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Name: Download [RPG]Temple of Heaven
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Mastermind
Version: 30-Jun-2011
TMX id: 4149804
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 31,336
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
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5:53.53   sogard7+ 0:22.0218,847
6:08.19   MaC « psycho+ 0:36.6810,532
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Author Comments

[RPG]Temple of Heaven


Welcome to my first RPG which I want to show here today to the folks!

The idea:

Well, yeah, what can I say about that? I can't remember the first map I tried, but after some maps and some viewed crazy driven replays I decided to start something I've never done before. Especially after I saw Parallel Universe by igntul! I was quite impressed by this work!
My first effort was a fail, well maybe it was just for fun and to explore the fineness of RPG-maps. At this point igntul told me something important. First an idea an then building. And now you all can see the result of his advice: [RPG]Temple of Heaven


The story:

You are in Rome, or what was left over. In the 4th century after the split into an east and a west roman-empire. In a last procession in honor of Jupiter the most important godhead of all roman gods the priests ask for his advice. And there starts your part: Collect four items: A scroll with the incantation, the old chariot of Jupiter, a bull for sacrificing and some water from the holy river underneath the temple of heaven!
But you have to watch out for huns! There attacking the roman empire, so be careful and fast when you have to escape them.


The facts:

style: RPG
Mod: day
Mood: a RomanorumSuperbia
Coppers used: 12150
Length: ~ 7 minutes for some pros
CP's: 25 CPs ad one ring (also a CP counter )
MT: yeah, a nice Intro, some ingame effects and an Outro with thankslist
Difficulty: yeah, I'm a beginner, so this map is also for beginners


The thankslist:

First of all I want to thank Igntul He was an important help with useful feedback and tips. Many thanks for that!
I also want to thank Cpart', V.neck, GSA|Dule, ȯn .xT, peteypablo7for their feedback and .DisGo'dB for finding some cuts
Also thanks to Dule for this nice screen


The showcases:

For Dule:

Knocking On Heavens Door.. by   Dule

And for Igntul:

Tortuga [RPG] by   Igntul


The last words:

And then THE hint: Let everything load, otherwise the atmosphere will suffer
All in all I hope you have some fun at this map! Please remember it is my first RPG, so feedback, if good or bad, is always welcome
So let's start the engines


Best regards


User Comments
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  Mastermind 27-Jun-2011
Thanks for .::.

1. Igntul - thanks mate, glad you lie it
2. .DisGo'dB - my cutfinder par excellence ty
3. V.neck - wow, thanks a lot!
4. GSA|Dule - Thank you!
5. eSU|Mattnac. - ty, also for the nice replay
6. d3mon thanks! -
7. tmv.pascow.eSU - glad u liked it that much and don't care about the replay
8. MaC « psycho - thanks a lot, buddy!
9. Realized2 thx, also for cutfinding and the servers
10. iceman31

--- 10 awards ---

11. w2 - thanks!
12. .Henk« - ty
13. Extreme - LunatiXer! - ty
  DisGo.esu 27-Jun-2011
will drive a good time later.. ^^
  Mastermind 27-Jun-2011

  pascow.esu 27-Jun-2011
gonna test haha, dont expect a nice time, please
  DisGo.esu 27-Jun-2011
go paskuh it isn't a real good time but .. for the first it's enough ^^

e:// under 6 is quite poss.. ^^
  Mastermind 27-Jun-2011

Will update this now!

e.: done!
Sorry at all those guys, who wanted to upload a nice time
  DisGo.esu 27-Jun-2011
will upload a new good time ;D
  Mattnac. 28-Jun-2011
rpg noob replay uploaded....was 2nd finish though
  Mastermind 28-Jun-2011
but still a decent time
  DisGo.esu 28-Jun-2011
mhm.. damn end xD
  Mastermind 28-Jun-2011
time nice one!
  Mattnac. 28-Jun-2011
crazy time disgo

hi disgo

r2 5.5x.xx?
  Realized2 29-Jun-2011
There are still 4 cuts.
i used 2 in the end. the rest is cp2-3 ( instead of a big jump forward , jump left on a slope and turn around) and cp4-5 (get under cp5 directly without going around and taking boost)
These cuts were found during today's hunt on Pixel.

Oops , forgot the cp16-17 , it's faster to take scenery way instead of rail balancing.
  Mastermind 29-Jun-2011
Arrrrgh, will correct that, thank you!

e.: saw the replay, you guys are finding cuts, amazing!
I need a cutfinder next time

E.: updated!

Now drive your best times
Here's my time for the start
  DisGo.esu 29-Jun-2011
damn okay let's drive a new good time without cuts.. ^^ go go r2 i think that will be a nice battle ;D
  Mastermind 30-Jun-2011
  Realized2 01-Jul-2011
Ok , every cut is fixed (i think), unless you count not taking the booster at cp17
  Mastermind 01-Jul-2011
I do not count that as a cut just as a challenge
  lain64 24-May-2012
gps :
  Mastermind 24-May-2012
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Igntul 27-Jun-2011
great track indeed, very nice flow and speed.. some cps have a little bit of a FS map, and thats not bad at all
very nice atmosphere, i really love the temple design
thx a lot for the showcase^^
keep mapping forever

User Award   DisGo.esu 27-Jun-2011
Yoooo MM.

first of all, it's great to see ya in the rpg community
to the map: really cool maybe not the best, but it's your first, who cares?
it has some interesting parts & the pathfinding isnt that easy. like it
and the mt.. only one word stunning here's your well deserved award

Greetz DisGo

PS: look the replay found new cuts..
User Award   vneck 27-Jun-2011
Damn !! o.O
this rpg is truly one of my fav´s ever! I´m really stunned this stuff is just so great, so hm where do I start... So many great Ideas in here, loved this "mini quest" f.e escaping the huns or the earthquake.. these tittle parts make the whole run addictive and less boring (as some rpg´s are ) Tho the cp´s numbering was a good idea, because the track is quiet open and you can easily get a cp too early.. f.e cp 12 I think.. not sure anymore.. Anyways good Mt at all, even I gotta say this "collecting these 4 thingies" is a good Idea but the fact you placed them into the normal run (where the cp´s are) makes it kinda useless imo :b AT least the mt stuff I mentioned above is just brilliant (: The track itself is easy and kinda fun ... except for some boring and confusing parts but no frustrating points, and thats the most important thing for me as rpg noob =) Design is awesome btw loved the overview and atmosphere while drivin'.
All in all just epic for beginners. Hope you get a decent amount of awards (:
User Award   Dule 27-Jun-2011
User Award   Mattnac. 27-Jun-2011
Really nice RPG track Mastermind <3 You can build everything with success i think

Great atmosphere, not too hard, good hunter i think
User Award   d3mon 28-Jun-2011
Quite a few overriding textures but good atmosphere nonetheless.
User Award   pascow.esu 28-Jun-2011
Wow that was really great man. Pure fun all the way, although I lost soo much time on easy cp's..well thats not your fail though. I love the fact that its quite easy for me to drive and the atmosphere (mod+scenery) made it even more amazing..In addition the mt-work is really stunning. But thats just what I expected from you (: great to see a different style from you. And even better, its a successful different style! (: Thank you! keep it going and sry for that noob-replay ^^
User Award   MaC « psycho 29-Jun-2011
Great Work Mr. Mastermind.

Awesome Flow in Here...
But around cp21 it´s hard to find the right next cp.. ^^

So Go On.. waiting for ure next rpg.
User Award   Realized2 29-Jun-2011
Pretty good atmosphere! Great flow also.
User Award   iceman31 29-Jun-2011
User Award   w2 29-Jun-2011
Great map.

Wonderful flow but sometimes I searched my way.
The counter MT at each CP is useful to get the count.

Here is your
User Award   .Henk« 02-Jul-2011
User Award   Anthrakas 02-Jul-2011
User Award   davynci 09-Jul-2011
great track, good atmosphere
User Award   Loe 26-Apr-2014
forget to award ;(
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   TheWestend 12-Jan-2020
Amazing map, really gives the oldschool temple feel, but with fresh driving!
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