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Name: Download 'NegativitY. [MTC]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   igntuL
Version: 16-Sep-2011
Released: 16-Sep-2011
TMX id: 4372529
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 39,071
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:48.26   simo_900+ 0:00.0039,071
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0:48.78   antpedro100+ 0:00.5236,545
0:48.78   Panos+ 0:00.5236,545
0:48.82   Kang+ 0:00.5636,350
0:48.87   igntuL+ 0:00.6136,108
0:48.87   cranberries+ 0:00.6136,108
0:48.91   german761(RazoR)+ 0:00.6535,913
0:48.92   Bullracing!Raisis+ 0:00.6635,865
0:48.92   vladi+ 0:00.6635,865
0:49.04   deus.esu+ 0:00.7835,282
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Author Comments


This track is my entry for the MTC of September 2011, The Future Forever
Theme: Make a track that should inspire\represent the future mapping style of TMNF


So, this is a special track. I don't expect the TMNF future to be full of backwards tracks, but I expect, or atleast hope, that the tracks will be various.. People shouldn't focus making only normal 40 seconds fullspeeders with the same turns and drops all over again, or the same tech tracks with the same block combinations as always.. Some people think RPG tracks aren't normal tracks, or just not ordinary, but when you play that things for 2 years, you see that everything repeats there too, but there you have more room for finding new tricks, you can make a new mod, a new theme, and make the player feel like playing a fresh track again.. Plus there are a lot of special tracks, not ordinary RPG tracks that are always seen better because of the idea behind them.. And i think this is missing on other styles. If you watch the best of the week list, you will see that tracks are always the same kind, doesn't that become boring? I think all we need is ideas, and big ideas, i hope that in the future MediaTracker will be used to make new kinds of special tracks, like this one, because those are the real fun ones in my opinion.

So I bring you a Backwards Fullspeeder, although the speed is nothing amazing, I hope you will have fun on something different from the same old routine..


Style: Backwards FullSpeed
Length: 48-49s
Difficulty: Intermediate
Weigth: 3999cc
Speed: ~250 km\h
AuthorTime: 49:40
Mood: Day
GPS: yes
Intro: yes (made by me)
Outro: yeah, the first replay cams sequence i ever made, hope it's quite good
ScreenShot: crappy one made by me, but what's a screenshot for in the end, you judge the map based on author's photoshop skills?


Back in time by   shortz.esu

After i released this map, I saw this older backwards map by my friend Shortz, and since he is the one who probably had the first idea for a backwards map, I think he needs more attention, so here's a showcase for him


Tip: always try to slide where you can, sliding backwards is way more advantaging than forwards!
You read enough, now go there and enjoy the sound of the back gear!

User Comments
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  trunks_11 19-Sep-2011
So every full speed map isn't creative? Or every tech map?
I just saw a map like them before
  fab'm 21-Sep-2011
when i drive backwards where is the break?
  igntuL 21-Sep-2011
the forward key?
  S P I D E R 21-Sep-2011
  vasiacool/back 21-Sep-2011
only one question :
why u dont take part on MTC May 2010
  Kang 22-Sep-2011
why you need one on an fs track?
  Panos 26-Jun-2013
I cant believe this
I totally screwed up at the end
  simo_900 07-Feb-2014
48.23 yey
  Panos 14-Feb-2014

Damn, nice one simo!
  simo_900 02-Mar-2014
thanks too bad can't upload here, multilap on a server...
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User Awards
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User Award   noobtuber | less active 18-Sep-2011
Really nice track Igntul

Great idea you've already used at your own track before, but now in the stadium
All transition are quite well and the speed is ok

I have to say that you're one of my favourite mappers, because you always have great ideas and try out something that you never have done before
(e.g. Tortuga, This track is possible or all amazing RPG tracks)

So keep on tracking

~ BIG ~
User Award   Gum 18-Sep-2011

User Award   german761(RazoR) 18-Sep-2011

Just dont like the end :[
User Award   Chazz'.U 19-Sep-2011
!eno TAERG
User Award   Anthrakas 20-Sep-2011
User Award   McBong 20-Sep-2011
awesome idea
really had to laugh during watching the GPS
User Award   fish 20-Sep-2011
Some ppl are here ( i mean on earth ) to find new ideas, others to maintain them.. that's the way dude and why not? ^^
good job.
User Award   vasiacool/back 21-Sep-2011
soo nice & original track
very good work
User Award   Or_Nahum 23-Sep-2011
User Award   sw 26-Sep-2011
Really Awesome Track !
~ :BIG : ~
User Award   Panos 26-Jun-2013
Amazing idea Igntul
A wonderful track full of challenges
In other words, awesome!!!
User Award   AR »Trian 15-Nov-2014
great track, one of the best backwards fs tracks I've ever seen
the end is really tricky tho, I fail there often
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