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Name: Download - X -
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   RaµL
Version: 12-Aug-2011
Released: 12-Aug-2011
TMX id: 4290208
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 39,050
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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1:04.24   CZMDragon+ 0:00.0039,050
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1:04.29   ChillerSide.+ 0:00.0538,868
1:04.64   cranberries+ 0:00.4037,591
1:04.94   Zerd+ 0:00.7036,497
1:05.27   .max+ 0:01.0335,293
1:05.41   mr.hubby+ 0:01.1734,783
1:05.66   ...Dark...+ 0:01.4233,871
1:05.67   "Dawe.+ 0:01.4333,834
1:05.92   wormi+ 0:01.6832,922
1:06.55   87-bobor+ 0:02.3130,624
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Author Comments

well hello there tmx
i'm quite happy to tell you that i completed two of my personal challenges
- make a track in the shape of a letter (x)
- make a track longer then 60s (65s long)

i'm also quite excited to release it, since it's a tribute to an of tmx's most amazing authors
someone who's there when you need them, one who actually helps when you ask him,
one of the few that keep tmx interesting,
also is he the one that guided me through the process of improving myself as a trackbuilder
right to the point where i am today
but not only his personality is amazing, so are his tracks
as he mastered every style i can think of, imo the only one in tmx that is able to pull off things like he does,
a pure source of inspiration, not only for creativity, i'm talking about challenges (like setting a word by making tracks)
i can keep saying good things i guess, so i'll stop here, before others'll be jealous
like many will agree: a true master..
yep, i'm talking about you, mr. cranberries

hope you'll like it!

why i choose an - X - ?
because: it was the first letter to jump in my mind, fitting with the idea of a letter AND kinda shows my view on cranberries
eXtreme challenges
eXtra-ordinairy flow
eXtra helpfull when you need him
eXclusive awards to read, pure joy

a link to the trackpack with his letters

now get your lazy ass of this trackpage & go racing!

User Comments
Showing 9 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Calum_:( 12-Aug-2011

e : fu, you're still first of newest track-list and you already have 3 awards ^^
  troLLz 12-Aug-2011
Haha I hunted all of cranberries's tracks for an hour and I guess i'll hunt this for an hour too . Testing this later
  RaµL 12-Aug-2011
sounds great
but wth? 4 awards, how come you try & master it that fast? ;o
  dadm 12-Aug-2011
why a X?
  troLLz 12-Aug-2011
Gotta agree with jr23, this track does contain some buggy parts, and I miss the flow here sometimes.
I didn't really have fun driving this track I think poeple only award this for the idea and not for the track itself..
But hey, this is my opinion so don't be mad about it
  RaµL 12-Aug-2011
tbh, i tried many different things and all to get the flow together, but it does contain some tricky parts which i saw as buggy the first time i drove them
so c'mon, don't give up & keep hunting
btw, i couldn't just go out of the shape could i?
so well in that way, the shape was more important than a perfect flow..

dadam, i'll add it in the description
  acura_rsx 14-Aug-2011
sorry but i absolutly dont get the fun here at this track :-s
buggy and felt like x is more important than the raceway as jr said.

no sry
  »RtA«wally 14-Aug-2011
for my side , i think its original and fun
  MnM | Revii 17-Aug-2011
I'«RL - shame on you
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User Awards
Showing 31 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   CvRk 14-Aug-2011
User Award   dow|.Dave. 14-Aug-2011
Great techtrack.
User Award   Natzke 14-Aug-2011
...comment later...
User Award   »RtA«wally 14-Aug-2011


an error appearded.
User Award   mr.hubby 18-Aug-2011
I'v never thought you could build a serious tech track and not this tmx-funky-chunk-mini-tech but after all you did a decent job. I feels kinda overspeeded here and there and I disliked the transition even though they were quite easy and not buggy but they destroyed the real tech flow which appeared from time to time.. Of course, you made a shaped track and I kept that in my mind while writing this but still I felt like mentioning the things above..

decent job - mr.hubby
User Award   ...Dark... 23-Aug-2011
Nice -_X_-
User Award   CZMDragon 23-Aug-2011
I like this one very much, gj
User Award 04-Sep-2011
Uh shit. Totally forgot to award this one. Have seen it yet but didn't award. So here it comes honey. Despite you tried to keep the "x" this feels like it wouldn't be a x.^^ It feels just lovely and includes some amazing slides and transitions. The re-uses were awesome too but that one where you come from the blue ground and have to jump into a slide is too hard and not respawnable so I had to restart a few times. One of your best though. Good job mate (:
User Award   wormi 26-Nov-2011
Natzke is making a really long award...

But yeah now to my award..:

Well done! It's smooth and you have placed many kind of slides and drops into one of the trickiest shapes I can imagine (of the letters). The flow is superb and even though you built a bit outside the area you succeeded your goal well imo. Quite a nice scenery too so here is your cup !

User Award   NrjZ 09-Oct-2012
how can I have forgotten to award this track anyway it's just amazing no other word than masterpiece
User Award   LeTrefleNoir 01-Jan-2017
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