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Name: Download Point of no Return
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   n0xx
Version: 12-Jul-2011
Released: 12-Jul-2011
TMX id: 4195106
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 25,280
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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28:27.98   JoFo.+ 0:00.0025,280
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
28:42.47   GunZ+ 0:14.4923,993
28:48.16   n0xx+ 0:20.1823,487
28:51.12   Spunki+ 0:23.1423,225
29:11.23   amon_ereb+ 0:43.2521,439
29:20.53   Cocktail.afc+ 0:52.5520,613
30:06.30   BBJonas'O+ 1:38.3216,548
30:39.03   xadlik+ 2:11.0513,642
30:44.30   Habba+ 2:16.3213,173
31:04.13   nok13+ 2:36.1511,412
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Author Comments

Point of no Return !

Are you crazy?
I'm actually not crazy but i can say that something is wrong with me. I just started building 5 days ago. It was a good day for me. I was really creative that time and couldnt stop building. As none of you expected, i just mapped 2 tracks with a lenght of 18 minutes. I thought, when i build this one here: "Hey, why dont you just build until you dont have any space anymore. How long will the map finally be?" That was the question i wanted an answer for. I know, i know there is still much space to fill. BUT i wanted this map looks enjoyable and not just crappy turns with unenjoyable drfits. So i wanted it being techie. I got it, it is sometimes really fast and sometimes pretty slow. It IS tech.

How much time took it for finishing?
As i said, i started mapping 5 days ago and finished 3 days ago. So, there are 2 days of mapping for finishing this map. No, i didnt had any help and yes i made some big breaks. Of course there were moments were i gave a sh** if i finish, i was just annoyed. But hey, now i hope to have the longest techmap in the world. No multilap, one road. And thats a fact to be proud of!

What do you expect to get now?
Nothing at all. I made it for newcomers that are talking to each other like: "Hey, try to imagine the whole stadium is full of one road, wouldnt be this amazing? höhöhö." Its just for everyone who likes to see the exteme Maps. Somebody builds a crazy long pf map, i made a 30 minutes long techmap. So, where is the diffrence? I dont even mapped for one year or longer. It took me 2 days to finish that, so why dont you give it a try? My respect if you finish. And my biggest respect if you hold the world record on the longest map ever! Dont be angry if i didnt made any intro. I just wanted this crap to be online!

You made a screenshot competition?
Yes, i made one. A short one. At first i thought: "None will make any screen for me, no one knows me." But then i saw some really great images from professional screenmakers. Was really cool to see my track get attantion. You care about them? Here are the results:

1st was ...   Metal_Snake with the screen you see when you click on the Title name! The blue title above the Author comments. Its a really great screenshot. Looks fantastic as always. Just great! Here again in big.

2nd was ...   .max with a really amazing screenshot. He got the best angle and a cool idea to make the back blurry. I really like it. The reason why he is on second place is because i dislike the font. The bars are not fitting and the font is not that satisfying. But all in all, great! Here again in big and small.

3rd was ...   de.point / off with a screenshot that was at first the best of it. When MS and max came he looks a bit weird. I dont like the angle that much but the editing is great. Colors are lovely and the brushed smoke and glitter fits perfect to the atmosphere. Great Job depoint! Here again in big and small.

If you are fast and jump, just go straight. Always straight! You will never be to slow for any jump or turn. If you drive along a part where you could fall from the road because there is no wall, dont drive there. Just keep your eyes open and stay at the road you are driving on! Everytime in every situation!

©® noxx, 12th July 2011

User Comments
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  ChrisEggII 23-Sep-2011
Man, this track is awesome! I like this track, but my computer not I had 36min, but I tkink I will have a better time If I have a better computer.
  d@se 04-Feb-2012
oOo found a cut ....LOL ...

will ride this beast !
  onicole 04-Feb-2012
i had really nice time on arp2 rpg korea server
  n0xx 08-Feb-2012
Thanks for new activity here.
  kimbro 01-Mar-2012
Igntul is so right about all those same tracks.
  lain64 01-May-2012
gps :
  n0xx 07-May-2012
wow thx for the gps!
  Cocktail.afc 30-Sep-2014
  n0xx 14-Jun-2015
got you!
  Technicall 19-Jun-2015
I did it!

That's not my last word here for sure ^^
  Spunki 11-Aug-2015
First try 30:13.75... Gotta play it again I guess.
  Yato 14-Apr-2016
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User Awards
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User Award   aiden.KraL' 30-Dec-2014
Great endurance track!
User Award   Technicall 19-Jun-2015
User Award   Spunki 11-Aug-2015

Well done.! >_
User Award   Rumajzlik 10-Sep-2015
This is true masterpiece
User Award   GunZ 20-Jan-2016
The feel when you pass near the finish but there is still 5 min to go ..
And this loop wanted it so badly
Nice one
Loved it
User Award   |PT| CakeyFA 14-Apr-2016
Take notes people. This is how you make an enjoyable super long track. Also, a time under 31 minutes is out of the question..
User Award   xadlik 23-Jun-2016
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 15-Jul-2018
User Award   simo_900 16-Jan-2020
I'm way too late
User Award   Mathway 16-Jan-2020
User Award   rogurgo 09-Sep-2020
E02 on steroids
User Award   JoFo. 05-Nov-2020
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