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Name: Download stupid
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   matto
Version: 28-Jul-2011
TMX id: 4245568
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 30,140
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Laps
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
1:11.71   master94ga|On MX+ 0:00.0030,140
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:11.84   wormi+ 0:00.1329,812
1:11.97   pantseri+ 0:00.2629,484
1:12.28   matto+ 0:00.5728,702
1:12.59   mr.hubby+ 0:00.8827,921
1:12.61   aenima+ 0:00.9027,870
1:13.54   Ge®|Forrest+ 0:01.8325,525
1:13.91   Energy-Sonic+ 0:02.2024,592
1:14.69   Kendal+ 0:02.9822,625
1:14.88   Gum+ 0:03.1722,145
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Author Comments

Hi, I'm back.

Track info:
This is a track and I built it today, that's it.

Now that I'm back home from university, I hope I'll find the time to build more new tracks so stay tuned.

Have fun, ciao.

User Comments
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  GodofWar 28-Jul-2011
better time comes later!
  master94ga|On MX 28-Jul-2011
Very nice screen, now I try the track

Edit: after I improve the replay.
  wormi 28-Jul-2011
Decided to upload my best one now ^^ I had -0.4 but I crashed the finishing of the second lap x_x
  master94ga|On MX 29-Jul-2011
1:11.xx is possible
I wrong the end and did other small errors.

  matto 29-Jul-2011
Thanks everyone for playing and for the nice replays

@aenima: nice to hear that it was fun for a casual dirt driver too ^^
@hubby: I didn't test it very deeply, since it was made in one day. But I see what you mean there^^ sometimes it feels you're gaining time and all of a sudden you're behind... really stupid.
@both: I used the yellow signs to create a sort of colour harmony, or maybe 'cause it's stupid. Next time I'll be back to default ones.

From what I could experience: the boost-jump randomly bugs 1 time out of 20 (or was it 10? I don't remember). The ramp block is kinda the same, but it never bugs if you know how to handle it. The entry to the tilted curve may cause slowdowns if it's not taken correctly (should be taken on the low side driving toward the high side). The rest should be totally bug-free, if driven correctly.
  wormi 29-Jul-2011
For me the 2nd corner (after the jump) caused many slowdowns so I needed to use a bit brake to make the land in right angle. It's bad for hunting but doesn't crash the fun ^^
  matto 29-Jul-2011
a bit of air-brake never hurts imo ^^ but I'll remember that
  wormi 31-Jul-2011
Yeah I also like to make some airbrake corners but that one was quite tricky as that "ramp" is one of the buggiest blocks of tmnf ^^
  nair 24-Jan-2012
pure awesomeness! Sorry for beeing so late...

And this Screen...
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   wormi 28-Jul-2011
'Wow matto, this is awesome!

At first when I looked the track with cam 7 I thought "haha looks so weird" but after driving one lap... O.o what an amazing flow with great smoothness. I also like your scenery. Really nice map for one built in a day, I'd like to see what happens if you plan and build a map the whole week! Also the screen angle is fabulous! ^^

User Award   GodofWar 28-Jul-2011
WoW a very Nice Track you Build on one day!!
Nice for time Hunting! Makes a lot of Fun!

great work dude!!
User Award   aenima 28-Jul-2011
Wow, this was really enjoyable, even for me (being not really the best dirt driver). This track is really fun and that's what most dirt tracks lack imho. Even tho I had some bugs throughout, I managed to finish it quite easily and started to really like it Intro is quite nice, nothing special but well who need the super flashy blockbuster intros anyway. Layout was good aswell altough I'm not the greatest fan of the custom TMX signs but oh well, you can't have everything I guess Anyway, good job dude!

User Award   Energy-Sonic 28-Jul-2011
funny dirt minitrack
the third dirttrack today for me
slowly i become a dirt driver...hehe
User Award   master94ga|On MX 28-Jul-2011

Awesome dirt track!
I had a lot of fun to hunt this one.
Is very simple but smooth and fluid.
I like also the scenary and the mt, hope to see more track like this.

User Award   Quat 28-Jul-2011
this track is "stupid by   matto"
User Award   Ge®|Forrest 28-Jul-2011
did my best
Great dirt lap track

User Award   Gum 29-Jul-2011
It makes a lot of fun

User Award   mr.hubby 29-Jul-2011
It's amazing and annoying at the same time how you can win and lose time on this track, however, this fact does not only show the great hunting possibilities but also the high bug ratio.. After all, it's a well flowing track which seems to be one of the best dirt-fullspeeders we've got here on tmx and thus I was even able to ignore the bugs. The intro is nice but Im not such a huge fan of your scenery-block-combinations and the customs signs. All in all, Im glad to see/drive a new track by you, Im hoping for more tracks in future and this one was well done.

funny, unique dirt-fs - mr.hubby
User Award   pantseri 29-Jul-2011
Awwww... f**k! I really don't know what to say. I think you collected dirt folders most buggy blocks and tossed them to editor screen. At first i was like ... enough of this s**t. I don't have time for this kind of nonsence. Then after 30mins i noticed i'm still driving this track. I guess it's quite addictive^^... i mean that there's always little to improve. It sure is one helluva dirt track for hunting and because of that you get this .... .... for wrecking my mental stability you get this...
edit: Don't get me wrong here... i wrote the whole award within a minute when i stopped driving, so most of it is just adrenaline talking. Most parts are really smooth and whole track is nice when you know how to drive it^^
User Award   Kendal 29-Jul-2011
Too good...

Somehow you always make your tracks too good.
So many great parts, always something fresh!
Always something stunning...

You know what,
I really hate you for that!

Let's drink some gay coffee...
User Award   SCAREFACE 05-Aug-2011
Grat Track and Nice flow, Again Matto

By scareface
User Award   nair 24-Jan-2012
Oh my God!

Only 12 awards for this amzing Dirt Track is definatly not enough!
Now it's 13.

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