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Name: Download [PF] Perfect Flames
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Edge.JanHo
Version: 18-Oct-2011
Released: 18-Oct-2011
TMX id: 4436664
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 20,647
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 3m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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3:02.82   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.0020,647
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3:02.82   Cocktail.afc+ 0:00.0020,647
3:02.82   .grenade'+ 0:00.0020,647
3:02.83   nevier+ 0:00.0120,640
3:02.83   GodofWar+ 0:00.0120,640
3:02.83   eloop_+ 0:00.0120,640
3:02.83   Anipla+ 0:00.0120,640
3:02.83   Mansemus+ 0:00.0120,640
3:02.83 0:00.0120,640
3:02.83   "Dawe.+ 0:00.0120,640
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Author Comments

HeyHey TMX

Jan'Ho and XX Edge XX productions is full of pride to present you our new duo masterpiece
Perfect Flames
We worked really hard for 2 months to finish this one and it's finally finished

some track details :
-Average speed: 509.33216649346383 km/h ^^
-Building Time: 2 months 5 days +- 2 hours a day
-15000 Coopers
-Duration: 3:02.83
-Distance: 25867 metres
-Screenie and MT by Jan'Ho.
- » Bigger screenie !

Turn on the music when intro starts!!

if you like ofc award

User Comments
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  nevier 18-Oct-2011
Great synchron Jumps..

i Love it

Nice work dude
  Edge.JanHo 18-Oct-2011
if you like it nevier you can award ^^

Omg on tmx united in 3 days 3 awards here in some minutes 5 awards Thank you

thx for reaper.
thx for mads sjoeholm
thx for Katarina
thx for cakeguy1
thx for ExtremE.
thx for «Soilwork»
thx for Scrapie' YDK
thx for Luca il magnifico
thx for dermvezoy
thx for antpedro100
thx for nod32|TMNF
thx for Mastermind
thx for GodofWar|R4a
thx for Tortugo
thx for GSA|Dule
thx for RocKz7Ar<3
thx for kimbro
thx for eloop_
thx for dan!el'
thx for .Wiinty
thx for Fi®e
thx for n0xx
Best Of The Week!! Thank You All!!
thx for florian20.2
thx for quad2k
thx for »Loreleï
thx for Zipperke
thx for gummi|R4a
thx for AR / Inferno
thx for »HolyGrenade'.-
thx for "Dawe.
thx for
thx for XCrazyDriweX
thx for nevier
thx for Mehfu
thx for Deville
  antpedro100 18-Oct-2011
Will try it later!
  Edge.JanHo 18-Oct-2011
Nice to hear antpedro, your pf's are great
  HardDance 19-Oct-2011
Originally posted by antpedro100|less active| ...
Not veery good but

Better than Funky -.-
  Flyps 20-Oct-2011
  Edge.JanHo 20-Oct-2011
Originally posted by HardDance ...
Better then Funky -.-

Now we only need more awards, but thanks anyway
  kimbro 20-Oct-2011
Quote ...
Better than Funky -.-

I really liked funky
  antpedro100 20-Oct-2011
Ok, if u didn´t like funky I don´t give a f**k!!
  Edge.JanHo 21-Oct-2011
can you stop arguing ? it's useless...

  Anthrakas 22-Oct-2011
stop fighting guys, both pfs are awesome!
  Zenit 24-Oct-2011
iam searching the "WOW" effect...

nothing really special ... the style is phantomfake but worst and boring and slower...

sorry but the last 40sek are VERY boring. The rest too ._.

a good pf is for me when i get surprised. But on this track i knew what will be happen ... thats horrible and boring...


wallride -> speed -> loop -> flip -> booster -> loop -> booster -> wallride -booster - loop - booster -> loop -> booster etc etc

very boring
  HardDance 25-Oct-2011
Iv edited your comment antpedro, i'll pretend i never saw it
  Edge.JanHo 25-Oct-2011
Originally posted by Zenit ...
very boring

Bothers us to hear that form you Zenit, especially from such an epic PF-maker as you
You were one of the biggest inspirations for our PF, especially your intro, we brought back much MT-elements from you!
Thanks for the feedback anyway...
  Flyps 25-Oct-2011
lol HD =D
  HardDance 25-Oct-2011
Mod powa!!
  Edge.JanHo 25-Oct-2011
last comment was from Janho now something from Edge....

this map first was made only for tmx united
we don't have there as much awesome pf maps as here
here standards of Pxs are much higher
in fact I don't think that something can suprise players here after seeing thousands of epic ultra smooth and fast pf maps
  Flyps 25-Oct-2011
hm... in fact i there're only very few really good PFs. i'm thinking of 3 or maybe 4... but it's not impossible to achieve their quality - it just takes much ability and pacience. but all PFs below that level are getting boring, that's right... but if a mindblowing PF comes out, it still can surprise people - best and most recent example is paced fever.
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User Awards
Showing 35 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Fi®e 22-Oct-2011
Verry nice one
User Award   n0xx 22-Oct-2011
not bad! great job
User Award   inf. 23-Oct-2011
wow what a great map
User Award 23-Oct-2011
Impressive track dude! You got my entire respect!

User Award   Loreleï 23-Oct-2011
User Award   Zipperke 24-Oct-2011
Hmmm, you lost the chain multiple times, and a freestyle twice in a row, and the pf is too long
this stunt track sucks
no wait, this aint stunt oO it's a push forward track
Hehe i told you guys to go upload it here, and look what happend
this is and will always be the homebase of stadium tracks
cheers guys, at last all the awards you deserve (not enough imo)
Its not the best pf track ever, but it sure has some nice tricks
the little lapdance is brilliant
I'm proud of both of you
Nr 1 best of the week
User Award   Gum 24-Oct-2011
User Award   AR »Ghost. 24-Oct-2011
User Award   .grenade' 25-Oct-2011
User Award   "Dawe. 25-Oct-2011
User Award   Cocktail.afc 27-Oct-2011
Good PF Track !!
User Award   XCrazyDriweX 14-Nov-2011
Really amazing JOB !
User Award   nevier 16-Nov-2011
User Award   Mehfu 30-Dec-2011
User Award   ZachD 19-Feb-2012
Really nice duo
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