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Name: Download CCP#15 - Annual Traditions
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JakeRay
Version: 15-Dec-2011
Released: 15-Dec-2011
TMX id: 4563510
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,136
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night
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0:39.81   JakeRay+ 0:00.0013,136
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0:40.69   SPN'«+ 0:00.8811,393
0:40.74   mGuy+ 0:00.9311,294
0:40.76   Raffi+ 0:00.9511,255
0:41.13   Dule+ 0:01.3210,522
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Author Comments

.: 15th December 2o11 :.

Annual Traditions

Here it is, a track for the 15th of December. And of course, it's for the Christmas Calender Project. It is quite an honor to release a track on this very date in December, because as some of you may remember, my last released track was for the exact same day, 15th of December 2010.

This year, the track is also somewhat special. I actually can't believe how long, this track has been under construction. And believe me that I don't exaggerate, this track was started in January 2011. That's almost 12 months ago! It all started with a lovely duo track, building with my good friend Mr. Zogger (love you man ^^), and we got to build 25 seconds in total, but then got distracted by school and other things, so production stopped. It wasn't until summer, June 2011, that the track was continued. Then it got to a total of 35 seconds by the end of our summer vacation. And once more, production stopped, and wasn't active since November, last month. That was when I asked our lovely TMX member Zogger, if I could continue the track and release it for a project. He gladly said 'go ahead', and off I went, building on. But I was unfortunately trapped with some sickness in the beginning of December, still is sick at this very moment, so I haven't had the strength to build or create that much on this piece. Which is why, this track is temporarily left without Media Tracker. And because of a late finish of building the track, which was today, I haven't got a screenshot for the track. But the track is loaded with full scenery, so the driving experience is still on the edge of perfection!

So this is also why I've decided to dedicate this track to our good fellow   ZoggeR for a lovely cooperation and some awesome features in our track.

.: Info :.

This time, the track is loaded with its 40 second length and a weight of 3022 cc, pure tech with a great amount of speed. It's made in the mood of night which gives the track a lovely and calmly atmosphere, though it's tough with a lot of action. As mentioned before, it's unfortunately without MT or GPS, but you're always welcome to have a look at the replay I've uploaded. Estimated best record possible, approx. 39.7x, but you never know what's gonna happen! Happy hunting!

Warm Christmas hearts to all of you, and drive safely out there!

.: Screenshot Competition :.

  GodofWar with this submission.
  »D®AGON with this submission.
  Dule with this submission.
  Quat with this submission.
  -zepH'® with this submission.
  dan!el with this submission.
  Never with this submission.
  AR » squiki with this submission.
  pascow.esu with this submission.
  DrKris with this submission.
  Kimwi.Fr with this submission.

.: Winner :.

On a very close race between 2, I call...   DrKris for a winner! .. read first comment..


User Comments
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  JakeRay 15-Dec-2011

.: Winner :.

On a very close race between 2, I call...   DrKris for a winner! With this very nice atmosphere and great traditional font, I choose this screenshot for the best of all, though I've had lots of good contestants! Gratz DrKris!! Will pm you for your prize, exactly 2500 coppers! Happy holidays everyone!

Originally posted by JakeRay a few days ago ...


If anyone feels like it, you're are welcome to make a submission of a screenshot! There'll definately be a prize for the best, and for each submission too! I'm in my very generous mood this month!

Lets just say, winner prize might end up topping or going over 1k coppers, and each submission will be mentioned in the Author Comment.
PM your submissions or check the [SC] topic in Screenshot forum Deadline is of course 24th of December ^^
  Quat 15-Dec-2011
a screen compo after the release ? sounds like a squiki map
  JakeRay 15-Dec-2011
Yeah well, the reason is explained in the author comment ^^
  Dule 15-Dec-2011
Well hello there...I would love to make you a screen ^^
  JakeRay 15-Dec-2011


Just make an entry, each time a new screen gets in my message box, I will upload it on the track, and when a new screeny arrives in my message box, it will be updated Also there a fee for every submission, so that you'll actually get coppers just for participating ^^

And on 24th of December, the permanent picture will be chosen (+ grand prize will be given)
  mr.hubby 15-Dec-2011
Im pleased that you're happy having this date ( 15.12 ), was an honor to change dates
  JakeRay 15-Dec-2011
Oh Hubby you're my hero ^^ You know, for a second I was like giving up, but it's lovely with such generous members of this community Thanks!
  ZoggeR 15-Dec-2011
I remember...
  JakeRay 15-Dec-2011
  dadm 15-Dec-2011
  JakeRay 15-Dec-2011
Stop the nonsense
  TurbRono 15-Dec-2011
read as "Annual Traditions"
  dadm 15-Dec-2011
  JakeRay 15-Dec-2011
How mature Turb ^^
  iv!ca' :O 15-Dec-2011
you're active (i mean really active ^^) only in december (and january), now we will be waiting one year for new jakeray track?

e: or you're "back" and not just active cause of ccp tracks?
  JakeRay 15-Dec-2011
Can't realy say how often I will be active, but if a track gets made, I will release it
  Mikkel-elo' 18-Dec-2011
nice track jake
  JakeRay 18-Dec-2011
Thanks mate
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User Awards
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User Award   Mansemus 15-Dec-2011
"It's got to beeee perfect", and it is perfect
User Award   SPN'« 15-Dec-2011
defenetly best and most creative track untill now in this ccp project! Transitions works very good and they are placedright in the way I would place them (: Also I like the fact that you used night mood ^^ scenery looks really amaizing! zogger will be very happy when he see this. I will improve my time as soon as possible. great job, hats down to your work

User Award   »D®AGON 15-Dec-2011
Good tech
User Award   vasiacool/back 15-Dec-2011
User Award   sw 15-Dec-2011
User Award   Dule 15-Dec-2011
User Award   Speedy' 15-Dec-2011
cool track (:
User Award   Mikkel-elo' 15-Dec-2011
Jake <3

This track is just freaking fucking awesome, long time no seen man!
User Award   Didi|R4a 15-Dec-2011
pretty awesome
User Award   "Dawe. 15-Dec-2011
astonishing work!!
User Award   master94ga 17-Dec-2011

Very nice track!
Have some parts unusual and creative.
The transitions are nice and smooth, so this track deserve an award.

User Award   diplo|mp 17-Dec-2011
awesome track
User Award   dadm 18-Dec-2011
Nice to see you back. This track is just awesome, great transitions and lovely atmosphere.
User Award   Raffi 17-Dec-2012
I'd like to unwrap this under my christmas tree.
great to see you're back JR.

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