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Name: Download »Abstruse!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SPN'«
Version: 18-Jun-2011
TMX id: 4122812
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 14,598
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:44.75   Chris <3+ 0:00.0014,598
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0:44.94   WouterForPresi...+ 0:00.1914,226
0:45.05   BX3 beat+ 0:00.3014,010
0:45.20 0:00.4513,717
0:45.22   SapphiroN+ 0:00.4713,678
0:45.34   IDontCare+ 0:00.5913,443
0:45.41   dadm+ 0:00.6613,306
0:45.43   mr.hubby+ 0:00.6813,267
0:45.58   F2.'P.H.C«+ 0:00.8312,973
0:45.76   ZoggeR+ 0:01.0112,621
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Author Comments

Abstruse! spn! (18.06.2011)

Today I present you my new track with real challenge after a long time, becouse my last two tracks are been fullspeed and mini tech! I am very proud what I did and after some time of releasing many tries in beta area I find this one like the best! I didnt spend so much time building it how I expected I will and I suprised myself how whas this actually good (: Maybe your taste is different but I like it! read details about track below...


Its a speedtech track with not so many transitions I use usualy becouse I wanted to give more tech like feeling... slides are not so flowish and easy to get which was my goal to do and I dont know why xD maybe I was just wanted to test myself in other lite, anyways idk xD Scenery is made b me and I thinks it gives a track special feeling and good atmosphere. And guess what?? Trackk is made in evening mood xD After a long time using night mood I think little bit of change wont hurt me (: Track is not so heavy and contains 2822 ccp which is not to much I guess and I hope you wont have any lags becouse I didnt! There is no intro and outro, just some gps ghost which is driven by Mr.zoggeR becouse I have bad problems with game today :/ Anyways I hope you will enjoy it like I did...


- Track info -

|Style: speed-tech
|Lenght: 46 seconds (45 possible)
|Coopers: 2822
|Mood: Sunset
|Author time: 0:47.14 (bad one)


- Thanks to -

Mr.ZoggeR for this wonderful screen and spended time to test almost my every step od building this track and for nice idea of track name! Also thanks to beta testers who are tried old version of track in beta area... hope you will like this one too.


Thats all I have to say, drive it, feel it in ways I did and enjoy... awards are always welcome and every comment will be appreciated!

peace out... spn!

User Comments
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  SPN'« 18-Jun-2011
Hitch that is awesome first driven replay
  SapphiroN 18-Jun-2011
I like the fact that you have a new track.
  SPN'« 18-Jun-2011
I like the fact that I got award from you <3 thanks^^
  Hitchy 18-Jun-2011
I like the fact that you think my replay is awesome
  SPN'« 18-Jun-2011
and it is
  ZoggeR 18-Jun-2011
I like you
  jstc 18-Jun-2011
and ya'll love me
  SPN'« 18-Jun-2011
I love Lena <3
  ZoggeR 18-Jun-2011
I love Lena too
  Hitchy 18-Jun-2011
who doesn't
  SPN'« 19-Jun-2011
one million dollars question

- Thanks List -

o1| Hitch - thanks for fast award mate and great 1st replay
o2| SapphiroN - I like the fact that you think its good and thanks for fast replay
o3| .F2theG'P.H.C« - hehe I know that scenery is not so good and thanks for great
o4| dadam. - thanks for mate (: Im glad you enjoy it and thanks for great replay
o5| mQ|Placket.mb - I can say the same to you too. Thanks for
o6| it'Z ReviiLo (: - Im really glad you enjoy it, that fusion was my goal
o7| master94ga - yep, Its easy even for noobs! thanks for lovely
o8| Raffi - thanks a lot for lovely words (:
o9| eXtracT - thanks for your nice award sir!
1o| .dejavu - thanks you mister deja for your nice
11| quad2k.xT - thanks for your great award sir! Replay is fantastick o0
12| Mr.ZoggeR|'P.H.C« - thank you lena<3... troll


49 dwl (:
  vneck 20-Jun-2011
Quote ...
who doesn't

  SPN'« 20-Jun-2011
  ZoggeR 21-Jun-2011
  BX3 beat 23-Sep-2011
lost .20 - .30 at the end.. so gogo 44,8x
  SPN'« 07-Jan-2012
mother of god, you are good! you drove almost every turn perfecty.. last one was so close thanks CHRIS <3
  Chris <3 07-Jan-2012
haha, yeah little mistake in the middle part, but the end catched some seconds
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User Awards
Showing 15 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Hitchy 18-Jun-2011
Let me be the first that this beauty
Replay was first try btw It took me 48 sec to finish this
User Award   SapphiroN 18-Jun-2011
I also like the fact that this track is good.
User Award   F2.'P.H.C« 18-Jun-2011
Finally a new techie again! As always: high quality. Start is cool, slides are all flowy and challanging, transitions all smooth and cool, so no complaints at all. I enjoyed every single second. Scenery was good, not perfect. That's quite a minor thing though, because dadam only makes them perfect ^^.

Veeeery niceeeee!

User Award   dadm 18-Jun-2011
What a nice track! Again a masterpiece... I like the way you Hum, let's get back to the point... I was saying I like the way you mixed tech parts with great transitions. It's really enjoyable to play (: The scenery looks beautiful as well. So, here is your award mate , keep it up.

User Award   Placket.ft 18-Jun-2011
Hey dude, I didn't knew you before WBM, never drove a track of you. But now you are my opponent in that and I saw you tracks I must say that I feel ashame that I didn't knew such a great builder before. Your tracks are damn creative and full of nice ideas and transitions. Even I dislike tracks with much transitions, this one is just great. Creative turns, well calculated slides and all in one a great flow. Well done dude, great job!
- Placket.
User Award   MnM | Revii 18-Jun-2011
Pretty nice track you did here (:
It flows very well and you created a perfect fusion between transitions and tech parts. Totally you really enjoy this track while driving, also because of this beautiful scenery which gives the track the last perfect touch.
Well done (:
User Award   master94ga|On MX 19-Jun-2011

Really impressive work!
Lovely transitions, jumps and slides.
The track its fun and easy to finish also for noob.
As always you did a good work

User Award   Raffi 19-Jun-2011
wonderfull. everything fits perfectly. scenery, smoothness, flow - insane work here. I can really see your effort here. Be proud, you managed to build the next masterpiece (:

User Award   eXtracT 19-Jun-2011
nice track bro, very tight and well-designed, some fresh ideas mixed with some golden oldies, flow as hell, my award to you sir!

User Award   .dejavu 21-Jun-2011
even if the driving way is not that clear, this is really nice!
User Award 23-Jun-2011
Wow. Once again a perfect track from one of my absolute favorite artists. I love all of the included transitions you used. Especialy the sculpture at the start. I enjoyed driving through the whole track. Perfect variation between slides and transitions. That results in a perfect flow.
Really like the scenery here. Kinda reminds me of my own style and awesome mood to match the scenery. Well done buddy = )
Btw you can send my your tracks if you will have some new in future.

User Award   ZoggeR 26-Jun-2011
a dober track as always troll.
I love you(r way of melting transitions with awesome slides)
I am sorry that I don't write much now but I have to eat some cereals now
but the Scenery is also great
User Award   mr.hubby 01-Jul-2011
You know what I like best at your tracks? They are so damn well huntable and addictive. I think due to your building & driving skill you're able to deliver us high quality transition-tech with an enormous hunting pontential and that makes them so dam special. Of course, you are also able to create wonderful atmospheres due to your well built sceneries. After all, I just felt like telling you that you are the one who keeps me enjoying transitions and hunting at the same time.. even though this had some quite hard hunting curves.

thanks man! - mr.hubby
User Award   Chris <3 07-Jan-2012
User Award   guTzzM2005 22-Mar-2012
pretty nice map

grt gu
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