012
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0:53.64   Sparco (links ...+ 0:00.3921,044
0:54.05   Etidu+ 0:00.8020,027
0:54.28   dow|.Dave.+ 0:01.0319,457
0:55.54   ZopUH[in TMN]+ 0:02.2916,332
0:56.45   matto+ 0:03.2014,075
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Author Comments

| the Awakening |

Good evening guys.

I hereby present to you my newest track. I personally really like it; it has a certain feel to the design, the looks and the way it drives, that I've been trying to achieve for a long time. It has been made over the course of about 5 weeks, I think. Whenever I added a certain part, I would spend the next few days tweaking and perfecting it until it was what I had in mind for it. This has caused me to actually upload it and be proud of it, instead of dumping it with tons of other starts I've made over time. Eventually I found out what I really wanted for this track, and I think I have lived up to what I had in mind. I can only hope you feel the same about it. Now, let's have a look at the track itself.

The track itself is a tech track which starts out quite slowly and higly technical. The first 15 seconds might be quite tough the first few runs. After that it gets a little looser, faster, wider. I did try to keep a sort of compact design to it, so you won't find boosters with long speeddrifts following them. You will however find that, even though the track is only mildly innovating, certain combinations feel fresh and exciting. It will surely force you to be on your toes throughout the course. The scenery is kept quite minimalistic, in the spirit of 'quality over quantity'. It does fit the atmosphere of the track though. I really couldn't be arsed to make do a proper job with the MT, so I left that out compeltely (shame on me, I know). A replay on the track page will function as a gps. For the screen, I had a great idea in mind, but as with all of my great ideas, I wasn't able to pull it off properly. It does however look quite nice though, knowing I have only touched PS once in the past few months.

I guess that about wraps it up for this project. I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Know that I appreciate feedback and/or criticism far more than lame awards, so spill your thoughts down below. Replays are more than welcome as well ofcourse. There is another track of mine ready to be uploaded, so expect that one to be out shortly.

Love and peace,

R. :-)

User Comments
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  rewiind 28-May-2011
  Roomie¬ 28-May-2011
Will test 28-May-2011
  Sparco (links in bio) 28-May-2011
will test
  .nixx 28-May-2011
me either & screen is amazing
  matto 28-May-2011
horrible bars :-S font name? :-)
  rewiind 29-May-2011

eh, it's called Orator Std. I believe it's a standard Windows font.
  SweSebbe 03-Jun-2011
Lol Dawe Same thoughts!
  Whizkid | *Gone For Awhile* 27-Jun-2011
bring it on im setting a time here

edit: ok maybe i wont! i thought my tracks were hard!
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User Awards
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User Award   ZopUH[in TMN] 28-May-2011
Pure Fun!
User Award 28-May-2011
Yoyo mate. Amazign track as always. Very good calculated curves and slides which gives the whole track an amazing flow. And now I will tell you about something I always tell you in the awards I give you.. The blockcombinations are beautiful.. insane dude. The way is easy to find and the signs are well placed here. Very good job mate!

Regards quad2k
User Award   IDontCare 28-May-2011
Nice King
User Award   .nixx 28-May-2011
love everything here
User Award   Roomie¬ 28-May-2011
Awesome track mate,really good job!

User Award   Sparco (links in bio) 28-May-2011
I feel that you have changed style, a style with less scenery, a style I prefer, the only one missing is your mt so well. The "avant-dernier" drift must be delete or changed. The rest is good as usual, the flow is nice and gogo..

User Award   SPN'« 29-May-2011
this is what I call "real tech track". Its full of great tight parts and gr8 combinated slides... and btw that re-use road part is amaizing You are a really great builder who knows what he is doing... m-a-s-t-e-r-p-i-e-c-e!
User Award   matto 29-May-2011
I still can't believe I managed to do that diagonal jump while lagging like s**t.

Nice little tech track, a bit flat but nice :-)

(I can't find the font online, and apparently it's not standard in Ubuntu).
User Award   »RtA«wally 29-May-2011
Great work
The first drift is surprising lol , but when you know it its ok ^^

Good Job
User Award   eXtracT 30-May-2011
woah! duuude, what an awesome creation, noone here appreciate good ol tech tracks anymore like they used too, you deserve more attention bro, this track was great fun, and very well presented with your scenery aswell (: great work!

User Award   SweSebbe 02-Jun-2011
damn what an annoying nice track . It's so tricky and hard but the track itself is very nice. Reminds me a little bit of old Mecas style but in a harder way. I like the start alot but maybe it's a little bit too slow. Rest is nice until the weird road jump. think it sucks a little bit and it's really hard to get it right. Rest is very nice anyway Think it's too tricky to be enjoyable here.

Here have you a big from me
User Award   dow|.Dave. 02-Jun-2011
At first I was like "Wtf bad track! Crappy start section and where's the way after 46 secs?! WHY the hell isn't there a GPS added?!" But then.. I drove it again and again. Finally I understand the brilliancy of the startpart! Yes, even my silliness changed into wisdom and I realised where the road continues after 46 seconds. I found out how to drive the slides and drove the corners better round by round. And now I can say this is a pure masterpiece! A collection of insane, well calculated and awesome slides! Genious art! Simply a perfect TM-track for everyone. It's much fun, it includes a brilliant atmosphere and I love the oldschool-style. Dude? You did it! This track is one sick ride. Thank you for this masterpiece.
You're my hero.

Oh and what's going on here?
This one deserves more awards.
Here is your deserved yellow little cup mate!


User Award   mr.hubby 27-Jun-2011
First of all, sorry for the late award. Secondly, I like this track but since it has some key points where you have to be good to finish it properly and thus feeling the real flow of this track, I also disliked it. Besides, you've created an enormous tech flow which can be found really rare these days. Also, I disliked the 2nd last road to road transition because it easily turned out to be a noslide or a horribly bad one. Apart from that, I just can say: I hope I havent been to hrash with this feedback because your tracks are always something worth waiting for/ trying in my opinion.

well done. - mr.hubby
User Award   Etidu 26-Jan-2016
Lovely track. Those reuses really give this track its own voice. Beautiful scenery.
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