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Name: Download CCP #23 - Ornaiment
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   peteypablo7
Version: 23-Dec-2011
Released: 23-Dec-2011
TMX id: 4582611
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 36,702
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:26.65   AR »Rockz.+ 0:00.0036,702
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0:26.68   MnM | Revii+ 0:00.0336,454
0:26.71   Quat+ 0:00.0636,206
0:26.71   Life. Ayato+ 0:00.0636,206
0:26.72   cranberries+ 0:00.0736,123
0:26.74   worm.apx+ 0:00.0935,958
0:26.78   DGF Kielas+ 0:00.1335,628
0:26.78   SpringBoobs+ 0:00.1335,628
0:26.79   qb»Flow+ 0:00.1435,545
0:26.81   der-bozz.esu+ 0:00.1635,379
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Author Comments


This is my first attempt in the Christmas Calendar Project and I'd like to give some more explanation about the track itself. Originally, this track wasn't supposed to be a CCP-track. However, as you can see it turned it this way for the reasoning below.

I tend to make a pure tech track for the project and started before we reached the month of December. Due to real life circumstances from a family member, which I explained to Pat, I couldn't spare as much time on the track as I wanted to. Because of that, the track turned out not to be so cool and it might have resulted in people ruining their hunt because of my lack of time to build the track properly. Therefor, I had to change my plans and run through my beta tracks I had in my folder. From all those tracks, the one I uploaded now was furthest in construction. The main road was already done and only needed some minor changes. Had to add scenery, full MT and a cool screen.

So far so good probably, but I started with finishing this track on the 21th of December. Means that I was pretty short on time to create a cool one. I did my best and I somehow had to because of the 'history' from this track. It was supposed to be called "Roma!n", for a reason you might know by now already. It was build as tribute to my best friend on ,   .Ornaiim !!!

He's always really kind to me and other people and helps where he can. Since some time, he's been a "collegue" for me now as he was invited to the crew. I always have to admit that his screenmaking skills are so good and to be honest, I'm still jealous on it. What he couldn't knew yesterday, when I asked for some kind of tutorial on how to make such a great looking screens as he does, was that I were going to use that tutorial to make a screen for this tribute to him.

As you might see, the screen on this track is probably one of my better screens, not even saying it might be my best one so far. If you are curious on how it looks in big, it might be usefull to click here., I do hope that you guys and especially Ornaiim himself enjoy the screen and 'wallpaper'. I really made both the track and the screen with pleasure for you man.

I also would like to thank   Pat for taking the responsability to start this project. He did a great job to remind us about it. Thank you Pat.

Perhaps it might be also usefull to give some information about the track itself, not? Well, here we go:

Style: fullspeed, as I failed with the tech track. I admit, both offroad-onroad transitions can be buggy sometimes, but with the right approach it shouldn't be buggy too much.

Length: approx. 26.50 - 27.00, pro drivers can surely go lower

Author Time: 26.90, which will be pretty easy to beat

Intro: you might not have seen a lot intro's from me, but believe me when I say this is as good as my best one.

Ingame: just a GPS ghost added to show you the way

Outro: a simple replay edit with an additional ghost

Screen: made by myself and I'm really satisfied with it

The only thing I have left to say is that I hope you'll be enjoying the track. I would appreciate it if you can leave some honest feedback. I don't really care about awards, I'd prefer to have some constructive feedback instead of awards when you don't like the track.

Yours, Petey

User Comments
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  qb»Flow 24-Dec-2011
have to agree with zogger cuz this map is just boring and this replay I upped is just my second run ... ornaiim deserves more ...
  peteypablo7 24-Dec-2011
no problem guys as I said, I really appreciate such an honest feedback the track I'm currently working on is a fullspeed from about 48-50 seconds. it'll be a lot nicer (at least I hope so). won't upload it in beta though, but if you can't resist and want to help me with it, I'll see your pm
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User Awards
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User Award   sw 23-Dec-2011
User Award   »Jan'Ho. 23-Dec-2011
This might not be the most spectacular CCP track so far.. But it is still a great one
Very simple ideas, and it all comes together in a nice flow.

Ornaim can praise himself lucky with this one
Good Job Petey.
User Award   Tha-Gun / (in)active 23-Dec-2011
So short :/ This would be so awesome with some wallrides etc.
But anyway it's a nice hunter.
User Award   Dule 23-Dec-2011
Great tribute man!
User Award   DDR.Buddha 23-Dec-2011
little short and maybe a bit boring, but still very nice to hunt!
User Award   cranberries 23-Dec-2011
this is really nice

such a simple road can be so much fun to hunt, this is the beauty of TM ... but I would say this: I wish you'd make it twice as long so we'd have double the fun ^^ also, I want to mention the bugs, I lost some very good takes because of buggy transitions, but nevermind that now, it's all in the good fun of hunting anyway ^^

... keep playing Forever !

User Award   Hitchy 23-Dec-2011
I still got some skill after this long break. It's a cool hunting track with nice road feeling and great design
User Award   Pat 23-Dec-2011
Nice one!
User Award   Switch 23-Dec-2011
Very nice one !
User Award   .Ornaiim 23-Dec-2011
It's one of the greatest chirstmas present I had in my life !

Hey bro !
That's a wonderful surprise ! I was checking your latest tracks in the Track-Forum part and I saw this... I lol'd reading the name, haha that's a perfect pun.

Firstly I want to thank you for the awesome words you said about me and really I think the same about you and you said you were jalous about my screens, well I'm jealous about your english speaking, what you do for the community and some many thingies. As a crew I always take the exemple on you and thinking "what Petey could do if he was in the same situation", and most of time I need your opinion before doing something, and well your status "Site Leader" is well deserved.

Well about the track...

What can I say about it... it looks so great ! The screen is really well made I hope you'll continue to make some like this one. The mediatracker is also great.
The track it self is one of your best techie, you made it exactly how I like the techs : not buggy, smoothie, and not too much turns. Some perople will gonna say it's too short, I think it's not : perfect time (not too long not too short). It's really flowy with a great speed arround.
Oh yeah also, the scenery is really cool too.

I'm really proud to have this wonderful track tributed to me, i hope you'll continue your great job as Site leader and to rest a really good friend to me
User Award   diplo|mp 23-Dec-2011
nice one
User Award   DisGo.esu 23-Dec-2011
short but awesome! O:
User Award   Quat 24-Dec-2011
addictive one
User Award» 29-Dec-2011
Grounded Speed........Really nice
Never thought such simple transitions could be so effective
good job
User Award   McBong 30-Dec-2011
Not my style at all but it's a well built track
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