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Name: Download SePeratiNg
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pascow.esu
Version: 16-Apr-2012
Released: 16-Apr-2012
TMX id: 4843957
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 28,122
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night
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0:41.90   Joost»LT+ 0:00.0028,122
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0:41.96   pascow.esu+ 0:00.0627,880
0:42.66   Sky.esu+ 0:00.7625,061
0:44.35   dan!el+ 0:02.4518,255
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Author Comments

16.04.2012 - SePeratiNg

Tribute to   SPN'«

Hey ,
I'm already back with a new track. this time a transitional techie. I worked pretty long and hard on that one and it turned out not to be the easiest track, but still enjoyable (at least for me). There are no new transitions but still many all in all, you wont make it with your first run, this track needs some practice and it would be awesome to see some replays and feedback. It is about 42 seconds long, built in night-mood and containing an around 3500 coppers big scenery.

The reason why this track is special to me is the fact that its a tribute. A tribute to the, for me, best transitional builder on this site. Furthermore he became a great friend. Good reasons to build such a track for spn, no? I chose that name because he's always trying to build something new and fresh, he tries to seperate and that makes him even more special in my opinion. I hope you enjoy this track mate. First, I started to build a transitional techie, failed and started to build a natural fullspeeder, since I know you like them too. After all I decided not to continue the fullspeeder but building that techie cuz you like them more. I know my tech-skills arent that high but i hope its still enjoyable for you.

The screen is mady by dreamy. Its not his best one for sure, but its still looking pretty good in my opinion, thank you mate! (:
The mt-work is simple as always, some cams in the intro and a gps, nothing fancy at all.

Have fun guys, any feedback is welcome and i'd also love to see some replays. (:

User Comments
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  acura_rsx 16-Apr-2012
you will be in botw with this track but for me there are to much transitions for havin fun sorry pascow :/
  pascow.esu 16-Apr-2012
dont think so thx for feedback acura
  'Infi 16-Apr-2012
Somehow i hate the start with that sculpture since it can be extremely annoying. However, the rest seems to be quite great and telling from the gps it really is. Still, i am not able to finish this atm and due to that annoying start i lost the fun for now. I will possibly retry later, since i still think that this track might be great, i simply have no motivation anymore for now. Just to let you know that i drove it 16-Apr-2012
  SPN'« 16-Apr-2012
I love you <3
  vneck 16-Apr-2012
pascowe has a new track, just to inform you guys!!!
  'Infi 16-Apr-2012
  .dreamy 16-Apr-2012
have to agree with infi so far, took a half hour to test the track - got the first 12 secs ca 5 times.. gonna try it later again.
  SPN'« 03-May-2012
My award is coming in few days.. I just cant find enough time for tmx :/ Love you ido. <3
  pascow.esu 04-May-2012
take your time
  Joost»LT 29-Sep-2012
Love it, let's see what time I can get
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User Awards
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User Award 16-Apr-2012
Damn, a tribute to spn again? xD However, he really deserves it/them. This is your best work so far. I'm sure. With this you're a real techbuilder for me now. I guess I don't have to say that the transitions you used are brilliant. There's still one exception though. It's this little transition at ~ 11 - 12 from the quarterpipe to platform. I hate this one. Already saw this in 2 or 3 other tracks. I hate it. Bam. End. Bye :*
User Award   uetzer|R4a 16-Apr-2012
crazy transitions!

User Award   Raffi 16-Apr-2012
pas goes transitional tech? oO I'm pretty much amazed bro, I really hope you'll continue this way - besides your fullspeeders of course (:

User Award   .Wiinty 16-Apr-2012
some transition could be better, but still great transitional techie, like it (:
User Award   vneck 16-Apr-2012
i don't like this transitions with the black thing from the white thing. Besides that it's cool, wasn't sure whether I was driving a spn map for a moment
User Award   Sky.esu 20-Apr-2012
This map is absolutly great, I really like this kind of transitional techies. All of these transitions here are well-flowing and creative, definitly underrated, too bad that many people don't play and award these great techmaps actually.
User Award   ZoggeR 27-Apr-2012
it's pretty cool, some transitions work better than others, the first sculpture feels too forced and thus bad though

You can do better but you have done worse already!

User Award   dan!el 27-Apr-2012
awesome track, lots of fun and creativity replay proofs that ^^
User Award   DisGo.esu 28-Apr-2012
cooooool transitions! ((:
User Award   Kumpelblase 29-Apr-2012
lol pascow cool track
User Award   alchemY 29-Apr-2012
User Award   SPN'« 13-Sep-2012
Haa!! I do remember how this track look like, and I still love it. All I can say is that this track is pure art. How you combined all that transitions in one great mixture.. It's just fantastic ^^ I have no doubt about your skills as a transitional track maker because you already proved that in your older tracks, thats why I was very excited about this.. because I knew you will make some weird and unusual ideas. Starting from all sculpture uses, they are amaizing.. tho that first one is tricky and lil bit frustrating, but I can live with that^^ Now, what makes this track really innovative and very different from other tracks are those little bumpy and tricky transitions (like platform-loop-white roof black lil path xD-platform(again) and use of bubble platfor block). They are really cool and for me best parts of the track. Just because they are DIFFERENT.. and I'm really glad you tried it and menaged to do it on a track that was a tribute for me (: I love you more than anything and I'm sorry for my late feedback^^ I love this track and THANK YOU for this priceless track! I hope you wont be mad for short award and that we will continue build tracks together and stay great buddies like are we now! LOVE YOU <3

User Award   Joost»LT 29-Sep-2012
This is what I love
Transitional, technical tracks that are extremely rewarding once you finish them
If I'm fair this one has a few spots that aren't as great. The start is annoying at first, but gets fun if you've learned it.
The part I still don't like is that 'roundabout - platform ramp' transition. Extremely annoying if you're hunting the map

Oh yes, did I mention I love hunting maps like this one? Well now you know
Will drive a 41.low soon

+ time
User Award   dadm 05-Nov-2012
wow, lovely work and deserved tribute ofc!
User Award   Erizel (brutal) 12-Dec-2013
Really shame this one hasn't received any more awards.. Definately deserves more. Really creative use of transitions all over, and flows great!
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