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Name: Download » Yaphet.S
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   vneck
Version: 18-Apr-2012
Released: 18-Apr-2012
TMX id: 4848978
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 84,784
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:36.29   Switch+ 0:00.0084,784
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0:36.30   apX. agent+ 0:00.0184,644
0:36.47   AR »Down.+ 0:00.1882,260
0:36.56   pascow.esu+ 0:00.2780,999
0:36.57   kaynBock+ 0:00.2880,859
0:36.60   Kumpelblase+ 0:00.3180,438
0:36.64   tweakor+ 0:00.3579,878
0:36.65   iMap // gone O...+ 0:00.3679,737
0:36.65   uetzer|R4a+ 0:00.3679,737
0:36.66   Kang+ 0:00.3779,597
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Author Comments

» Yaphet.S - Inspired by and dedicated to Psymax.

Helloo - ladys and gentelmen, pascow,

this is v.neck coming at you with - finally - yet another legitimate fullspeed track! After a lot of roadtrips and compotracks I built I'm back in business pretty much, and it feels good. yea. But okay let's not lose too much time talking about anything you don't care about, and let's move straight towards some facts and such. First of all - as written in the headline - this is some sort of a tribute track to an extremely famous guy, whose tracks, especially one called 'Incentive', gave me inspiration building something like this. Cuz' of this, but also, mainly, because fullspeed tracks are becoming such a hell of boredom in the last couple of month and keep dropping to fascinate me. One speedslide here, yet another one there, filled with the ever so boring scenery - no offense to any of those guys, but that's just my personal opinion and part of the reason trying so hard to build something special and trying to get off this pit of perdition, fullspeed is moving towards to. But aside from this you might wanna know that this track is pretty transitional, at least at the beginning, that this track has quite a bit of blockmixing, with a lot of holes to drive through, fancy loops through the ground and whatnot, and that has an average speed.

If you played Incentive by psymax you might remember some of these spots where you're driving through the ground and well I used that 2 times by my own, once driving through and inflatable and once leading you through a hill of dirt. I actually have been doing those mixes for a while, often in some tracks which were simply too bad, and so never been released or just forgotten about it.. In either case I am quite familiar with this stuff already, what's part of the reason I kinda rushed building this track. I actually needed 3 days only with all the scenery and whatnot to build this track which was for yet another fun challenge to myself, like building tracks with roads only and releasing them weekly, that's quite fun for me :> Anyways, thus the track, scenery and MT might feel a little unfinished, but it's how it should be and I'm quite okay with how it turned out. Scenery, so as the mt are similar to psymax style as well as you might predict. I just filled up the rest with some of my typical blocks and effects to give the track a small touch of myself.

An humongous amount of kisses goes towards to dreamdancer who took his time making this wonderful screenshot for me. I totally appreciate that man, big thanks mate! :* He's back by the way, so shoutout to him, and look towards to see some crazy new tracks by him (:

Another shoutout to psymax, even though I don't really know him too much, I love the way he's just pulling one crazy transitions after another out of his sleeve, letting us look like a bounce of scrubs and creating amazing tracks after another, too bad you are offline sir! I'm tensely waiting for your return though! ;>

Last but not least finally the track I've been mentioning over and over again in my author comments thus far. You should def. check out this piece of art. Vout - Have fun, good luck.

» iN.ceNtive. by   Psymax

User Comments
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  Switch 16-May-2016
Nah, I'm sure more is possible. And yeah, I think I will improve, my end was shit
and 17.93 is sick, mine was 18.02 I think
  apX. agent 16-May-2016 our runs^^
after the loop you're driving a much wider line, thus far behind but much faster at the engine-stopper part^^
  Switch 16-May-2016
I do that to reduce airtime at that little platform transition...
And tbh you lost .05 before the first loop just because you're driving with kb
  apX. agent 16-May-2016
I did?? Whats the difference you do with the pad?

e:/ I think I won't continue hunting's like once every 20tries I get a good speed and thus a good 17.9x cp so it's no fun at all

I shouldn't be driving at name says I'm off and yet I drive..damn me Exames are coming nearer and nearer and I play more and more..something is damn wrong about that
  Switch 16-May-2016
I know that feel, I don't have exams this year but last time I did I just didn't want to work

Well I just compared your time with a pad run (the .29 isn't) and you're clearly behind
  apX. agent 17-May-2016
well..thats a pitty^^
I mean..probably even a high .1x is possible.
In two month I might be hunting it again^^ Than my exames are over
  RVSTRE Boomie 17-May-2016
*searching agent's balls*
  Switch 17-May-2016
looking forward to that haha, gl with your exams
and boom pls show mercy
  apX. agent 18-May-2016
@ boom: "searching them aswell" first I thought the .30 is enough and it didnt take me as long as I thought, but well..first comes first..amd thats definitely university ;-)

e:/ thanks switch!
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User Award   iHq/fredair.esu 15-Feb-2017
too many maps I didn't award, this is one of them.
User Award   tweakor 11-May-2018
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