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Name: Download Mzulft
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   vneck
Version: 19-Oct-2012
Released: 19-Oct-2012
TMX id: 4164122
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 51,120
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 1m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day
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0:51.29   AR »Rockz.+ 0:00.0051,120
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0:51.79   Kumpelblase+ 0:00.5048,129
0:51.91   yber+ 0:00.6247,412
0:51.96   canje+ 0:00.6747,113
0:52.06   Sky.esu+ 0:00.7746,515
0:52.08   'Twister+ 0:00.7946,396
0:52.11   seya_TM+ 0:00.8246,216
0:52.14   inf.+ 0:00.8546,037
0:52.16   brenni+ 0:00.8745,917
0:52.19   FluX.+ 0:00.9045,738
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Author Comments

There was an old saying in my family: There is no gps.

What can I say, it's really hard and I found myself being really sloppy building this, but considering the time input anyway, I figured I might as well just shoot it out for ya'all, just for the hell of it.

User Comments
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  AR »Rockz. 22-Oct-2012
Cam 1 ftw, .1x is possible kb, gogo
  Kumpelblase 22-Oct-2012
there's no way i could do a 1x but you drive with cam 1 how do you even see propely oO with cam 1 i would't be able to get this close to a curve

even downhill sux with this cam
  AR »Rockz. 22-Oct-2012
Ofc i change to cam 3 in walls and loops, but in downhills i still play with cam 1, it's easy when u're used to it
  Kumpelblase 22-Oct-2012
fuuu that´s really something but cam 1 is just too indirect for me
  Joost»LT 22-Oct-2012
First finish
Did I just add about 7k to the whole LB? Seems like it
  Erizel (brutal) 23-Oct-2012
I play with camera 1 and I can't understand how people can play with camera 2, so it goes both ways ^^ I do ofcourse change to camera 3 in loops etc..
  Kumpelblase 23-Oct-2012
anyone knows what cam Down uses?
  AR »Rockz. 23-Oct-2012
2 i think
  wohnungsnomade 24-Oct-2012
C4Freak back in business ??
  C4 Freak 03-Nov-2012
no just giving awards to the best tracks sometimes. nice that you remember me
  gadoweldosd 12-Jul-2013
I'm last... looks bad
but I finished and thats awesoome
  vneck 21-Jul-2013
yes you're late, but your detailed and awesome award is very appreciated nevertheless
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User Awards
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User Award   Pat 23-Oct-2012
I remember the days when I was your idol in building fs, but atm you just make me stun with every track you build. This is again creative and got a wonderful flow! The scenery is definitely one of the most original I've ever seen and it looks fantastic. Loads of blockmixing but you know how to use it! It doesn't look messy, just great. Really love it. Keep it up man, I want to get stunned some more times in the future! (:
User Award   pascow.esu 23-Oct-2012
I also agree a lil with joost about your style being standard for you, but thats normal I think. This track's flow is amazing, just as the walls and the indoor part. You know how to amaze me mate, love it
User Award   C4 Freak 23-Oct-2012
looks really amazing, the flow is awesome! What to say?!? As expected all your transitions are really nice and the route is really interesting. But I loved your heavy scenery which was more or less "open" and not closed like this one. Besides of that there are no bad points (:
User Award   djfernando 24-Oct-2012
User Award   Flyps 24-Oct-2012
master of creating unspeakably perfect atmosphere. rly cool, what u do out of that little bunch of blocks. =)
User Award   yber 25-Oct-2012
epic job! love the underground parts
User Award   Ravenwest 25-Oct-2012
Wow vneck!

How did you decide to build it?
If I thought about it I would say:"no wtf" and I would be lazy to build that huge work.Awesome ideas,really original map.
Nice to see some guys who keep their own style.And your scenery is also very cool.Awesome!

User Award   igntuL 03-Nov-2012
well i love this kind of scenery
sure more work than normal scenery but it pays off
User Award   gadoweldosd 12-Jul-2013
This track is just:
every positive word

The line is a big challenge, the beginning isn't that annoying imo, I rarely failed the ramp to platform thing.. The jump after the right turn was a bigger problems in the first time I played it, once I got it, I always felt how awesomely smooth that landing is! <3 The following turn looks harder than it is, thats cool because I feel like a pro when I dont hit the wall. The dirt and loop works well too, so does the turn afterwards, if you steer too early you'd fail at the outside of the later part of the turn, but I only did that once, because I always steer too late to drive on the inside of a turn, (newb powa!) so no problem.. a problem is the next drop, where I was always a bit too far left, the jump across the huuge hole (awesome.) works well, but on the next transitions I'm too far left.. The loop didnt turn out as buggy as i expected, thats good! because the following turn was always close for me, the wall works well, the 270° works suprisingly well too! well calculated, thats leading to a good angle for the dirt and following wall entrance, which made it easy for me, the long straight into finish is damn great! good jumps and an extraordinary RPG feeling.. scenery: yep RPG feeling, some awards already mentioned it, and I totally agree, the (your) usual fs scenery on top of the dirt mountain and then with a long downgoing loop that felt a bit like a lift, followed by a biig room. I really really love that, I already loved the underground parts in the construction maps but this...: WOW! thats what I can say about the whole map, one of the best maps I've seen so far..

as I dont know what else to say lets just keep it this way.. and be happy that you built this map
> <

edit: worst map ever, looks like you built some shit in5minutes
User Award   thom 15-Mar-2015
User Award   canje 14-Mar-2020
I remember cruising on this online. Really amazing layout, cool ideas and overall sweet feeling when driving. Just a typical v-neck fs.

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