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Name: Download [DTC] Divided but United
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Makonen ft. Petey
Version: 31-Jan-2012
Released: 31-Jan-2012
TMX id: 4677934
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 18,421
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:54.58   Ragha+ 0:00.5417,316
0:54.85   mr.hubby+ 0:00.8116,764
0:54.94   makonen.nwt+ 0:00.9016,580
0:55.68   wormi+ 0:01.6415,066
0:55.85   'nwt' ®ocket+ 0:01.8114,719
3:15.25   peteypablo7+ 2:21.210
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Author Comments

DTC - Divided but United

Makonen and Petey are pleased that you do visit this page because it means you're pretty curious about this track, not? Well, it is our very first duo track and we made it for the duo track contest. Although we firstly decided to build a speedtech, we changed the idea. Since we differ too much concerning speedtech, we went to dirt since that wasn't such a big difference between us. As you can see, we did managed to complete the track just in time. However, for us it was a big challenge since both of us have a real life job already. That way, we couldn't work on it as much as we actually wanted to do. We somehow started this track in January so we did well for ourself to finish this one in a month. We do hope you guys will like the track and if somehow you don't, we would really appreciate it a lot if you leave us some feedback in case we decide to make another duo track.

Track information
Route: Single
Difficulty: Intermediate
MT-work:   makonen.nwt &   peteypablo7
Scenery:   makonen.nwt
Mood: Morning
Coppers: 3.615cc
Big screen by   makonen.nwt

Medal times

About the name from the track, we thought that it would quite fit our political situation. Belgium is somehow divided in 2 parts where the northern side speaks Dutch and the southern side speaks French. Concerning politics, those 2 groups crash all the way if laws need to be made or major decisions about the country. That obviously indicates our 'divided', but there's still another part in our title. The United part goes about the fact that although we are from the oppisite side, we do are able to reach something.

"As Petey said (thanks Petey^^), Belgium is a little and complicated country. The politic situation is really annoying. What can we say? It seems they want to divide us since the beginning...but we are still there, with our black / yellow / red flag, and we like it ! And most of us know the luck we have to live in a country like Belgium. ^^. This is why, even if it will be always difficult, we will be more United than Divided ! Because it's like that here^^. Like an old couple. Welcome in Belgium :°)."

User Comments
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  peteypablo7 31-Jan-2012
Have fun everyone
  »Jan'Ho. 31-Jan-2012
The last thing I want to do is break the fun... but;

Originally posted by dan!el ...
o Blockmixing, stadium oversizing and mods are not allowed.
  makonen.nwt 31-Jan-2012
jaa...or ouiiii
have fun
  dan!el 31-Jan-2012
you better reupload the track without a mod as fast as possible, or I'll have to disqualify you ): great screen btw.
  peteypablo7 31-Jan-2012
moment daniel
  »Jan'Ho. 31-Jan-2012
Jeez, finally done writing
  makonen.nwt 31-Jan-2012
huhuhuhu thanks Jan'Ho. ^^ . I don't know what is the best to feel : beeing appreciated by the communauty or beeing a be honest, i have never been a pgm, so i can only feel the first one^^ ;°). Btw, thanks for your cute words, I really appreciated it ^^
  »Jan'Ho. 31-Jan-2012
makonen, you really make me think of zipperke sometimes..
And somehow it's only about the way you're typing those smilies
  makonen.nwt 31-Jan-2012
eheh. I knew him a little but not so much^^. And...I guess it's the belgian style^^.
& for hubby : I quite understand all you said. Track is not "ultra-smooth" everywhere, and some brakes are a little bit hard^^. But really, and honestly, and the most neutral i can try to be, I like this track and when you drive a 54.8x or 9x like you and I did, I think the flow is quite nice and some "new" kind of spots are not bad at all^^. I talk about the 180° in the end and some others^^. But I repeat, I understand you could expect "better" from us . We will do another track one day, we promise it^^
  peteypablo7 31-Jan-2012
majorly blame me hubby ^^ I'm not used to build dirt tracks, at least real dirt tracks I made some weird dirt stuff before, but you should forget that this one was my first try building a decent dirt track and gladly I got the help from mako on this
  makonen.nwt 31-Jan-2012
nooo nooo, don't blame petey...blame me ^^. I'm quite sure the spots you dislike are mine . huhuhuuh^^
  Supreme 05-Feb-2012
mako off?
  TimeBreaker 09-Feb-2012
Petey Pablo? He hasn't even had a single, let alone a full album for years, you should've featured Pitbull to get a hit, Mako!
  wormi 19-Feb-2012
First respawnless replay
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   »Jan'Ho. 31-Jan-2012
I know that the Dutch and the French speaking guys had some probs with each other in the history... But you guys are the perfect team! Mr. Mako is never too tired to bring out some fun in the forum... Petey is never too tired to get the things straight when Mako has passed by^^ Petey is one of the most important guys on the entire site. And can you imagine a forum without Mr. and Miss. Mako?! I don't ... That's why I really like the both of you guys.. I was really happy to see the two of you gathering up to make an awesome track like this!
Moving on now
Belgium should never split up... You guys just created your own culture, which you are sharing better then any other country in the world is doing. Im never getting tired of some good Flamish fries! (: Those words you've written there in the AC are really awesome to see, it shows that you care about the other people in your country, forgetting that they speak another language.
Moving on forreal now

This track is just genius. It has some really cool, original, creative and so on jumps and drops. This should be the stuff Mr. Mako was writing about in the Creatvity topic (: Furthermore the Outro is (unlike most other tracks) really nice! Cams are well chosen and so on. There's really nothing, I repeat nothing to complain about here.

You guys are not my favourite mappers, but you2 are for sure one of the most helpful and useful guys around here! You guys deserve all the respect in the world for your contribution to this site.

Jan'Ho. Out

User Award   mr.hubby 31-Jan-2012
Quick first finish replay. Well, I like the track even though those road hairspins disturb the flow you created so greatly at the other parts. I also dislike the intro since the text are mostly too fast and the cams dont look that great either, however, Im prolly not in the psition to complain about mt XD. After all, well done although the little disturbing things. Oh and I hate outros, they suck *cough*

nice one! - mr.hubby
User Award   der-bozz.esu 03-Feb-2012

It`s not the style I expected from you two guys, but it`s better then I thought (:
Like hubby already sad, why the hell you addet these hairpins? To make it more challenging? Ok, but also to destroy the flow imo... Beside those hairpins, the racingline is done well, nice tricky spots, mixed with rather techy ones ans some transitons/ jumps. Congratz als for the scenery, fits well and is at some spots a real eyecatcher for me (: I hope you make some more duo in the future (;


User Award   shad0w 04-Feb-2012
very nice work u2!
there are some tricky and smooth spots i really like to make

one more shadow ^^
User Award   'nwt' ®ocket 09-Feb-2012
Love this kind of rack, dirt & road are great mixed
thas U-turn in raod is damn crazy
Awesome job u made here mates
User Award   DuM-DuM 16-Feb-2012
It's sure, i like this track !
I love the road, and they ideas

Good luck for dtc men
User Award   pantseri 19-Feb-2012
Well this is quite odd track. It has very stange parts (like that tarmac U-turn after upward corner). Then there's couple bug-risky spots and speed balance isn't the best possible. There's couple creative solutions, but nothing really mind blowing. With the exception of those little discomforts this is quite fun to drive after few test rounds. Scenery is good basic stuff and mt-work is a treat... big plus for splendid outro and awesome use of blur on intro. Really really like that. Great work dudes!
User Award   wormi 19-Feb-2012

Really great map! Mako brings is standard quality & smoothness and Petey comes with his fresh style without much experience. The outcome is original and different map with many fun ideas. It maybe isn't the best one to hunt but the fun factors is extreme high! And of course the MT work is unbelievable...

Very well done you two!


User Award   gswe81 16-Sep-2012
Pretty entertaining map, but the 180 road turn isnt my fav.
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