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Name: Download Oachkatzlschwoafs on ICE [Trial]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   igntuL
Version: 15-Oct-2011
Released: 10-Oct-2011
TMX id: 4418999
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Trial
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
26:50.06   Nawk+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
33:18.91   Nixion+ 6:28.85-
39:39.29   Drunk.+ 12:49.23-
61:42.46   Lain.+ 34:52.40-
75:28.93   simo_900+ 48:38.87-
87:59.83   unNamed31s+ 61:09.77-
198:49.45   hipsdeer+ 171:59.39-
471:53.45   berk1n+ 445:03.39-
530:16.92   Vønix!«+ 503:26.86-
1917:56.04   >Dawe+ 1891:05.98-
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Author Comments


Do you remember "Heaven's on FIRE [Trial] by   Igntul_eie" ?
Now imagine it, 5 times harder.
Yes, this is it, it's a new crazy trial track, which is a lot harder than HOF, although it has only 18 CPs

Screenshot in HQ

Challenge: The first finisher will earn 30 555 coppers, and believe me, I don't expect to see a finisher soon
won by Tortugo - paid

GPS Video!


Scenery: There's no scenery spam, i wanted to make it drivable even for those who have a bad PC..
I tried to blockmix less possible, to avoid bugs and annoying places, and most important, there is almost no flickering in the whole map

Lenght: I guess a perfect run is about 15 minutes. Seriously though, I expect a first run to take about a week with breaks, or less if you are a good driver.

Difficulty: What to say?^^ Heaven's on FIRE is mostly made of CPs with one insane trick, or a few chained very hard tricks. This is worse, every CP has 2, 3 or 4 insane tricks, that you will probably do in 10 tries each if you train them, while the first trick of each cp, which is mostly the hardest one, will require you from 50 to 100 tries. Have fun..

Coppers: 6666

Blocks: 3053

Mod: I wanted to use the same mod as the very first track of the Igntul-eie trial serie, which is Frozen Hell by eie, but since i found the trasparency very annoying, i just removed it with a qutie big update . You can download my version here

Media Tracker:

Intro: yeah. You got to see that by yourself, it's Mr.Popo talking to you

In game: yes, GPS ghosts on a few CPs, the ones I (with DisGo's help) could make^^

Outro: no

Easter egg: Not a real easter egg, however there's a whole outside-stadium area, where you can go and do something when you're bored from a CP, to take a break.. its accessible from almost every CP.

Thx a lot to my betatesters:
about 60 people all over the world, naming them would make the charapters limit exceed

Special Thanks:
-DisGo for helping me with 4 CP GPS ghosts
-ZiZa for offering server to complete the map, and his donations to the prize
-Hakim for the screen
-DisGo, Shortz and Tortugo for helping with the Youtube Video

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Hall of Fame
Nawk - 32:08.70
Nixion - 33:18.91 (2:06:36.74 - 6:18:00.84)
Drunk - 37:59.32 (1:27:36.45 - 1:48:35.32 - 2:54:41.04 - 7:39:14.57)
Tortugo - 2:33:16.48 (3:11:56:16 - 6:06:35.53 - 30:31:32.74)
Manu - 2:49:26.71 - 7:44:43.49
Kitty - 2:53:20.11
Simo_900 - 3:21:57.29 (5:30:58.72 - 31:27:00.49)
HylleZ - 4:25:25.92
Matt- 4:27:53.93
Bubble - 4:46:03.92 (8:19:46.36)
Onicole - 6:29:42.25 (23:53.59.99)
Wirtual - 6:52:00.86
Simon - 11:54:48.82
Mons - 16:26:18.26
Wasker - 27:09:15.29
Igntul - 27:29:31.92
Dawe - 31:57:56.04
Robot - CP14
nom² - CP13
Drunk - CP12
ZiZa - CP3
Xaeron - CP3
Jerem - CP3
Opgnu - CP3
ziza - CP3
Mario - CP2
Disgo - CP2
Paul - CP2
Simo900 - CP2
Sponge - CP2
Loe - CP2
Wally - CP2
Booby - CP2

User Comments
Showing 179 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Nixion 22-Jan-2019
Feels weird losing wr here, as I didn't really expect anyone to hunt this painful map except for Drunk if he ever came back. It's a bittersweet feeling, really. I could say that it marks the end of my driving career, as this was without a doubt my best trial record i've ever done and could ever do. But on the other hand im really happy for you, because this wr is totally deserved! Your consistency on this map is just remarkable. Congrats
ps: hope to see that 2x one day
  fleshback 22-Jan-2019
gratzz Nawk !
  Nawk 22-Jan-2019
thanks, i'll definitely try for u some day
  unNamed31s 22-Jan-2019
noic one
  Loe 22-Jan-2019
good job. now go for 2x
  ben3847 23-Jan-2019
gg nawk truly amazing
  Nawk 23-Jan-2019
  TheWestend 05-May-2019
Iggy if you want to complete your Hall of Fame, Wirtual also finished:
  Nawk 06-May-2019
sorry Westend but the thing you quickly learn about iggy is that he doesn't update his halls of fame anymore unless you harass him in-game

i guess you commenting serves as a hof for wirt in and of itself
  igntuL 07-May-2019
ha, updated it, in ya face nawk!

  Nawk 08-May-2019
there are names that appear twice on this hof igntul

and congrats on the very much up-to-date hof hof
  Loe 06-Oct-2019
video of drunk finishing for the third time or something, i don't know when exactly.
  Softieee 13-Oct-2019
Finished with 4:43:53.80
  Nawk 16-Mar-2020
  unNamed31s 16-Mar-2020
nice 2x
  Loe 16-Mar-2020
what the fuck
  Matt-LOL 16-Mar-2020
what the fuck
  McBain 20-Mar-2020
nawk your run proves cp11 is the easiest, gg
  Nawk 21-Mar-2020
i hope you're joking
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User Awards
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User Award   Nawk 08-Nov-2015
ice track
User Award   nunni 26-Jun-2016
User Award   unNamed31s 08-May-2017
User Award   AgentTM 08-Aug-2017
User Award   elaus43 08-Aug-2017
Beginner feels not correct^
Great work that only a few can do
User Award   Wirtual #mot 27-Dec-2018
Absolutely legendary map, and now also a classic 100% Deserved, Congrats iggy
User Award   JFF - Drpzor FST 27-Dec-2018
Well deserved classic ^^
User Award   Lain. 24-Sep-2019
User Award   TheWestend 14-Mar-2020
Alignment of CP's:
Lawful Good: 7, 16
Neutral Good: 8
Chaotic Good: 5,6, 10, 15
Lawful Neutral: 2, 4, 9, 13
True Neutral: 12
Chaotic Neutral: 1, 17, 18
Lawful Evil: 14
Neutral Evil: 3
Chaotic Evil: 11

finished in 14:32:10.45 -

Truly a classic given its impact on the Trial community - but honestly pretty painful to drive for me.
User Award   Vønix!« 02-May-2020
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