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Name: Download hubbynator [mtc]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   spn&pascow
Version: 06-Feb-2012
Released: 06-Feb-2012
TMX id: 4686972
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 36,106
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:42.12   cranberries+ 0:00.0036,106
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0:42.14   mr.hubby+ 0:00.0236,003
0:42.27   Gizmo.+ 0:00.1535,334
0:42.29   SPN'«+ 0:00.1735,231
0:42.80   pascow.esu+ 0:00.6832,608
0:42.98   peteypablo7+ 0:00.8631,683
0:43.85   TurbRono+ 0:01.7327,208
0:42.44   spn&pascow+ 0:00.32-
0:45.58   sw+ 0:03.46-
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Author Comments

Hubbynator - o6.o2.2o12. - spn&pascow

Here you go, a duo by my dear friend spn and me (: This time for this month's MTC, where we were only allowed to use 8 blocks of the whole editor. I think our choice was pretty smart because we were able to build a cool hunter with a decent scenery as well (in my opinion), its up to you to judge of course. I'm pretty satisfied with our work and I hope you are as well (: Furthermore its more than only a normal track, its a tribute to mr. hubby! He deserves it so much due to being one of the most friendliest and most helpful persons we ever met here, being an awesome mapper and friend. He also made it to a moderator a while ago, fully deserved imo. Now I hope you'll like the track and maybe leave some feedback and if you wanna see the big screen, click here.


Style: Tech
Mood: Sunrise
Ccp: 2137
Author time: 0:42.58

Awesome intro and screen are made by pascow, and crappy gps and outro by spn

fidelity by   mr.hubby

I hope you will wnjoy it, especially mr.hubby!


User Comments
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  pascow.esu 07-Feb-2012
  SPN'« 07-Feb-2012
why are you jealous?
  german761(RazoR) 08-Feb-2012
failed -0.39 before hubby....

start suck again ...

.7x possible and maybe .6x...

but again no fun @ driving.....
  SPN'« 09-Feb-2012
Im sorry, but we gave everything to try create more fun of only 8 blocks!
  peteypablo7 15-Feb-2012
sorry about not awarding this one, but I couldn't get the fun out of it can do better in time, but there's always a part that ends my run anyway, good job though with only be able to use 8 blocks
  SPN'« 16-Feb-2012
thanks for honest feedback, we appreciate it
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User Awards
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User Award   Dule 06-Feb-2012
User Award   DisGo.esu 06-Feb-2012
uhm O: what can i say lovely platform tech with great slides & a goodlooking scenery? x:
User Award   vasiacool/back 06-Feb-2012
User Award   TurbRono 06-Feb-2012
For the Emperor!
User Award   Kang 07-Feb-2012
LOL, i should've known if pascow built a tech track i couldn't drive it. My replay is so terrible i'll just wait until i get better at it to upload one.

Mr. Hubby directed me when i was a complete n00b, he checked my tracks out and even though people say he's such a "nice guy" that's not why i like him. I like Mr. Hubby because he's honest, maybe it was because i was a n00b but i don't like to think that. I like to think Mr. hubby is honest with everyone. He left me very strong negative feedback on my first track "new breath." He didn't just say the track sucked though, he explained to me what i could do better and why it didn't fit his criteria for a good track. I appreciate people like him because i don't need online buddies awarding my tracks. I want honest opinions and honest awards mean so much more to me.

This track is good, but damn hard for a noob like me. I like how it starts with the road ramp to platform ramp transition, it's pretty slow all the way through but fun to slide. I must stress it is a lil hard for a guy who sucks at tech as much as me but i still like this one. I think i can improve my tech skills a lil here and pascow is awesome on fs and tech both obviously. Never knew this spn guy was.

GJ guys, and also for making a tribute to someone who is honest
User Award   Gizmo. 07-Feb-2012
was expecting that there would be a track using these blocks and it didn't disappoint. was a fun track to play with some nice slides to try to get everything out of. last slide and first drop were maybe a little more tricky than the rest of the track, but it didn't detract from it. scenery is also lovely
User Award   tinitus // krow 07-Feb-2012
pretty hard but amazing
User Award   mr.hubby 07-Feb-2012
Well, I really didnt see this coming and thus you totally suprised me with this tribute! I was just checking tmx for the xxth time to see if there is something new although I actualyl do know that there is barely something new. So while checking it I noticed an author called spn&pascow and I immediatly thought; wuhuuu let's try. Afterwards, I read the name you then you caught me! Anyway, I just you this to describe how you made my day<3. Nonetheless, I've never been a big fan of this chit-chat in awards so I'll keep it short yet I think it belongs to tribute awards since it shows the connection from from tributer and reciever the other way round than the AC does. Of course, a tribute from an user is something very special and personal, however, it's even more heart-wrenching when it comes from a a valued user and in this case from 2 such sophisticated mappers. Further you both belong to my favourite authors. Therefore I can only thank you once more for this awesome surprise. Apart from the fact that recieving atribute is awesome, this track is also awesome! It's build in one if not the favourite mapping style of mine. I like this platech that much because it offers you wide variety of how to slide each curve and thus it is way more fun hunting than tracks with a prefixed, "only-way-to-finish" route. I like how I was already proud of a low 43 but like 4-5 times later I had this time and I think this really shows the great hunting potential of this track. Besides the great slides the track a lovely flow throughout the whole track which supports the great atmosphere which is created by a - due the lack of usable blocks - very nice scenery. I may have to admit that the first jump can be a bit buggy for the skilled and thus fast players but after all the player has to comply himself to the track at least a bit and after some run you should be able to make it clean.I personally loved the last slide at highspeed because it feels so speedy, well placed & flowy that it's just adoreable, it needs some training though. I also liked the mediatracker-work, I hate hate hate hate outros deeply though. Anyway, it doesnt matter that much since it's a nice one, at least in my opinion. Also, I like the screen (+font! hahaha) from you, pascow, alot. I wasnt able to drive a 41.xx, sorry. ;-(

THANK YOU - - mr.hubby

User Award   "Dawe. 07-Feb-2012
incredible work
User Award   Didi|R4a 07-Feb-2012
best platform techie i ever drove.
User Award   Hitchy 07-Feb-2012
what hubby said
User Award   Kadzio 07-Feb-2012
User Award   .Wiinty 08-Feb-2012
Grrreat! O:
User Award   MnM | Revii 09-Feb-2012
I really had the same idea in my mind when i thought about a participation in the mtc, at least i failed and won't participate.
So, I don't know how it's possible to create such a nice tech-platform track with only 8 blocs. Big respect to both of you..(:
User Award   Hubby 09-Feb-2012
thanks for the hubby tribute
User Award   makonen.nwt 10-Feb-2012
Originally posted by TurbRono ...
For the Emperor!

Ill try to give more details later
but....f**ing nice job !


User Award   RaµL 16-Feb-2012
this is wonderful,
splendid work
User Award   'Infi 10-Nov-2012
Very interesting, different style. I love it!
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