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Name: Download Winged Wish
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   McBong
Version: 03-Dec-2011
Released: 03-Dec-2011
TMX id: 4533057
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 16,380
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night
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0:52.83   AR »tk!+ 0:00.0016,380
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0:53.20   AR »Cybernetic+ 0:00.3715,691
0:53.98   Guild'time :)+ 0:01.1514,240
0:54.57   Dimrain+ 0:01.7413,143
0:54.89   =WBKY=Ricket+ 0:02.0612,547
0:55.33   R4aI|rodeo+ 0:02.5011,729
0:55.73   Kadzio+ 0:02.9010,985
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Author Comments

Hey ,

Today I present you a track which is a bit different than my previous ones.

Winged Wish

This track is dedicated to   wish1 and her track "Winged Wheels". She is one of the female builders around here and her tracks are mostly really impressing. Never perfectly smoothed out but everytime pure fun for online games.

As I like "Winged Wheels" the most of all her tracks I decided to build a similar track for her. This is what you see here now.

I won't list all the elements I used for the track but I can promise you that there are crazy parts which feel like one big rollercoaster ride.

Thanks goes to:

First of all, big thanks to   GodofWar for this awesome screen. I asked for something with the use of purple because of the track's name and Wish's ingame name and he just fulfilled my wish perfectly. Big thanks dude.

Now I want to thank all my Betatesters for their patience and testing it again and again:

  noobtuber | less active

Thanks goes also to the server Let's Rock 2!!! where I upped this track many times in different versions.

So now start your ride and enjoy this speed.

Winged Wheels by   wish1

For the awesome screen:

MiNimotions #1 by   GodofWar

[FS]Smooth Way by   GodofWar

And one showcase for   winter just because he's an impressive builder who's tracks are really underrated:

Deadly Sin by   winter

User Comments
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  McBong 03-Dec-2011
Thx Infi
Thx Gow
Thx Sleepw@lker
Thx antrepedo
Thx Dimrain
Thx arti
Thx Kang
Thx Pulse~R° Eekhoorn
Thx noobtuber
Thx FLowin Dino

10 Awards thank you very much guys

Thx Cybernetic
Thx becky
Thx phoenix
Thx kinetische Energie
Thx armi111
Thx Ivica
Thx Shady
Thx rodeo
Thx Guild'time
Thx Dasha
Thx Sniper
Thx wohnungsnomade

Awesome times guys
  'Infi 03-Dec-2011
i still want to finish with a clean run to leave ya a replay
e:/ i give up hehe
  McBong 03-Dec-2011
Is it that hard?
I tried to keep it a bit easier than other hardcore maps. Sorry
  'Infi 03-Dec-2011
no it isnt. and high difficulty isnt bad^^ is not hard, but weird. The first half is nearly too easy for a hardcore map^^ and the second half is just weirdness in perfection which isnt meant negative nor positive. You just have to drive it some time to deal right with the second half^^. But the fact, that this map made me sit in front of my pc and just driving it for a long time is the reason for my award.. war einfach fesselnd
  McBong 03-Dec-2011
I tried to use some special parts in the end. I think this last turn into downwall is really innovative and I never saw sth like this before.
but i think after some time you know how to drive it right
  Dimrain 03-Dec-2011
very very very great to drive!
my award is not enough when u reached the finish the first time, and u know how it works, then its so great to hunt!
everything is possible to drive a bit better than before

awesome track man!
  winter 04-Dec-2011
First off, thanks for the showcase

And now. No award. Why? It's just so far from my preferred style of tracks I just couldnt really enjoy it.
The build quality is very good. And I'm sure it's awesome for those who like these kinda tracks, I'm just not one of them.
My general design philosophy is easy to complete, hard to master, so this track just aint compatible with what I see as a fun and enjoyable track.
But as I said. Great build quality. Everything is smooth and works well.

And now I'm sure some people will say something like "but zomg wintah u sez is guf biuld wai no award!!11"
Well, a track can be built to perfection, but if I dont think it's fun I wont award. Simple as that.

Good job tho! You're building skills are just getting better and better man.
Ofcourse, next time build something nice and easy!
  McBong 04-Dec-2011
Thanks for testing it winter
I totally understand your reasons so no problem. I think this track was more an excurse of what I do normally.
My next track is nearly finished and I think it will please you
  winter 05-Dec-2011
Can fully respect doing different stuff, hehe. I do it myself as you know from time to time. With varying success
  AR »Cybernetic 07-Dec-2011
I added it to Lr2 because its fun.
  AR »tk! 24-Dec-2011
lol cyb, and it being a wish tribute had nothing to do with you adding it, right?
very nice track bong

damnit, -.24 to -.15 in last cp, .8x for sure
  McBong 28-Dec-2011
Shad you're just insane
I think you still play with kb, so you will do .8 with your pad easily
Awesome time.
  AR »tk! 08-Jan-2012
i have .83 on winged wheels. i think there isnt a better fitting time to leave here
  McBong 09-Jan-2012
Omg you're so right. Really, really nice Shady
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User Awards
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User Award   .Sniper 12-May-2012
Indeed quite crazy map, but still good to handle
User Award   wohnungsnomade 04-Feb-2013
User Award   Slashz0r! 26-Feb-2013
Love your style dude! great job!
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