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Name: Download MadRush-FS-v2
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   flipover
Version: 24-Apr-2012
Released: 24-Apr-2012
TMX id: 4860818
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 33,962
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:49.12   McBong+ 0:00.0033,962
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0:49.57   nevermind+ 0:00.4532,095
0:49.82   Dimrain+ 0:00.7031,058
0:49.99   Quat+ 0:00.8730,352
0:50.24   pepper+ 0:01.1229,315
0:50.34   Socius+ 0:01.2228,900
0:50.60   GodofWar+ 0:01.4827,822
0:50.72   fab'm PT <3+ 0:01.6027,324
0:51.63   awful maps+ 0:02.5123,549
0:52.44   Vergil+ 0:03.3220,189
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Author Comments

Hey all, after a few pointers from people who downloaded and tried this track, I was able to improve it and I was having so much fun doing it, I decided to increase its length in a few more seconds!

So, the specs for the NEW MadRush-FS-v2 are:

Track Weight: 5709 coppers
Mood: Afternoon
2 Loops
3 Walls
1 Turnover
1 Corkscrew
Respawnable CP's

Also, even though I don't yet know how to do a Speed Drift, I managed to build this track so people who know how, have a chance to

A great big thanks to fabio_m and Dimrain for their input, hope this version is more to people's liking!

I give you the new and improved MadRush-FS-v2!


User Comments
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  flipover 24-Apr-2012
My great thanks to:

-   awful maps
The track was tweaked and perfected to this stage thanks to some people who played it and let me know what to do to improve it
I just hope all in all, that you had fun playing it

-   Switch
This track has had a few face-lifts and it's great to see someone like you, used to FS tracks, enjoyed it

-   fab'm PT <3
This was one of the most challenging track to build, the first version was too bad, and thanks to you and other tmx members I was able to improve it and make a darn good track! Couldn't do it without your help

-   Dimrain
You are one of the people who are worth mentioning when I say someone helped me improve the track! I will use the concepts learned with this one to improve and do better ones

-   inf.
Thank you for the award and I do think like you. It's no masterpiece, but I try to build tracks for people to have fun on them

-   Vergil
You are very right in pointing out it is has a basic scenery as I tried to get the weight of the track as low as possible. But I'm glad for accomplishing my goal which was to make a fun track to play that most players could enjoy. Thank you for the comment and award

-   McBong
I have to say I love your comment, man! Made me so glad more and more people like this kind of track and this one especially! Thanks so much for enjoying something it still gives me a bit of work to do correctly!
Btw, very nice time indded, man! Congrats

-   Quat
Believe me man, if people keep showing they like this kind of tracks I will keep it up, already have a new one almost done Thanks!

-   nevermind
Glad you enjoyed it, hopefully as much as I did making it better

-   pepper
My best award is knowing people really enjoy the track and have fun like you did!

-   GodofWar
Thanks man
  fab'm PT <3 26-Apr-2012
i'm glad you are not so horrible making tracks as you are making screens
  flipover 26-Apr-2012
Hahaha fabio! Good thing indeed or I would be stil using the basic editor
But still, for something made in MSPaint in a short amount of time... I like it
  Socius 30-Apr-2012
You asked for feedback so here it is:

I played it to get Playpal karma, but I did not award it because to me the track does not show a sign of originality. Now that should not be a problem if the track's quality would be better overall, such as increased quality of scenery and general flow. Scery is very important for me, as it is just as much part of the experience as the layout of the track, it sets the mood.
  flipover 30-Apr-2012
The comment is all I ask, hopefully with some of tmx members ideas, I can improve and make better tracks. After all, I'm still starting to make tracks, even though I have quite a few, only 3 or 4 are really good imo
  McBong 09-May-2012
I juked it on a server and played it togehter with a buddy and it was much fun
Really nice and also tricky track, I love to hunt it and maybe I can drive a 48.x sometimes
  flipover 10-May-2012
IT is awesome to play this track with friends! I placed it on my teams server and we all have a blast on it! Great to know more people have fun playing it! Great!
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User Awards
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User Award   awful maps 24-Apr-2012

I don’t usually drive fs tracks so I’m not
a very good judge,
But I’m assuming this is a good one;
Well, at least I got to the end,
and that doesn’t happen very often...

User Award   Switch 24-Apr-2012
I usually drive FS but I'm not a good judge.
Anyway, I really enjoyed to play this track, keep building
User Award   fab'm PT <3 24-Apr-2012
now everytime you say to me that you dont have talent i just say shut up and look at these coments above
nice to see you got rid of those driftings
User Award   Dimrain 24-Apr-2012
now its very nice to hunt i could enjoy all my runs and it was really fun to drive
the last curve after the loop is very tricky
great track, great points to gain some time
here is your deserved from me
btw.: nice authortime
User Award   inf. 24-Apr-2012
no masterpiece, but i had big fun to drive this one
User Award   Vergil 25-Apr-2012
Although some aspects of the track are a bit basic, such as the scenery and parts of the track, but what can be seen as a fault can also be seen as a good thing!

its must be noted that this track is a great hunter and enjoyable to drive as the difficulty is not to hard.
There is a clear route the whole way round, which makes finishing the track a hell of a lot easier, and from the drivers point of view, makes posting a decent time waayyyy less frustrating.

this is for you
User Award   McBong 25-Apr-2012
Wow this track is pretty awesome

I love this kind of fullspeed tracks without useless transition or smoothness. This track has a damn nice speed, challenging curves (sd or not ) and really nice walls and loops

I loved to hunt this track and it took me some time to found the right line. Then, your authortime was no big deal but it's a nice time anyway

I hope to see more tracks like this in the future
User Award   Quat 27-Apr-2012
ye nice track, it was kinda fun to drive this one. it´s none of this usual lame fs tracks. keep it up
User Award   nevermind 30-Apr-2012
nice hunter^^
User Award   pepper 04-May-2012
Very nice and easy hunter
Has alot to offer in terms of
speed and flow
Really an enjoyment to race
Heres a well deserved

User Award   GodofWar 10-May-2012
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