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Name: Download Dutch Delight Ultimate
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 22-Aug-2011
TMX id: 4316124
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 57,369
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:41.30   chrisor.+ 0:00.0057,369
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0:41.35   racehans+ 0:00.0556,952
0:41.37   AR »Cybernetic+ 0:00.0756,786
0:41.41   Harry.esu+ 0:00.1156,452
0:41.42   eXon+ 0:00.1256,369
0:41.44   wohnungsnomade+ 0:00.1456,202
0:41.46   AR »Down.+ 0:00.1656,035
0:41.48   apX. Dignity!+ 0:00.1855,868
0:41.51   EviL.+ 0:00.2155,619
0:41.55   k21+ 0:00.2555,285
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Author Comments

Dutch Delight Ultimate!

Dutch Delight: my first stadium track, released in 2006, easely in the top 3 most played tm tracks, loved for its easiness... but sadly it has some building mistakes. And my forever version (2009) was still not good imo. So this time I've built it from the ground up and made some drastic changes. Turbo at start, tuned drops, internal cam in wallrides, tuned platform, tuned halfpipe, smaller wallride at end, different end loop. I stripped and rebuilt the scenery but I kept it minimal to keep the oldskool feeling. Tuned intro, new outro.

I aimed to have this track done before Canyon but I didn't count on its early release. So I hope there are still some peeps left on good ol' tmx. Enjoy. Edit: yes there are!

Hunters: expect close times
Edit. hmm maybe not that close.
Edit2. hmm times are close after all lol.

Wallpaper: 1280x800
Before/after picture

Track info:
-Style: Full Speed
-Author time: 42:03
-Coppers: 3441
-Outro: new
-Mood: Night

Original 2006: Dutch Delight
Remake 2009: Dutch Delight Forever
TM2 2012: Dutch Delight Canyon
TM2 2013: Dutch Delight Ultimate²

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Thanks list:
Thx WAL-Ace
Thx Fst-TAL
Thx F!restorm
Thx chrisor Glad u like the smoothness.
Thx Dule
Thx wally
Thx Buddha
Thx Rasque
Thx Uweq
Thx nod32
Thx V.neck
Thx Forrest
Thx Qwerty Thanks ill try to rock tm2 now.
Thx the'end
Thx rocKz0r'
Thx indy_air Youre welcome.
Thx McBong Cheers
Thx ZoggeR Hurray!
Thx Flow
Thx Down Its an honour to get possibly your last replay here. And thanks very much for all your other replays in the past. I try to build my tracks for pro's too but I think my tracks are mainly casual so to get a replay from a pro driver is always special for me.
Thx X3Max
Thx sleepw@lker
Thx Dignity_Taker
Thx vasiacool
Thx trues Thanks so much
Thx Cybernetic
Thx Solaris
Thx wohnungsnomade
Thx Liszt
Thx Kristján You remembered!
Thx Magik Cool np
Thx ben75 Thanks man
Thx DeFacer Cheers mate.
Thx Dawe
Thx greenRACER I still love your remake: "dutch delight forever"

User Comments
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  EviL. 22-Aug-2011
good one
but all in all its the same map, so i dont know if i can award it.
  GR. 22-Aug-2011
Well a remix takes quite some work too but I understand. As long as people have fun driving. Btw nt EviL
  HardDance 22-Aug-2011
"easely in the top 3 most played tm tracks, loved for it's easiness"

lol, 50%(or more) of your tmn tracks is in the top 10 most played
  Mattnac. 22-Aug-2011
I think the same like Evil, but im sure that i dont award, bc it's no new track
  Djoszee 22-Aug-2011
I actually like the forever version more then this one. I do respect the effort you put in to keep your most known track playable
  Kang 22-Aug-2011
Personally this feels like a "light" version compared to the original fe version. The atmosphere of this track was really well made, this ultimate feels cheap and theres blocks on the ground out of place and overall feels rushed and like no time was spent on this version. The flow is reduced due to the speedslide imo, i liked how you could do tricks on dutch delight to make time, now it's sd? Very bad move considering this is a n00b track. Maybe that's the ultimate, sorry don't feel it. Feels slower and a lot worse than the original.
  GR. 23-Aug-2011
@HD: I dont have proof of that.

@Djos: The FE isnt that bad actually but I always hated the drop after platform. Btw FE wasn't a remix. FE was about replacing old with new blocks.

@Kang: Omg indeed there's a block out of place. But thats no rushing thats just stupid of me. Luckely you dont see it while driving so im not gonna update. Ps. Ultimate is meant to be less noobish. And its faster but longer (meters). But you have chosen and people will choose their own favorite version and I applaud that.
  indy_air 23-Aug-2011
I like this one the most... always hated the original version - forever was a bit better - this one is still a bit better imo.
Not one of your best tracks but imo still better than most of the tracks coming up recently.
  Kang 24-Aug-2011
The scenery on DD FE was awesome, i love the tone and the abstractness it contains, eg, small houses on the drop before the first wall. The poles, the darkspots, just lovely scenery IMO.

This version is not bad, just to clarify to readers and fans of ganja, this version just doesn't feel like an improvement over the original fe version. But then again, just MO
  n0xx 24-Aug-2011
no cool video this time?
  Djoszee 24-Aug-2011
Good point noxx,

make a cool video GR!
  GR. 25-Aug-2011
Sorry guys no video this time. Gotta make Canyon tracks.
  Txi- 26-Aug-2011
Hey Ganja
Now dont get me wrong! I like the track. But I just wanted to point out that I like the old nations version better, because of the little faults involved in the construction. I remember feeling oh so satisfied when I would land that darn wall to platform curve and to me this track feels kind of basic.

However, I guess now you're (a little) more experienced with the editor you're finding it easier to build what is a good track in your eyes. Unfortunately, I just dont really share your opinion on that matter.
So I liked the old Dutch Delight more because of the faults, because of the character, and dislike this one because it is not challenging enough for me.

All in all you did build us a nice hunter once again though! And this should be good for some online racing, but to me it feels this one doesn't deserve my award! (Cause of the comparison to DD Nations)
Keep on building though, please!
  GR. 29-Aug-2011
Np Txi, I also have fav oldies with faults so I understand. Ultimate is not meant to replace the old DD. Not that it's even possible since DD is sitting on servers like an ineradicable cockroach Ultimate is just a timestamp of how I built it now and if I make a version in 5 years it would probably look different again. You're free to enjoy whatever version you like.
  McBain 06-Nov-2011
Hey Ganja, also a opinion by me finally that I saw the map Its really a nice one but I think you went too far away from the original I dont really see it anymore when driving this new map... Maybe one day the "perfect" forever version will come
  »SUpR« Javs-NL 09-Jul-2013 nice track
  GR. 25-Nov-2013
nice video

Edit 2016: Thanks tmx for my first showcase ever.
  Frx ben75 17-Feb-2016
Ganjarider, my best time is 43.xx. Maybe, it is a bit harder than the original track or I am just a noob. In any case, your tracks are always fun to play and it is very well done.
  GR. 17-Feb-2016
Hmm are you taking the wallrides as low as possible. But no problem ben, as long as you have fun. Thanks.
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User Awards
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User Award   X3Max 28-Aug-2011
So funny!
User Award   sw 03-Sep-2011

User Award   apX. Dignity! 06-Sep-2011
Very nice and cool to drive *thumbs up*
User Award   vasiacool/back 09-Sep-2011
Classic ForEVER!
User Award   Trues 10-Sep-2011
this is one of the best tracks you ve ever built.
i specialy like the ride, and the (hard) sd.

Great work

User Award   AR »Cybernetic 19-Sep-2012
Fun As Usual>
User Award   Solaris 19-Feb-2013
User Award   wohnungsnomade 30-May-2013
finally I have a dedi-rec
User Award   Silver° 21-Apr-2015
Nice one
User Award   AR »Liszt. 06-Feb-2016
User Award   fab'm PT <3 06-Feb-2016
the best version of Dutch Delight in my opinion
User Award   apX.Magik :3 07-Feb-2016
its a nice hunter with a long of time that can be lost with the right tricks () and is defiantly the best version, im just not sure why i didnt award it earlier on
User Award   Frx ben75 07-Feb-2016
This track is very fun to play. Maybe, it is a bit too hard for me. In any case, it deserves an award.
Nice work!
User Award   DeFacer 10-Feb-2016
Timeless classic mate!

User Award   "Dawe. 10-Feb-2016
User Award   greenRACER 11-Feb-2016
i love this track - FOREVER
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