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Name: Download Final Frontier
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   'Infi
Version: 30-Jan-2012
Released: 30-Jan-2012
TMX id: 4675280
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 17,305
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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0:41.73   apX. agent+ 0:00.0017,305
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0:41.85   Flyps+ 0:00.1217,006
0:41.96   AR »vader!+ 0:00.2316,732
0:42.03   noobtuber | less active+ 0:00.3016,558
0:42.04   Switch+ 0:00.3116,533
0:42.12   'Infi+ 0:00.3916,334
0:42.34   .grenade'+ 0:00.6115,787
0:42.96   Strivines+ 0:01.2314,244
0:44.18   sw+ 0:02.4511,209
14:51.96   »burT!+ 14:10.230
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Author Comments

Final Frontier

Hey TMX fellows,

I'm proud to present you my latest fullspeed creation. This time it's some kind of a special track. Why? Let me start a bit earlier. One day, just after having released my short fullspeed project I went into the editor and built some kind of a creative start. That directly reminded me of one of my favorite mates here. He builds godlike tracks with stunning creativity, which show as all the neverending opportunities of this game. Additionally he's not only an awesome - and underrated - builder. His driving skills in terms of rpg and tech, but also in fullspeed are way better than the average skills. Apart from that he's not only a pro in this game, but a very mature, kind and helpful person. I met him this way: He gave me an award, and because this guy was one of those I always wanted to receive an award from I sent him a personal message and what just was intented to be a kind of "thanks" turned into a nice conversation about creativity, nowadays trackbuilding and friendly awards nowadays. As you might already guess, because I'm not talking about my track, but about a person, it is a tribute track. I asked myself: For who could you build a tribute track? Who's your favorite guy all over this community? The answer resulted in this track. I don't know him that long, I don't deal that often with him. But it's not only about the guy himself, but also about his tracks. And I remember some hours I just downloaded replays from him and watched them, because even those were enjoyable to watch. And all that relates to this guy was plain positive so why not? If you don't know yet about who I'm talkin' here's the final hint: He finds the craziest cuts and annoys many authors of the tracks being cutted. Now you all know, who I mean, eh? Right! I'm talkin about:

•¤.'.¤ • ¤.'.¤•
:   Flyps :
•¤.'.¤ • ¤.'.¤•

The track

Like I said, I built a creative start and many other crazy things. But a lack of smoothness and concistance forced me to get back to some standard stuff. The first version contained some decent stuff, but I had to change it due to the mentioned reasons. Also the track was much faster in the earlier versions but because of some sliding issues due to heavy overspeed which caused multiple crashes at some transitions I had to lower the speed a bit. So I can not say that I'm hundred percent satisfied with the result, but do you cancel a already 75% finished project? no. It's still a great track in my opinion and I really hope you all and Flyps like it. And I also know that he will only award it if he really likes it. That's the behavior I like! Also there's a special "gift" I added to this map. When you respawn at first checkpoint you get into a easy but enjoyable trial map. While racing this trial map which is about 2 minutes long you pass all checkpoints and can also finish the track that way. I hope you enjoy this kind of idea. Scenery should be quite decent to, just like the intro. This beautiful screen is made by pascow! thanks for this sweet work mate! Now enough blabla.

Here's a showcase for my favorite map from Flyps.
Freedom of Thought by   Flyps

Check it out, its just mindblowing.

here's the showcase for pascow who made this cool screen:
dtc - dual engine by   pascow&mr.hubby

The Competition

Like I mentioned, with respawning at the first checkpoint you find an entrance to a little, simple but in my eyes fun to drive "trial" map as a little gift to Flyps. The guy with the fastest run through this trial will receive 1000 coppers. The deadline is the 08.02.12. Have fun!

Now just start your engines and enjoy this track. Constructive feedback is highly appreciated.
Viel Spaß, Greg.


User Comments
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  'Infi 30-Jan-2012
reserved 30-Jan-2012
Author comment: tl;dr
  sw 30-Jan-2012
made some funny stunts in the end by my replay .
  apX. agent 30-Jan-2012
haha xDD
Originally posted by 'Infi ...
He finds the craziest cuts and annoys many authors of the tracks being cutted.

Thats soo true
  'Infi 30-Jan-2012
And pretty funny to see the authors raging
If he finds a cut here, I will rage too! Although I'd love to see a cut on the "trial" ^^
E:/ omg. worst dl/award ratio ever
  apX. agent 30-Jan-2012
for the best fs-driver a .7x should be possible
  'Infi 30-Jan-2012
Awesome words JanHo, I'm fucking glad to hear such things!

Damn it. Sent like 5 pm's today adn the only one who didn't read mine is Flyps ^^
  vneck 30-Jan-2012
god punish flyps for not checking tmx in the last 2 hours o:
  'Infi 30-Jan-2012
Si si claro amigo.
  vneck 30-Jan-2012
ehrr,. me gusta.
  Flyps 30-Jan-2012

you mad? thx, man
omg wow... never got such a red face here like now

sry for late reaction now... RL didn't allow me to come home earlier
must drive it, ofc =) hope i'll have some time tomorrow!

luv u, infi : D

/e: SRY
sry, it's a cut. u can start raging. ;D
  »burT! 31-Jan-2012
ok, so yesterday i went out with a some friends, we were drinking tones of shots of tequila and jägermeister, a lot of beer and enough lond island ice tea..
well the result is the replay
tried to do the trial way and i actually did it
watched it today and laughed hard, think it was worth and upload
have fun
  vneck 04-Feb-2012
sorry infi I can't really enjoy this one. I tried it a couple times but meeh. The start sucks badly I believe I told you that already and the rest feels rather boring despite some nice trans. but yeah the route is a little too open for my taste and thus feels boring.. btw: the trials are too easy but nice idea to set the scenery up with them ;>
  'Infi 04-Feb-2012
thanks for yo feedback mate :-*
You never saw this start though^^
  »burT! 09-Feb-2012
The sweet taste of victory
It is no shame that you guys had no chance against my stunning time
Thx infi for the cc login: waffelinho
  'Infi 09-Feb-2012
There was indeed nobody who could have ever beaten you. Stunning time mate
Coppers sent
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 16 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Switch 30-Jan-2012
Wow nice track. I really like the first and the third jump. It's a hard map for me, I'll post a replay this evening...

User Award   sw 30-Jan-2012
I don't really think it's hard , I like this highspeeder . Nice mt like the intro and gps , bla , bla , bla . so here your Good job ^^
User Award   AR »vader! 30-Jan-2012
what can i say......this is awesome
i hope this will get a lot of awards
User Award   »burT! 30-Jan-2012
i wish you can build a bit smoother
nevertheless awesome map with cool flow and some great ideas
good job, nice gedööns greetz burT!
User Award   Speedy' 30-Jan-2012
Fcking nice job m8 (:
User Award   apX. agent 30-Jan-2012
awesome hunter with great transitions and really nice speed Like this kind of fs
And of course it needs moore awards
User Award   Didi|R4a 30-Jan-2012
you really chose the best style for a tribute for flyps.
nice one
User Award   »Jan'Ho. 30-Jan-2012
When I finished this one (after 15 mins, which isn't much for me) I was afraid my award would become longer then the AC...
First things first; This is sooo....
And because every award looks better when the good things are at the end, im going to start with the bad things [:
1. GPS is horrible. Hate that came and I miss some Fx action..
2. The first jump from dirt to road is also not that good I think. I get an extremely bumpy landing ~8/10 times.

So now onto the good things (=
Never loved blockmixing as much as I did now I mean, that little bump when you're going for the uphill road at ~20 secs, I never saw that before, while it's so basic (and good, don't get me wrong in that). The second dirt transition is also not smooth as hell, but I give you all my credits for having the balls to put something like that in your track. Not many guys are going that far in their creativity. When it comes down to that part, creativity and odd transitions I mean, you created a great track for Flyps! The end is becoming much more Infi style though, big platforms to drive on, a turnover, just as I like to see them (: Furthermore I think you could've done something more with the intro, it's a bit basic and average imo.

You're an amazing guy, Infi. And not only to have on the forums. Your tracks are a pleasure for hunters, 'just4fun' drivers or noobs as me
Somewhere in the very close future i'm going to build you a tribute aswell. I have no idea when, but I promise it'll be before the end of the year

User Award   McBong 30-Jan-2012
like the non-mainstream stuff in here, good job
User Award   Flyps 31-Jan-2012
yey, here's my award =)

thx for that great surprise once again.. it's a real honor to get such a tribute...

again such a lovely high-speed-FS with cool SDs towards the end as well as some rarely used transitions, esp. including dirt-parts... really well carried out.
nice idea to combine it with a trial-way, although i must admit, i didn't completely find that way... a bit confusing imo.

thx for the austrian car as gps = P

User Award   Mastermind 03-Feb-2012
cool map! very creative work you made here!
User Award   yber 04-Feb-2012
siiick! your skills are just ly !!
User Award   kiwe 04-Feb-2012
User Award   .Wiinty 04-Feb-2012
One of the best tracks I've played for a long time. U deserve it mate (:

User Award   Kadzio 08-Feb-2012
lovely sds
User Award   Erizel (brutal) 13-Aug-2012
Really sweet!<3
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