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Name: Download MTC /// The PhoeniX Rises
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   'nwt' ®ocket
Version: 08-Jan-2012
Released: 07-Jan-2012
TMX id: 4622352
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 22,494
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:37.62   cranberries+ 0:00.4420,896
0:37.76   'nwt' ®ocket+ 0:00.5820,388
0:37.79   eloop_+ 0:00.6120,279
0:38.00   nwt'Sadh+ 0:00.8219,517
0:38.34   royale+ 0:01.1618,283
0:38.42   mr.hubby+ 0:01.2417,992
0:39.39   "Dawe.+ 0:02.2114,471
0:41.50   Pecorenzo+ 0:04.326,812
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Author Comments

Ki|| Ev3ryb0dy ........ The PhoeniX Rises
Hey GirlS & BoyS !!!!!

@t first, I want to say Happy New Year For all of you (Dirty or Not)
2011 is behing us ... we're facing of 2012 .. & perhaps it's gonna be the Last One ...
love you all together, and pass around the videos (:

The track:
It's my entri for the MTC Janury 2012
The racline must be built low to the ground
(only 5 tiles high off the ground is allowed)
Beetween 30/45sec

Few words:
Originally, I was not supposed to release this one as my first map of 2012 ...
some problems slowed my original project "2012 will be dirty" ... & MTC's deadline coming fast ...
I had to make a choice
- until late January that the initial project is completed ... and finally start the year with a basic map (No surprise ...)
- Give my best on a 40sec Hunter ... in the pure rocket'Style ... and start the year by scoring you'r minds q:

you know what I choose ... (;

This map is special for me because I come back to what I'm doing better ...
I tried to adapt my maps to a more basics style to appear in the mapperlist of some major dirt contest in 2011
& U know what ?!? ... it was a total failure ... only 3/18maps (... highlight of loneliness ...)
So i decided that 2012 will be a return to roots ... nerveous DirTech with rather hight speed, many combos, tight curves, jump, downhill, transfert
Sad & Der-Bozz criticized me recently about some of my lastest scenerys works
and I recognize that I ran out of inspiration at this for a while
so I added a big scenery's job (3xxx coppers), i also made the Full MT-Work
(advanced Intro//GPS: 37.86 by me q: //Custom Outro)
Finally, I made myself the Screen (just for fun ^^)

Launch the map ...
Wait the panels' downloads ...
Wait the musik's download ... Skrillex // Kill Everybody
Re-launch the map

What else I can say .... Ho yeaa ... 2012 has started & God is Back ...

ultima thule by   pantseri

That's all ... Rocket

User Comments
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  'nwt' ®ocket 07-Jan-2012
-01 |  »Jan'Ho.: Thx for HNY !!!!
-02 |  dulf: Thx for
-03 |  pagg. nwt: Thx for MTC for fun (;
-04 |  Chalion: Thx for OmG oO
-05 |  makonen.nwt: Thx for My love <3
-06 |»: Thx for
-07 |  nwt/Awesome: Thx for WoOT !!!! That's all (:
-08 |  Nix-boy: Thx for keep building (;
-09 |  der-bozz.esu: Thx for GoGo hunt !! d:
-10 |  nwt'Sadh: Thx for My love n°2 V:
-11 |  jiben83: Thx for Nice to see you here !!!!
-12 |  NicoMonster: Thx for
-13 |  speedevolution: Thx for
-14 |  nospor2: Thx for
-15 |  DuM-DuM: Thx for Awesome Words
-16 |  pantseri: Thx for Daddy q:
-17 |  awful maps: Thx for Lovely Becky <3
-18 |  shad0w Thx for Glad you like
-19 |  "Dawe. Thx for
  »Jan'Ho. 07-Jan-2012
Kill Everybody
Already like this map before i downloaded it..
Feedback in 15 mins
  'nwt' ®ocket 07-Jan-2012
Originally posted by »Jan'Ho. ...
Kill Everybody

Originally posted by Moderator ...
We see you have posted a track or tracks here with an unacceptable name. Its been hidden until you correct the name to remove any bad language from the name.
Please remember this is a family site. Parents to young children don't want their sweet child to read swearing.
Therefore usage of such language is disallowed on this www site. Please remember this in the future!


I unfortunately had to change the name ...
  makonen.nwt 07-Jan-2012
I could understand even if I think we can find really crazier everyday in TV news...
And I don't talk about the other games the father or the mother plays on the PS3 or xbox^^ : gta, red dead redemption, Mortal Kombat, God of War,...
  'nwt' ®ocket 07-Jan-2012
yea ... but that's the rules ...
U know the song ... Shut up & drive
  DuM-DuM 07-Jan-2012
+1 Lol ....
Award later, i hunt now
  'nwt' ®ocket 07-Jan-2012
Here is no Name filter on
So I think someone is around me and tries to hurt me ...
"He leave a feedback in french Here" "Here is his Offenced Trackname"
hmm ... governmental organization or just an geek's hobby ... idk
then you turned me around stealthily ... Listen to this
You have won a battle ... but not the war
I fight alone until the last ... and if you're more against your will ...
I would ... Ki|| Ev3ryb0dy MuhahahahhahA

post scriptum: ...... I''m just kidding -.-'
  »Jan'Ho. 08-Jan-2012
  makonen.nwt 08-Jan-2012
Today I watched a documentary about J Edgar Hoover and they talked about the Wasp or the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. I got a flash...i knew 1 track called like that...and I discovered 5 others...What moderators are doing ??!
No...seriously, Wasp is a Metal Rock Band too...I hope all those tracks were tribute for the "second band" (and not the White blablabla...^^")
  'nwt' ®ocket 08-Jan-2012
Quote ...
hmm ... governmental organization or just an geek's hobby ... idk

Quote ...
watched a documentary about J Edgar Hoover

oO i'm on the list ... damn

E/ DL for panels work now & ... better AT
  pantseri 10-Jan-2012
big thx for showcase
  nwt'Sadh 13-Jan-2012
Congratz BOTW
  ViN <3 03-Mar-2017
first 2x \m/
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User Award   carl_johnson_ 23-Aug-2012
User Award   grobec 14-Jan-2016
Amazing !
User Award   ViN <3 03-Mar-2017

User Award   Pecorenzo 13-Aug-2019
User Award   Noroi 29-May-2020
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