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Name: Download Quicky Tarmac
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 24-Jul-2011
TMX id: 4232456
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 46,776
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:45.77   AR /wind+ 0:00.0046,776
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0:45.87   Mango+ 0:00.1046,163
0:45.90   AR »Down.+ 0:00.1345,978
0:45.90   NeXzoR+ 0:00.1345,978
0:45.91   Mattnac.+ 0:00.1445,917
0:45.98   eXon+ 0:00.2145,488
0:45.99   the'end.+ 0:00.2245,427
0:45.99   Jay^.ps+ 0:00.2245,427
0:46.03   sir B+ 0:00.2645,181
0:46.06   AR »vader!+ 0:00.2944,998
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Author Comments

Quicky Tarmac!

Here's a new full speeder made in old TMN ESWC. It was fun to build in the old editor again. And I hope that I made a fun online track for y'all to drive over and over.

Track info:
-Style: Full Speed
-Author time: 46:19
-Coppers: 6330
-GPS: (hand made)
-Mood: Day
-No BM!
-Building time: +/- 50 hours in 3 weeks

Thanks betatesters:

Special thanks to TStarGermany for doing a total scenery make over. Great work m8! I added some too but the overall feeling is definitely his.

Ps. Quicky is not per se a successor of Sticky but I think it has the same vibe.

Wallpaper: 1680x1050

TMN version
TMU version
TM2 version

Video: Youtube
Video: TM-Tube

Thanks list:
Thx Down! Can't wait for your replay. Edit: nuts!
Thx Razo!
Thx Mr.ZoggeR! Great cheerz!
Thx pascow!
Thx Died!
Thx Mattnac! Let the flow be with you!
Thx Dave! lol jungle drum? ty
Thx Moe.b!
Thx laguna!
Thx NLpwf! Great to hear that from you.
Thx FrostyFreeze! First from u! Cheerz!
Thx Empy'! Thanks as always m8! <3
Thx HardDance! Too kind, too kind. Originate don't imitate! Better to have a crap screenie than a fancy imitation.
Thx aenima! Thanks for vid&track>
Thx Roomie¬!
Thx Kang! Cheers again for BT! Go go 45.xx
Thx indy_air!
Thx Pika! Yw and I will
Thx eNks! Amazingly thanks!
Thx the'end.!
Thx Quat!
Thx dejavu! Awesome m8 thanks!
Thx waldfee!
Thx Versnellingspook! Wht? Sd's? Where?
Thx Naga!
Thx Haxxie! We care about the same
Thx venomous! Thanks for explosive award!
Thx DeFacer! Very glad u like it m8! Cheerz!
Thx nospor2!
Thx SweSebbe! Your time travel was brought by GR!
Thx nevermind!
Thx Placket! Humble thanks.
Thx Loreleï!
Thx ben75!
Thx Mandark!
Thx witooZ!
Thx Cypher! /agree cheerz!
Thx fubar!
Thx Rasque! You may be right.
Thx Wormi! Cheerz!
Thx Dawe!
Thx CvRk!
Thx Mastermind!
Thx The Groove!
Thx Kimi!
Thx nap303! Great ! Glad u like it. Thanks mate!
Thx winter!
Thx Th3 Fr3Ak!
Thx 'Flowin'Dino!
Thx Scrapie! Cheers 4 fifty 's!
Thx Ovel_ha!
Thx ReviiLo!
Thx vasiacool!
Thx React!vee!
Thx tinitus!
Thx Shanki!
Thx wo_lang!
Thx Mango!
Thx ORA! Whahaaa ORA thanks m8.
Thx kadziolek2
Thx Solaris
Thx Ravenwest Late awards are the best. Ps. you're right, you actually already awarded it on tmu but thanks again lol!
Thx wind'zor Cheerz.
Thx Silver

User Comments
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  Razo.'R |R4a 24-Jul-2011
  acura_rsx/ broken hand >.< 24-Jul-2011
tbh i dont really like this track
ok its fast and curves fits good with the speed but it feels a bit boring for me.
I'm not a fan of wallrides,loops and corkshrews..bit too much here for me.
sorry ganja
  GR. 24-Jul-2011
Fair enough acura. Plenty tracks out there.
  Kang 25-Jul-2011
I bet you thought down would demolish my beta record

LMAO at the video, FS FTW

You forgot one of your BT, witooZ.xx
  GR. 25-Jul-2011
Added witooz And u srsly thought ur faster than down? Glad u liked the vid

Btw crazy times Down and NeXzoR!
  AR »Down. 25-Jul-2011
ty but there is much more possible btw, maybe i can get low .8x or .7x in the next few days
  arti 25-Jul-2011
@ down you loose much time at the last loop
  Kang 26-Jul-2011
Me faster than down? No, you misunderstood Down is a god at this game. I just mean he only beat my beta score by .13 and i'm happy I got that close. never will i beat down dude. That's impossible for me.
  GR. 26-Jul-2011
I understand kang

go go down .7x
  Kang 28-Jul-2011
I can't believe defacer came out of hiding to award your track, wow what an honour. I would love to see a duo with the two of you. It wouldn't have to be transitional, maybe oldschool forever styles. Sick
  AR »Down. 28-Jul-2011
@ Kang : they already did, search for Babylon Bastards
  dan!el 29-Jul-2011
is it me, or there was zenit's comment? o.O
  Kang 30-Jul-2011

thx, i saw that one already on ganjas webpage though and nlpwf was included as a trio. Maybe it will happen soon, I can dream i suppose

edit: btw that track has been cheated
  vasiacool/back 31-Jul-2011
nice screen
  GR. 21-Sep-2011
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Ravenwest 29-Dec-2013
Honestly thought I'd awarded it already...
But yea, this is just awesome oldschool track with nice flow and atmosphere!

..:: ::..
Alex aka Ravenwest
User Award   AR /wind 26-Jul-2014
User Award   Silver° 21-Apr-2015
Nice one
User Award   AR »Trex 23-Dec-2017
really nice flow here and cool combinations
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