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Name: Download Transcendent.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   'Infi
Version: 30-Mar-2012
TMX id: 4803253
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
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0:33.93   funky'|Jean+ 0:00.22-
0:33.93   AR »Trex+ 0:00.22-
0:33.94   ekdan+ 0:00.23-
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0:33.99   apX. agent - no+ 0:00.28-
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Author Comments


Hey fellows,

Today is the time for another Infi track. Actually something much more unexiting, still being fun to drive. My intention was to build a track without any fancy stuff which keeps its eye only on hunting. I got inspired by "°New Era~.", a track which is rather unexiting, still awesome to hunt. And I think I suceeded somehow. Neither my beta testers nor i could spot any annoying pieces and the track itself is rather kept on high speed with some sweet SDs. Another aspect is the difficulty here, since it's rather less difficult than usually. The scenery was really really fast made and is held totally simple as well as the MT work which includes a very short intro with some ugly fx. Same applies for the GPS.
The sweet screen is made by paskuh :* Thanks for that. Your showcase is below as usually.

Paint your Target. by   pascow.esu

Last but not least I want to wish you some fun hunting this stuff and I hope you can leave me a feedback.


User Comments
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  'Infi 30-Mar-2012
before anyone of my beta area comment section starts complaining about it being boring and such stuff. Was not my intention to build something superduperexiting
  Ivi » gone! 30-Mar-2012
lol, i was searching the track now in beta, thought like wtf happened ... now saw you released, feel free to PM me anytime, I don't whine.

won't award it now, guess why ... yep, gonna try to make longer text tomorrow.
  'Infi 31-Mar-2012
I'll remember But wtf? it's not really worth a long award lol^^
e:/ wait, wasn't that you to call it "gow syndrom"-like in beta area?
  Ivi » gone! 31-Mar-2012
yep, it's me, you was uploading new fs in beta in average, every ~3 days^^
  dan!el 31-Mar-2012
Originally posted by fucking ivi's award ...
v.neck <...> said boring referred to this track

he says it to every track which doesn't have transitions every 3 seconds, except your tracks tho he makes sames boring tracks himself -.-
  'Infi 31-Mar-2012
That's a valid point then

But wtf? Wow! When I read this i really was totally stunned and was like "i never ever deserve this".. this is even longer than any AC i wrote and my ACs are usually pretty long. Somehow i feel really guilty to give you a longer reply as well. At first: yes i read account pages and i read many of them, also yours. As you might have recognized i tend to take care of my account page as well and update it nearly weekly. And I can't describe how glad i am about this showcase which really means much to me, since it's just much better than some random useless track page showcase.
Apart from that I really agree with neckibitch. This track is boring, but as i reached my goal of a simple hunter i released it. That brings me to your critic points - the MT and the scenery. As I really really think that this map and its style is one of the worse i built i didn't plan to have some superduper effort in it. Scenery and mt are just kept totally easy and - no - I didn't want to copy anyone, i somehow wanted to get a nice scenery idea but i didn't get one so those ugly "towers" stayed there. Furthermore i think that i'm simply to impatient when it comes to working a track out. neck already complained about that but hey? what can i do? I'll quit now since i have a bit of fever and horribly headache so i can't concentrate really here.
Just a very huge thanks mate and luv ya for those words! Excuse any tiping mistakes and this short text.
@dan: naah, i understand him and his tracks are majorly beautiful except for this roadtrip series^^
  amoN'' 01-Apr-2012
  'Infi 01-Apr-2012
hI mANS!!
  Ivi » gone! 02-Apr-2012
only 12 awards rofl ^^, maybe it's just me who is still noob in this game, i gave here big award and on your most awarded i didn't
  AR »Down. 06-Apr-2012
login : smackdown_gll1
  'Infi 06-Apr-2012
n1 down You think there's more possible? |coppers sent.
  AR »Down. 06-Apr-2012
ty yea i think low .9x is possible for sure, maybe a high .8x with a really good end
  apX. agent - no 04-Nov-2012
cacacaca..high .7x is possbile with good end
  *aAa* InfernaL 14-Dec-2015
My start is not really good, .6x possible
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User Awards
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User Award   apX. agent - no 02-Nov-2012
huh..seems like I forgot to award this map
A really nice map, coold sds, a nice flow, a raging uphill..all a good map need, uh?

REally nice map and I´m sorry I forgot to award it
User Award   apX. Dignity! 02-Dec-2012
Yes really huntable track nice job ,.. hill sometimes rage us but its fine
User Award   Mountain King 07-Jun-2013
User Award   AR »Trian 11-Aug-2013
A bit late award but better late than never
User Award   Dom. 14-Aug-2013
User Award   scale 25-Aug-2013
User Award   Sky.esu 03-Jan-2014
take my award #998
User Award   Nanoxyd 19-Feb-2014
User Award   »mostfriendlyplayer 07-Mar-2015
amazing map very nice environnment cool sd actions and nice flow after all
Great work
User Award   AR »Trex 28-Jul-2016
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