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Name: Download [TriaL].trouBleS
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wormi
Version: 06-Jan-2012
Released: 06-Jan-2012
TMX id: 4618917
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 11,079
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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3:45.29   tristan_385+ 0:00.0011,079
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3:54.43   BigKingg+ 0:09.148,382
3:56.79   Tortugo+ 0:11.507,685
4:38.82   Kilburn+ 0:53.530
5:03.21   oiram456+ 1:17.920
6:09.63   german761(RazoR)+ 2:24.340
7:30.41   McBain+ 3:45.120
8:07.27   Danzor+ 4:21.980
8:12.64   HouseKeepR+ 4:27.350
8:48.66   igntuL+ 5:03.370
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Author Comments


|| Something really weird has just happened! I have published a TRIAL track. Yes, I , the guy who is known as RPG hater and the guy who doesn't like long maps, have built a hard trial map! Why did I make it then? Well, some wise people have said that you have to get over your fear by facing them. Well actually I don't know is it hard or not but for me it is for sure. It's probably beginner compared to Igntul's maps etc so I didn't set the difficulty level "lunatic" here, only "expert".

|| What makes the track tricky? Well, it's actually a bit easier than it was at first because I understood that I have to validate it too! ^^ It has quite a lot checkpoints and ofc all of them are respawnable. The arrows all around the maps should help you to find out where to go but I think cam 7 is also a useful tool. Most of tricky parts need speed gathering but some obstacles are narrow and slow. There is also one turbo there so you will experience speed too, at least a couple of seconds. The first half of the track is the hardest one. The finish is quite easy and it shouldn't cause raging.

|| quick info
style: trial
difficulty: expert
length: somehwere betweem 5 minutes and 5 years
at: 13:50.03 (sux)
size: Not too big, light scenery

|| screenshot is by   makonen.nwt, thanks a lot for it!
clich HERE for big one

|| mediatracker

|| betatesters
thanks to   der-bozz.esu and   LittleWorm. for testing! i'm not sure if there was someone else too, sorry if I forgot you ^^

|| showcases

Mister Hubby by   makonen.nwt

W02-Race by   wormi

that's all, now go and try finish it

User Comments
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  wormi 06-Jan-2012

1. I'm glad you like it sleepw@lker, big thx!
2. Thanks a lot for that award vasiacool!
3. Really big thanks for nice feedback chioo_!
4. Awesome »E.E« Xänante, big thanks!
5. Gigantic thanks for those words & master94ga!
6. Thx a lot for those awesome words [GL] Jonas'O~!
7. Really big thanks for your feedback mr.hubby!
8. Thanks a lot makonen for that awesome !
9. What a lovely , big thank to you oiram456! vnt
10. Thanks Tortugo, I'm glad you like it, nt!

11. Haha me too sol666, big thanks for mate!
12. I'm very glad you like it, thanks a lot Igntul!
13. Thank u for that awesome award Henkiie!
14. Thank you for your cool & words BigKingg! nt!
15. What a great ,thx for feedback Kumbelblase! ]
16. Thx for that lain64, nice to see u like it!

@master94ga: actually there shouldn't be any blockmix there ^^
@sol666: I have no interest & skill to use custom images, sounds, etc... only text and cameras ^^ so I built a trial
  master94ga 06-Jan-2012
I was convinced to saw the blockmix in the track

  wormi 06-Jan-2012
At least I don't remember.. but I may be wrong too ^^
  adrijk 06-Jan-2012
we can do 8 minuts on your track, but it's a bit hard to get it, good luck all
nice build wormi
  pantseri 06-Jan-2012
lovely screenie
  wormi 06-Jan-2012
It is
  makonen.nwt 06-Jan-2012
ty panty
  oiram456 07-Jan-2012
first run 2 cp miss :/ a bit random way, but found the cp´s with cam 7
2nd run 6:50 and i have to say its a very nice trial =) its very good to hunt, no luckspots and not hard, i think we will have fun to fight the dedis
i think a 4:30 should be possible and i also think there are some cuts in it, will explore them later

very good work! masterpiece if i think about its your first trial keep building trials
  wormi 07-Jan-2012
Thanks and sick time, too! I think there aren't any real cuts there, but alternative routes, yes maybe some. At least the part before the turbo jump can be driven in a few different ways. I don't know will I build another.. this style is so f*cking frustrating x)
  igntuL 09-Jan-2012
i was going to award it but then i found myself finishing without 1 CP, sorry
i'll try it again later anyway, there's good stuff
  wormi 09-Jan-2012
Yeah it may be a bit hard to find the way. However, I mentioned it in my author comment. The quaterpipe part in which you had troubles was one of those places that may cause problems. But as you probably noticed there were some replays, including my own replay, uploaded. They may be useful sometimes ^^
  igntuL 10-Jan-2012
true, but you should keep in mind that unlike other styles the most Trial (and RPG) tracks are played online, that means that players on a server probably won't open the tmx page of the track that the server is playing just to download replay or read author comment
  wormi 11-Jan-2012
Ok I will remember if I ever do trail again. But I never play on rpg servers so I have no idea what do people do there ^^
  der-bozz.esu 15-Jan-2012
still aren`t motivated to finish & award just be patient
  wormi 19-Mar-2013
Sick one tortu

the video about the replay:
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 18 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   sw 06-Jan-2012
OMG amazing trial <3
User Award   vasiacool/back 06-Jan-2012
User Award   chioo. 06-Jan-2012
User Award   adrijk 06-Jan-2012
very nice track
User Award   master94ga 06-Jan-2012

Just impressive works!
Is incredible how you make awesome track in all style... tech,dirt,rpg, fs and also tm2 track! I'm jealous
However track is very good, I didn't finish the track but I saw all the replay by »E.E« Xänante. The track have some nice ideas and all parts work very well. About the scenary, it is light and love it, so nice and well made, perfect use of the blockmix.

User Award   BBJonas'O 06-Jan-2012

I really like this special track from you, Wormi
I think we're almost the same "type" of mappers
Cuz i also build everything from dirt to tech to RPG to LOL to whatever, and i think more people should do it like that!
Now back to the track I love the HARD parts at this map, it freaked me out so much earlier today that a little ragequit came to place

Keep on mapping forever and ever

User Award   mr.hubby 06-Jan-2012
Well, you are the first person who made me tray a trial track since I play with pad and I play bout 1,5 years with it now. Somehow the first paragraph of your AC convinced me though. I reached finish at 38mins but I missed one cp, haha, hate that. Anyway, I liked the route; it was clear, you had some nice idaes but after all I think it's was kinda short due to the easy difficulty. Of course, Im noob at it but I was kinda good once and thus I think I can judge that. However, dont get me wrong, I like when it's rather easy because it makes it finishable and therefore enjoyable for me. Do not include sings next time though or way less signs. After all, you made a good job!

well done - mr.hubby
User Award   makonen.nwt 06-Jan-2012

A little bit same feedback than Hubby : I've tried my first Trial track tonight^^
For sure, I've not seen the finish line (i'm too lazy for that)^^. But it's funnier than expected, and some spots are not "impossible". For sure It helps for getting a good and fun feeling^^. sOo,

Here is my ^^


User Award   oiram456 07-Jan-2012
Not much more to say after my comment^^ great work! (and i also saw no blockmix in it, again very nice!
User Award   Tortugo 07-Jan-2012
Not bad
User Award   sol666 08-Jan-2012
this kind of track was about the last thing i expected from you
how about some story / mod / mt stuff next time? i guess you would be able to built some serious rpg stuff!

User Award   igntuL 09-Jan-2012
found the cp i missed..
it was the one at the part with the halfpipe..
uploaded my second run replay (i found that i was doing a bullsh!t way on cp8 while doing the run -.-)
the map itself is really nice, there are good ideas and it's not too frustrating and that's great for your first trial
it's even quite huntable i think (really rare to see huntable trials )
but that cp really killed it for me, do you think anyone could not skip it without watching the replay first?
hope you will keep that in mind if you make a new trial, and i'm hoping you will
you still deserve an award for the rest of the map
almost forgot, big + for no blockmix
User Award   Henkiie 23-Jan-2012
User Award   BigKingg 24-Oct-2012
User Award   Kumpelblase 25-Oct-2012
there´s finally a rpg or trail that doesn´t confuse me from the first sight and is also playable for rpg noobs like me
the rooute itself is challenging but not impossible to drive and varies throughout the track...respect
tho i miss the feeling that u get when driving an rpgwith those huge buildings and constructions and as you said it´sonly a trial
but maybe you could have added more scenery to creaty an awesome atmosphere
well you did a great job anyways so here my award .: :.
longest award since weeks or even months

User Award   lain64 13-Dec-2012
User Award   tristan_385 24-Oct-2017
User Award   Loe 07-May-2018
well yeha , hi
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