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Name: Download Strobe.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SPN'«
Version: 19-Mar-2012
Released: 19-Mar-2012
TMX id: 4783073
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 38,193
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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Author Comments


<- Strobe -> 19.03.2012 -


Hello everyone and welcome to new spn's creation! It's another transitional techy with maybe few new or rare transitions. I worked really long on this track and I had so many combinations and somehow this one I liked the most^^ While I was working on it I found few really cool transitions that I didn't used now, but I will for sure in future releases. Track is very tricky and maybe a bit frustrating so don't give up on first try. Practice make us better, keep that in mind while driving^^ Anyways I'm really sick of those repetitive tracks these day and I hope that I will change that (at least a bit) with this track. It's about you to choose. Finding something new and fresh is very hard and I gave my best to impress you guys. I hope I will^^ Enough talking about that, let's talk about the track! Some transitions had to be practiced cuz some of them can be buggy (like transition after second cp). Then you have bumpy road slide which is really weird, but very simple. After that you will see few small (also bumy) transitions which are very tricy... that's the part where you can lose some time^^ Now, finish is very unusual and hard at first attempts, but I like it becouse it's not boring (: Scenery is very heavy and contains 3400 ccp in sunset mood, (not night mood, weird right?) It looks nice imo.. I worked some longer time on it, combinating blocks which I find beautiful. You will also spot circles made of rooftop blocks. They look cool imo so I placed them on many places in track. Ok, now about MT work. Not much to tell, I suck at MT so I just made simple intro with few cams and text, gps included. That would be all I can tell you (: I hope you will like it enjoy it as much I did^^



Style: tech
Lenght: 40 sec.
Coopers: 3400
Mood: sunset



For such a lovely screen here is a deserved showcase ^^ For bigger screen click here!

Good Morning Hunt # 5 by   MnM | Revii


spn is out!

User Comments
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  alchemY 19-Mar-2012
epic screen is epic
  SPN'« 19-Mar-2012
yes.. brilliant
  ZoggeR 19-Mar-2012
wow man...
did you use BM? cereal1
  SPN'« 19-Mar-2012
  ZoggeR 19-Mar-2012
even more impressing then
  SPN'« 19-Mar-2012
If you say so
  mr.hubby 20-Mar-2012
  SPN'« 20-Mar-2012
whats the problem sir? (:
  Natzke 22-Mar-2012
my first trans are still my bitch
  SPN'« 28-Mar-2012
I will always be your bitch
  »Jan'Ho. 07-Apr-2012
ow man that song is so awesome
Deadmau5 <3
  SPN'« 07-Apr-2012
ou yea <3
  Joost»LT 11-Nov-2013
Got closer. I should be able to get the wr here, if I no-life a bit
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User Awards
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User Award   alchemY 19-Mar-2012
nice track!
cool transitions, and i really like the start and the beginning.
a bit too much scenery imo, i cant see a clear route with that much
User Award   MnM | Revii 19-Mar-2012
lovely work (:
User Award   NrjZ 19-Mar-2012
Brilliant track, really nothing to complain, perfect flow
User Award   Placket.ft 20-Mar-2012
Not a fan of transition tech, but had fun with this one
User Award   dan!el 20-Mar-2012
that last drift is a bit hard for me, but rest is amazing <3 my 777th btw.
User Award   Didi|R4a 20-Mar-2012
User Award   pascow.esu 20-Mar-2012
Dont know what to tell you, this is perfect. Everything works, the transitions are sick and its fun hunting. The scenery looks goddamn beautiful. I dont get how you can still make me jealous. Perfect mate, really. love you <3
User Award   SapphiroN 20-Mar-2012
Creative. Yes.
Rainbows puked.
All over the floor.
User Award   SaM!Ke 22-Mar-2012
Amazing track with genius transitions.
User Award   Natzke 22-Mar-2012
...future is here...

well, I must say that I'm astonished by this map...transitions, speed, flow, calculation, effort, creativity, charm...everything is here in right order, but my biggest concern in this map is badly constructed scenery that gives filling of unplanned tossed away placed transitions...and that makes this track, little bit, unattractive...but don't worry, I know that your talent is over head, that you crafted in best possible way, with constant eager to improve your skills and that makes you on top of this game all the time...I'm so proud of your accomplishment

User Award   ZoggeR 22-Mar-2012
ok honey what can I still say about your tracks...

every time you release a new track I am very excited about what you served us again, and everytime I am surprised by how much innovation and creativity you can still produce
It all feels so natural and you make it look so easy, it rly makes me stop and stare and watch my car glide through this track

Of course you know that the transitions are just stunning and fabolous here, you still keep amazing after all those tracks...also your Scenery is awesome and you know it

I won't describe every part here now, just that the last drift is too hard for me to get well yodawg.

Nevermind, apart from that this track is perfect, love ya <3

User Award   dadm 23-Mar-2012
In all your tracks you find the perfect balance between the transitions, all awesome, and the driveability, which is not so obvious. It makes your tracks so enjoyable, you get amazed all along the track, and it's never hard to drive. This track is again a work of art, you whiz, I already told you what I think about it. gustag.
User Award 30-Mar-2012
Impressive how you manage to combine blocks in a way I have never seen them before. And that in almost every track I know from you. Amazing work buddy ;]

User Award   nevermind 07-Apr-2012
this is awesome
User Award   Gum 07-Apr-2012
Cool track
User Award   .wesc 07-Apr-2012
That last transition looks pretty "fun-killer" but I have not driven it yet and the whole map is a creative show. I think I wouldn't not enjoy hunting it but imagination is limited these days and it must be awarded Good job man
User Award   .Henk« 10-Jul-2012
User Award   Apfelfresser 10-Jul-2012
i dont really like the first transition, but the rest is awesome
User Award   Joost»LT 01-Nov-2013
Thank you God!
I should be studying for my exams, but I wanted to drive a cool track. Which happened to be 'Andromeda.' as I drove that one I thought about the fact that I barely knew any of your tracks.
So I went on a small downloadspree. This is the last track that I will play for today, because I don't think anything can beat it
It is freaking amazing! I just love the crazy transitions you've encapsulated here!

The start isn't the smoothest/nicest transition ever, but it is fresh even today and it drops you right into the action
And what an action-packed track this is!
Constant surface and elevation changes, combined with crazy transitions and not to forget.. a great scenery and atmoshere
I know I am in heaven

I thank the almighty one up in the skies for this experience. I cannot describe how great it is to play a track like this
This one is an instant addition to my favourite tracks!

+ time
*will go for wr later*
User Award   waldfee 17-May-2020
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