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Name: Download Rocket is a Superstar !
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   makonen.nwt
Version: 25-Jun-2011
Released: 25-Jun-2011
TMX id: 4143692
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,311
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:49.87   gswe81+ 0:00.398,870
0:50.77   makonen.nwt+ 0:01.297,854
0:50.94   JereM.+ 0:01.467,662
0:51.07   samuelhip+ 0:01.597,515
0:51.38   .dejavu+ 0:01.907,165
0:52.13   grobec+ 0:02.656,319
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Author Comments

-------------------------------Author comment :-------------------------------

Hey Hey

Here is a Veeeeeeery veeeeeeeeeery well deserved Tribute for a...........crazy track builder ! What can I say? 48 pages and 950 messages shared in our "PM work's post". I think you don't need more explications. Rocket & me are working together on all our tracks since the 23 august 2010...We have decided to make some tracks together too, and soon, we will annonce a new dual Big Project ! Well...I've no idea what to say more. Just kiss my Rocket, you're definitly a...crazy builder, and this track is for you ! ^^

About the track itself : Mako's style !^^. That means : nervous, some road, many transitions, "hard" for some guys (perhaps a little bit less on this one because it's really not my hardest track^^). Good potential for hunting I think, and big scenery ! (sry for the little configs). I've spent a long time on the intro too, fitting with the song inserted (if you wait the loading & restart the track, you will understand^^). Well, I think you know all about this track and my "relationship" with Rocket,

SOoo I sh** up and I let you discover :
...Rocket is a Superstar !..


---------------------------------Environnement :--------------------------------

Ambiance : Evening / no Mod !
Coppers : 4175
Music : Delinquent Habits - Return of the Tres
Screenshot : big^^

---------------------------------Beta TesTers :----------------------------------

- Master94ga
- Pantseri
- Awesome
- Chris <3
- der-bozz
- bimse (for the screen)

---------------------------------------Style :---------------------------------------

50 secs / Dirt !

----------------------------------Signalization :----------------------------------

made in Nadeo

---------------------------------------MT :-----------------------------------------

Intro : Made By me !
GPS : Made By me !
Outro : Made By me !

-----------------------------------Autor Time :-----------------------------------


----------------------------------Showcases ! :-----------------------------------

Some tracks from Rocket ! <3

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
1. Kiss The Edges

Kiss The Edges by   'nwt' ®ocket

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
2. GymKhana2 [MTC]
GymKhana2 [MTC] by   'nwt' ®ocket

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

And his Account's page :

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
3. And some tracks from my beta-testers !

By Chris <3

By Bimse
"A Secret´s Disclosure"

By master94ga
"Don't forget me!"

By der-bozz
"Tribute to pantseri"

By pantseri

By nwt/Awesome
"rAwelly [MTC]"
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

User Comments
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  makonen.nwt 25-Jun-2011
------------------------------Awards Men :------------------------------

- o1.   'nwt' ®ocket Thank you mister !
- o2.   DxMarillion' Thank you mister !
- o3.   bimse Thank you mister !
- o4.   JereM. Thank you mister !
- o5.   pantseri Thank you mister !
- o6.   pagg. nwt Thank you mister !
- o7.   samuelhip Thank you mister !
- o8.   habichuelo Thank you mister !
- o9.   der-bozz.esu Thank you mister !
- 1o.   .dejavu Thank you mister !

<<=== 10 ===>>

- 11.   nospor2 Thank you mister !
- 12.   'NwT' NorRocK Thank you mister !
- 13.   Fakerack Thank you mister !
- 14.   gswe81 Thank you mister !
- 15.   sir B Thank you mister !
- 16.   GodofWar Thank you mister !
- 17.   DuM-DuM Thank you mister !

COOomme ooon !

------------------------------Awards Men :------------------------------
  'nwt' ®ocket 25-Jun-2011
Hahahah Bigshowcase & Lil showcase for one track it's deserved for sure

Reall Thx my Love
  Sparco (links in bio) 25-Jun-2011
non mais lol ce titre
  makonen.nwt 26-Jun-2011
I must be honest, even if, for now, that looks like a nice fail, I'm very proud of my award's list...All those names....
...For sure, I would like more, but...ehm...thanks for my "elite builders" awarders . That means a lot for me^^
  pantseri 27-Jun-2011
+ =
  makonen.nwt 29-Jun-2011
If you wanna mean : sometimes is strange ...well, big +1...This track had to be in my best one, and (if we consider the awards as "fail or not") it's the opposite...^^.
  'nwt' ®ocket 16-Jul-2011
Hmmm ....
Failed on Thx List

- 16 GodofWar|R4a Thank you mister !
- 16 DuM-DuM Thank you mister !
  makonen.nwt 17-Jul-2011 understand now why I got some probs during exams at school lol^^
  'nwt' ®ocket 30-Jul-2011
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 18 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   'nwt' ®ocket 25-Jun-2011
WTF !!!!!
what you did there .... hoooo my love

What can I sai ?
I'm really ... I'm really touched to see all the work done on this map ...


... sabes lo que me gusta hombre. nada que decir
una gran introducción, con el ritmo ... un muy buen trabajo como siempre

the flow, all trasintion are really smooth
epic track at first try, addict at 2nd run crazy end i love that
eassy to finish, & challenging for the PB
Scenery is beautifull
against the name is a bit sucks ... my love

what can I say .... I love to work with you, share ours ideas
thank you to you help me to improve myself and share my crazy projects

User Award   DxMarillion' 25-Jun-2011
very good work! had alot of fun driving it. easy to learn and varied layout. love this kind of scenery *-*
only the end is very tricky imo.

well well done.

domi (megalomania architect)
User Award   bimse 26-Jun-2011
wow, what a great dirt track, the flow is awesome (even as a dirt-noob )
and, again, your scenery is perfect

just the end is a bit tricky, maybe a down-sign would help

but here is the well deserved award!
i hope that there will come more...
User Award   JereM. 26-Jun-2011
nice work man
User Award   pantseri 26-Jun-2011
Awesome tribute for awesome author! He really deserves this ^^
User Award   pagg. nwt 26-Jun-2011
Love give you some wings Mako
Very nice tribute to the best french mapper in dirt imo

)) |pagg| ((
User Award   samuelhip 27-Jun-2011
Awesome map. Liked everything except the end.
User Award   habichuelo 27-Jun-2011
User Award   der-bozz.esu 27-Jun-2011
Awes me!
I realy like this one, especially because it`s dedicated to a very nice builder & driver (:
Cool transitions, special end & cool turns, mixed wirh nice road parts & hunting potencuial

User Award   .dejavu 30-Jun-2011
maaan tell me what your pusher sold you when you built that end !
Really, it made me totally angry a lot of times...
Btw, rest is insane flowly!
User Award   nospor2 30-Jun-2011
You need a award for this one
User Award   'NwT' NorRocK 30-Jun-2011
Awesome track m8
User Award   Fakerack 01-Jul-2011
It was amazing
User Award   gswe81 02-Jul-2011
Pretty easy map with great flow, should be popular on any dirt server.
Great work and puss puss
User Award   sir B 05-Jul-2011
User Award   GodofWar 05-Jul-2011
User Award   DuM-DuM 06-Jul-2011
Very Good Tribute for Rocket
User Award   dulf 11-Oct-2011
Very Good track very good scenery and the decoration is amazing
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