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Name: Download An Idol never dies
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Mastermind
Version: 28-Dec-2011
Released: 28-Dec-2011
TMX id: 4596302
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 43,729
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:38.67   InfernaL+ 0:00.0043,729
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:38.77   Jay^.ps+ 0:00.1043,050
0:38.86   Harry.esu+ 0:00.1942,439
0:38.90   AR »Trex+ 0:00.2342,168
0:38.91   apX. agent+ 0:00.2442,100
0:38.95   Tattaslayr+ 0:00.2841,829
0:38.97   AR »Cybernetic+ 0:00.3041,693
0:39.13   McBong+ 0:00.4640,608
0:39.14   Mattnac.+ 0:00.4740,540
0:39.16   noobtuber | less active+ 0:00.4940,404
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Author Comments

An Idol Never Dies


You waited too long for that. But finally a new Fullspeeder by Mastermind!


Long time ago, since I released a fullspeeder which isn't build for a competition. But now I present you a new map. A 40 seconds fullspeeder with definitely too much platforms and too random stuff, but who cares? In a time where the creativity to find new transitions, new parts to drive is set limits, I build this for you to enjoy how a fullspeeder without new transitions, without crazy creativity could be look like.
What will you find in this map:



style: Fullspeed
mod: morning
coppers used: 56xx
MT: Intro, GPS, simple Outro
length: ~39-40 seconds


Now we are coming to the thankslist. This time very long, 'cause I had many betatester and screendesigners:

1. Thanks my lovely BT's:
reaper. ; yber | OLD TRIBAL ; pascow. ; Devo ; Razo.'R|R4a ; Didi|R4a ; »burT! ; WAL-Ace ; sleepw@lker ; arti ; » ; 'Infi ; moe.b

1. Thanks to everyone how participated in the screencompo. It was a hard decision, but Kimwi's screen matched so damn nice the map.
Click to see all screens of the screencompo


Now the showcases (this time some more)

For the screenmakers:

1. Kimwi's choice for the first place:
Downpour by Kimwi by   Kimwi.Fr

2. samuelhip's choice for the second place: big!
WBM - Final Round - samuelhip by   samuelhip

3. for pascow: another b~
"[BFB] The Tyndall Effect by   seaFs"

4. This is for Jan'Ho. first Fullspeeder, with me as BigBrother
'illusion« by   »Jan'Ho.


Now we're done! Now hunt that down, leave feedback, replays and if you like it an award.

Best regards


User Comments
Showing 19 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Mastermind 28-Dec-2011
thanks for awards:

1. »burT! - ty
2. moe / inactive. -
3. WAL-Ace - mega thanks
4. sleepw@lker - thanks for the nice words
5. reaper. - hehe, thanks!
6. tinitus // krow - thank you!
7. yber | OLD TRIBAL - ty
8. pascow. |'P.H.C« - scenery was a fast try
9. arti - thanks!
10. cos Freak. - thanks!
11. » - thanks mate!
12. Quat - thankssssss
13. Razo.'R|R4a - eeeehehe
14. Jan'Ho. - Thank you very much! glad you enjoyed it tht much
15. 'Infi - hehe, thank you!
16. agent« Vext_3d - thank you!
17. .Supreme(: - ty
18. dan!el' - thanks!
19. Didi|R4a - thanks, mate!
20. Devo - wow, glad you like it that much, thanks

--- 20 awards ---

21. Pesca -
22. eSU|Mattnac. - agree, finish could be a bit better, but glad you like it
23. NSNL -
24. noobtuber - thanks and nt
25. Flyps -
26. .Grenade!« - ty
27. funky'|Knusper. -
28. eNks - hehe, I know!
29. 'FLow.dic - thank you!
30. McBong|'P.H.C« - thanks, glad you like it

--- 30 awards ---
  pascow.esu 28-Dec-2011
  »Jan'Ho. 28-Dec-2011
Screenie fits with the title
i'll check it tonight
+ Thanks for the Showcase ;D
  Mastermind 28-Dec-2011
np mate
  Prollgurke 28-Dec-2011
Its cool
  reaper. 28-Dec-2011
I bet here is more possible
But I havent got the time to hunt it now.....maybe tomorrow
  Mastermind 28-Dec-2011

nt reaper
  reaper. 28-Dec-2011
hehe ty
  Mastermind 28-Dec-2011
sorry for the update, yber found a cut
  Mattnac. 31-Dec-2011
38.xx is possible....shox had a really good run online^^
  qb»Flow 03-Jan-2012
sorry Mastermind but I don't like it it's a bit boring and the wall and this turn before the wall is very bad calculated I think ...
  Mastermind 03-Jan-2012
I guess you mean the turnover? or the first wallride. That is the worst part of the map
  qb»Flow 04-Jan-2012
first wallride
  Mastermind 04-Jan-2012
ah okay, will note that down for the future
  McBong 08-Jan-2012
Here a replay from me. The track is on my favorite server so I think sth better will follow
  Mastermind 08-Jan-2012
great to hear that
  McBong 14-Jan-2012
Here we go
Let's see who does the first 38

Amazig track master
  »SUpR« Javs-NL 09-Jul-2013 nice track
  Mastermind 23-Feb-2014
nice vid
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 37 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Pesca 29-Dec-2011
User Award   Mattnac. 29-Dec-2011
Awesome sds finish isnt good though ^^ flow is superb
User Award   NSNL 30-Dec-2011
User Award   noobtuber | less active 30-Dec-2011
nice hunter
amazing speedslides and dirtparts, only the scenery could be a bit better imo

of course here is more possible, but I failed before the wall a bit
will try to improve my time later

User Award   Flyps 30-Dec-2011
User Award   .grenade' 31-Dec-2011
User Award   kaynBock 01-Jan-2012
User Award   eNks 02-Jan-2012
nice one, but really bad finish.
User Award   'FLow.dic 03-Jan-2012
Love it
User Award   McBong 04-Jan-2012
Awesome track, I played it online and it's pure fun
User Award   peteypablo7 04-Jan-2012
very nice track hard one to master but definately fun to drive
User Award   AR »Cybernetic 03-Feb-2012

User Award   Northern Lights 17-Mar-2012

Sorry mate the finish is hard. For a beginner at least which is what the track is designed for. Can you change it to stop those silly people rage quitting ?
But for the rest of the track : I say Yippee !! Give me more .
It must be hard to take criticism from someone who hasn't yet built a track but it's only to encourage you because you have a great gift. And I really love your tracks and have them on our server. At least when I come to your tracks I know that I can rely on you to build something great and Masterful .
User Award   alfred 14-Aug-2012
That Intro is plain awesomeness. Seriously amazing work.

The track itself is very fun, nice speed and cool speedslides. The scenery's gorgeous and heavy, just as I like it

I really really enjoyed driving this track, and all I can give you now is that:

User Award   flipover 26-Nov-2012
Amazing track, just got to know it on a server and will add it to my teams server aswell
User Award   AR »Trex 25-Jul-2016
just awesome
makes so much fun to hunt
User Award   tweakor 13-Jul-2017
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