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Name: Download The legend of Duke
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   master_pants_mako
Version: 25-Jul-2011
Released: 25-Jul-2011
TMX id: 4236416
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 28,298
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:45.68   gswe81+ 0:00.0028,298
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0:45.75   vennike+ 0:00.0728,037
0:45.82   Rommel+ 0:00.1427,777
0:46.02   mass93220+ 0:00.3427,034
0:46.19   DJDyno´+ 0:00.5126,402
0:46.39   'nwt' ®ocket+ 0:00.7125,659
0:46.47   DuM-DuM+ 0:00.7925,361
0:46.55   Ragha+ 0:00.8725,064
0:46.63   .dejavu+ 0:00.9524,766
0:46.64   pantseri+ 0:00.9624,729
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Author Comments

The legend of Duke


Track made by:   master94ga|On MX &   pantseri &   makonen.nwt

Dedicated to:   The4thDuke

Hey guys, I'm happy to present this tribute.
Is dedicated to my "master", the legend of The4thduke
Have fun whit this one.

About the tribute:
This is our little tribute to one of the forefathers of dirTech... The4thDuke. He made some damn nice tracks at the time and his tracks were played on most dirt servers around the world. I guess you can still see some of his tracks played out there. We (me & duke) started to make tracks to tmx about the same time in year 2009. I guess this is the best way to show our respect for his fine work in dirt business.

About the track:
I think we've made quite nice job with this track. It's rather easy to drive, but has still some trickier parts as well at least when you try to find the most optimal lines.

About the cooperation:
It was really intriguing to work with two awesome dirt authors. You guys are amazing! It was pleasure to do this with you two!

It's a little bit hard to find "words" for explaining how we can appreciate a "virtual buddy" like you Duke, but I'll try. and, It will be short^^ : we miss you

Track section
0~15:   master94ga|On MX
15~30:   pantseri
30~45:   makonen.nwt

Intro (  makonen.nwt)
In-game (  pantseri)
Outro (  pantseri)

Other info
Author time: 46.88 (  makonen.nwt)
Copper: 2237
Mod: no
Scenary: yes (  master94ga|On MX)
Blockmix: yes
Style: dirt/tech
Respawnable: yes
Beta tester: no
Screen:   makonen.nwt &   pantseri (BIG)

User Comments
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  master_pants_mako 25-Jul-2011
Thanks for
-  wormi
-  'nwt' ®ocket
-  DuM-DuM
-  Nix-boy
-  Roomie¬
-  .dejavu
-  cranberries
-  Placket.ft
-  vennike
-  Quat
-  mummy
  Roomie¬ 25-Jul-2011
  pantseri 25-Jul-2011
  wormi 25-Jul-2011
  master94ga|On MX 25-Jul-2011
  iv!ca' :O 25-Jul-2011
  Roomie¬ 25-Jul-2011
  wormi 25-Jul-2011
Roomia posted his second emotion already and I'm still writing this stupid sentence!
  makonen.nwt 25-Jul-2011
sweet & big thanks for the two three awards !
  pantseri 26-Jul-2011
\o/ thanks for these nice 's guys!!
  Roomie¬ 26-Jul-2011
  makonen.nwt 26-Jul-2011
I require a revolution on tmx for having possibility to put the duo-trio tracks on PPO
  'nwt' ®ocket 26-Jul-2011
  Roomie¬ 26-Jul-2011
duo or trio tracks are not allowed on PPO? o.O
  DuM-DuM 27-Jul-2011
  pantseri 29-Jul-2011
10 13 14 's is quite nice without PP or PPO ....thanks again guys
  makonen.nwt 03-Aug-2011
duo or trio tracks are not allowed on PPO? o.O

...unfortunatly no...Anyway, as Pants said, 10 is really not bad without PPO, especially for a dirty track
SOooo thanks too
  gswe81 04-Aug-2011
Beautiful screenie!
  pantseri 05-Aug-2011
@gus - now that's a nice time... i'm not really surprised, but still

vennike's and rommel's ain't bad either... gg guys ^^
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   wormi 25-Jul-2011
So you put three mappers together to triple the awesomeness?

I think yes. It ain't hard to see when the part of new mapper starts as each one of us have your own style. Here some feedback to you:

While driving it again and again I found that it resembles a bit my style but just with more blockmix lol. You did very nice work here, good speed-gain start for the track. Also your scenery is stunning as always.

At first try I didn't like your part that much but on second one I loved it! Some nice drops & an awesome jump in which even a good angle of the car can save a lot. Well done, amazing smoothness here. Good MT work too.

Personally I don't like your maps that much than the ones by these two other guys but now you built a really nice endpart! Even though that offroad-to-road transition may bug sometimes your part was very fun and smooth. Cool intro too.

You have some superb maps dude, I think you was the first one using dirt blocks with so wide selection. All those noobs over there have learnt something from your style. I never liked the mods you used but the tracks inside them were always very nice ^^ Here is a special cactus for you:

Soo here you go:

My time is my first crash-free run

User Award   'nwt' ®ocket 25-Jul-2011
Just awesome !!!
easy to found the way, easy to finish, challenging for pb
all is smooth, sometime scenery can be better imo
Nice MT work
only the AT suckkk kiss mako
User Award   DuM-DuM 25-Jul-2011
Omg Men's
The track is just fabolous
Nice idea, and very nice flow ...
It's a big surprise, very nice trio's
I love your style, Mako, Master and Pantseri

And the Mt, just perfect for the perfect Track
Now, i go hunt

User Award   Nix-boy 26-Jul-2011
So beautiful !
Very very very nice job

for master
for pantseri
for mako

User Award   Roomie¬ 26-Jul-2011
awesome map guys,great job i really like this one!

User Award   .dejavu 26-Jul-2011
Good job you all! Really addicting map with some good flow!
Just some parts frustrated me a bit...
User Award   cranberries 28-Jul-2011

great track, you guys it's awesome to hunt, looks really good, it's got nice smoothness and the ideas are flowing really well, big G. but have to say this little observation, the last big jump has a very rough landing, due to the high speed I get coming the last uphill dirt turn, so it's kinda miscalculated but nothing too disturbing,
anyways ^^ nice job

... keep playing Forever !

User Award   Placket.ft 28-Jul-2011
Very nice track
User Award   vennike 29-Jul-2011
Great tribute to an exceptional track builder
User Award   Quat 29-Jul-2011
awesome work
User Award   mummy 30-Jul-2011
Very nice tech track.
But somehow time goldens those memorys or this is little easy/short for Dukes track.
Over all this is great track for dirt fans and thats what counts
Here's your awards
User Award   The4thDuke 31-Jul-2011
Another tribute, this one after many time from my retirement, thank you so much guys

Very nice track made by 3 awesome track builders, I can see some of my building style on some transitions, which is very nice to see in a tribute track.
No ba bugs so far, the only ones can be easily avoided once we get to know the track better, nice scenery and MT work, really a nice track.
And thank you so much for bringing such nice memories too, it has been fun til it lasted.
I still have some tracks under construction holding out to be completed, I just feel like not playing anymore, but such good memories sometimes make me want to complete them and showing some unrevealed works.

Master: Thanks for the track, we still get the time to talk together, and it's always nice to talk to you. I am so proud to have brought you through such wonderful place, beyond playing the game: building tracks. It's the right place to say the pupil take over the "maestro". Keep the good work up!

Pantseri: Thanks for your nice words. I remember I began to make tracks and have some success a bit before than you, when you made your way and doubled my success, I'd say I was a bit envious of you, but how can I blame such a good guy and such good tracks? One of the best ever dirt author, and you deserved your big success. Thank you again and keep building tracks, don't ever worry about reviews

Makonen: Here's another good buddy which I had the pleasure to talk with in the past, it's been a very nice time and I really enjoyed the cooperation in the dirt community, which is something rare to find online nowadays. Thanks for your words bud, and keep bulding tracks you too, you were improving a lot when I started testing your tracks. I miss you (all) too, but NADEO didn't even help to make the root of a possible comeback, as I still have a nation account, nevermind...just don't forget the past

Here's some answer to the comments too:

@ Wormi: Thank you, I really appreciated you liked what I build (the track) instead of what I took from outer space (mods), that's just our own tastes, I liked that mod and just thought about using them, but after all I have never been a mod fan, it was just a plus to add in a track, and could be easily disabled by those who liked the track itself. I am proud you liked my tracks, as well as many good dirt author learnt from my style, like Master. Thanks for the cactus too

@ cranberries: Nice to see you still around, I liked how you built your tracks, mostly because you could build good stuff in any kind of track. I still remember when we built "Italia", the Big Brother - Little Brother project, and it was my most succesfull time after my "For KarsO 2.0" and "New York" success, plus my ESL tracks. Thanks again for the good time and nice to see you still around

@ vennike: Sorry but I cannot remember how your tracks were (if you did even build some), forgive this "old fart", but I still remember your impressive times, probably one of the best dirt driver in the world, thanks for destroying my records in my track and trying this tribute

Thanks you, I hope to meet you again sometime

User Award   Rommel 01-Aug-2011
Liked this one
User Award   gswe81 04-Aug-2011
Good work guys!
I had some gearbox troubles at first, but eventually figured them out and enjoyed the track
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