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Name: Download SpecimeN.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   dadm
Version: 03-Jun-2011
TMX id: 4072341
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 34,104
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:38.68   Danish+ 0:00.0034,104
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0:38.83   JakeRay+ 0:00.1533,310
0:39.10   le.on+ 0:00.4231,882
0:39.16   JizzyDetlef+ 0:00.4831,564
0:39.29   mr.hubby+ 0:00.6130,877
0:39.34   diplo|mp+ 0:00.6630,612
0:39.50   Psymax+ 0:00.8229,766
0:39.62   wormi+ 0:00.9429,131
0:39.94   .nixx+ 0:01.2627,438
0:40.01   dan!el+ 0:01.3327,068
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Author Comments


Dedicated to ...

Hello folks (: I'm back with another track and this time I'd like to dedicate it to a builder who really deserves it. He's definitely one of my favourite track-builder, i'm crazy about his ideas and i'm never disappointed when he releases a new track. It is the opportunity to talk about some of his masterpieces so that it gives you the desire to check them out. "»Quasar!", his usual style, a transitional tech track which only got 8 awards, it deserves much more imo. "N!ghtGlow!", another tech track, flowy and a beautiful scenery. "zOg.", outstanding work here, innovative transitions especially the first ones. "boRderLine", a platform tech track with an unique style. He has plenty of other awesome tracks but these are my favourites so far (:

Let's talk about the track now. It's a transitional tech track of approximatly 39 seconds which contains road and platforms parts. I weighed my options about the mood I should use, I know you love night mood but finally I decided to use morning mood simply because it looked better with the scenery I built. It was a tough decision, do not be angry please xD I worked pretty hard on the scenery, it gives a good fresh atmosphere imo (: Well, I hope you'll like it mate. About the mt work, I've made a little intro with a funny smiley at the beggining ^^ Oh, I'd like to thanks Mr.Zogger who found the track name which you might have noticed contains the letters s, p and n.


Style – SpeedTech
Length – 40 seconds
Mood – Morning
Coppers – 3442
Screen - nixxi.ë


Jingle Bells by   .nixx

dadam (:

User Comments
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  .nixx 03-Jun-2011
i don't like my screen i'll try something else later
  dadm 03-Jun-2011
I like it, but it's up to you, I'm not unwilling to see another screen from you
  Geeerardo 03-Jun-2011
Nixxie, this screen is a truely masterpiece, don't change it. Or I'll kill you. I love it! Now i'm gonna test the track. Hope it's just as good.

Edit: Bah, transitional tech, don't like it xd
  F2.'P.H.C« 03-Jun-2011
  .nixx 03-Jun-2011
  ZoggeR 03-Jun-2011
love that Screenshot
  diplo|mp 04-Jun-2011
haha wormi
i'm not a big fan of long award
  SPN'« 04-Jun-2011
  dadm 04-Jun-2011
Thanks for your award mate
I love when you say "becouse"
  JakeRay 06-Jun-2011
I hope you appreciate my replay, and specially my award
Good game, mate.
  dadm 06-Jun-2011
I'd like to thanks everyone for the awards, especially extract, quad2k, spn (yea I know I said it twice), ziE, raffi, Hubby and JakeRay (Wow, nices words. It's a pleasure to read such an award when you know that the man who wrote it has true skills. That's the kind of words which make me want to build over and over. Thank you. Nice time btw ^^).
  JakeRay 06-Jun-2011
These tracks are the reason I still play Trackmania
  Danish 27-Jun-2011
The track is truly one of the most perfect speedtechs lately =)

But damn why multilap start TA online and u can cut it.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   SweSebbe 05-Jun-2011
Nice track Dadam It starts with a great start then it's just going great through the whole track. Nice flow and perfect slides. it's a nice track for online and i think it should be fun to hunt it too. Well done

Here have you a big from me
User Award   makonen.nwt 05-Jun-2011
Very nice track !

User Award   'nwt' ®ocket 05-Jun-2011
I real love this on
well calculated slide, nice scenry
cool mt too
another master piece here !!!!!

User Award   JakeRay 06-Jun-2011

One can't simply drive a Dadam track.
What I'm trying to say there is that your tracks always have some kind of speciality, and even though they use to be quite intense and tough, they're still a pleasure to drive and experience. I want to thank you, for making such a beauty of a track, what an explicit and tasteful treat. Your tracks are too good, to be driven normally. They are so grant and sofisticated, that they can't be driven normally. It's a sin, to take your tracks for granted. I sincerely love you, mate. You've given me many, several, hordes of pleasant hours, driving.. no, experiencing your masterpieces of tracks.

When it comes to this track particularly, I must say, I wasn't dissapointed. Far from dissapointed. Great speed and variation of transitions and joyful slides, combined with the amazing flow. Scenery gives as always this great atmosphere, and the MediaTracker isn't something to complain about. Little treat of an intro, though in my oppinion, you could've made it a bit longer. Though your design is still inspirering. And of the 2 hours I played.. experienced this track, I got myself a decent and acceptable record. 38.83 is quite good, I should think. If it comes to where its limit is, I would say 38.6x is possible. Maybe the absolute maximum. But at this moment, I'm satisfied with my own accomplishment. And as you may know, Speedtech/tech (transitional) is my personal favourite style.

Over and out.

User Award   pascow.esu 06-Jun-2011
This track is outstanding man. I check techtracks more often for a while now and for me this is really the best I've driven in this year. You know I'm a noob and I know I cant judge techtracks as good as others here on tmx but to be honest I just love it. All slides are so well calculated and with this varied transitional style you make it even more interesting and fun to play. The flow is amazing too, just as the delicious scenery and the superb mediatracker work. The only problem I had is to drive a decent time but a replay will definetely follow (:
User Award   .wesc 07-Jun-2011
A very good map, again^^ It just flows in a very sweet way, slides are great and transitions are always drive-able. Ye, I like it!
User Award   master94ga|On MX 07-Jun-2011

Good work dadam!
One of your best track for sure.
I like the transitions, the smooth jumps and the flow.
Its easy and fun also for noob.
Lovely scenary to but the mt can be better.

User Award   F2.'P.H.C« 07-Jun-2011
Again, master track.

User Award   RaµL 08-Jun-2011
epic crazy things, love it
User Award   armi111 08-Jun-2011
dadam i love this stunning creativity!!
sorry that i dont have time atm for more words but i could write a whole book about this bomb!!
soooo greaat

User Award   Guik'Z 08-Jun-2011
Yo frenchie, here is a nice track, your best (I think)
User Award   mr.hubby 10-Jun-2011
When I take a look back, I have to laugh because until Follow the Glow I was always critising you. This critism wasnt wuthout a reason since I think you really improved on your trackbuilding since then. In the past it always felt like you hurried to much to satisfy your betatesters with a soon release but now it feels like you really finish the track and thus they are even better because you never used to be a bad builer, however, you missed something to be gorgeous. Anothe reason is your scenery because your turn out to be my favourite scenery builder atm.. I know this doesnt really belong to this track but I really felt like telling you this.

Well, the track is great. It's a fantastic speedtecher with awesome flow and a wonderful atmosphere - it was a good decision to choose the moring mood. The scenery is gorgeous as well and the the track is even more huntable than your previous track and that's great for me since Im rather hunter than just a driver. Overall, great tribute to one of tmx's most creative builder and a person who really deserves a tribute, at least with the impression I've got from him.

Big Time! - mr.hubby
User Award   MnM | Revii 10-Jun-2011
Ok it''s time to award this one
Well what else i can say, you already got some nice awards with all important words to the track. You really built a great track where with such nice ideas and i really great looking scenery. Also the flow is really great and all in one the track gives you a beatiful atmosphere. But it issn't new at all for me. So i think it is already all said. You built as always a masterpiece and you can very proud on it. Cheers Rev. (:
User Award   Danish 24-Jun-2011
First hello everybody ! =D

And 2nd ! This is one hell of a msterpiece

Perfect Start !
Perfect Slides !
Smoothness !
Flow !


Great job here. Im truly Addicted.

Greets Danish
User Award   ZoggeR 27-Jun-2011
oh damn I totally forgot this one
it's just awesome what you bilt here, good transitions and an imo funny composition of slides, but somehow the track feels so short and the end is not that special
Scenery's fine too and the tribute is as deserved as can be
User Award   'Infi 18-Oct-2012
Sweet trackline with an entertaining flow, def. worth an award!
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