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Name: Download Chicken Invaders mtc
Pack: Download [Kristján] MissionPack
By:   fab'm PT <3
Version: 13-May-2012
TMX id: 4894563
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: LOL
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
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0:48.29   fab'm PT <3+ 0:04.30-
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Author Comments

!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!
Download the mediapack >>> HERE <<< otherwise you won't be able to enjoy the track with the desired full effects
Unzip the files in your trackmania folder in your documents

The story
Sometime in the near future, Earth is invaded by chickens from another galaxy, bent on revenge against the human race for oppressing earth chickens! Take the world's fate in your hands in this modern rendition of the 80's classic. Destroy the robotic egg ship and save the world today!

Before playing the track
1) Download the mediapack (link above) for a better ingame experience since the files don't auto-download anymore.
2) Save the mediapack in your trackmania directory (my documents/trackmania) ~ All files will be placed automatically where they should
3) Mod is not included in the mediapack (too big imo) so if you can't see it just download the GalaxSea mod (31 mb) and save it on your trackmania folder (without unzip it) on Trackmania/Skins/Stadium/Mod creating the folders if you don't have them (I also recommend you to download it before playing the track because it may take a while to show up in the game)
4) For a better ingame experience don't forget to hide the time and speedometer by turning off the interface (*)
5) Don't forget to put your settings at a minimum of pc3 low with fx activated to experience the full effects of the track
6) Last but not least enjoy the intro and outro after having all the files in their place

» presentation
» the making of

Music :
DnB - Drum and Bass

Special thanks to:
flipover and dnbfreak for helping me with this huge project

Custom modifications:
GalaxSea mod by Moi57 (thanks rpg community for hosting and for your awesome work)

I don't want to be a spoiler by talking about the mediatracker, all I have to say is that there's a 2 minute intro, by looking at the ingame mediatracker you will forget you are playing trackmania and I also made an outro with credits and some stuff

Some words
So.. this is my submtion for May Monthly Track Contest
The theme is micro machines but i didn't want to make a micro machines track... I wanted to make a track with chickens and spaceships (:
So inspired by sivert's Arcade track, I took the chance to use this theme to recreate one of my favourite games of all time -> Chicken Invaders
This month theme came up on the right time, I was planning to do this for a long time, I just needed an excuse (:
With the help of flipover I lost many hours with this track to make it innovative, to make it acessible, to make it fun.
Just don't expect a tech or a FS, this track's primary goal is the sense of entertainment and originality - not of hunting feelings.
All I can say for now is that i hope you have as much as fun with this creation as I had building it and good luck to all mtc participants.
Small Note: Even if most of the itens on the mediatracker were made by me, I still used some of sivert's, crusard's and dejamort's pictures and sounds because imo it's hard to find good stuff to include in trackmania and these guys did well on their tracks
I didn't asked them for using their material, I hope they'll forgive me
don't forget to check their tracks they are amazing (;

Last but not least
try these tracks for extra fun

CCP#22 - Chicken Invaders Xmas by   fab'm PT <3

[PF+FS].Dubspeed by   flipover

"[FS] Subliminal by   dnbfreak"

~ fabio_m ~

(thx list on pag 1,2,5 and 7)

User Comments
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  .Wiinty 01-Jul-2012
still not -.-
  fab'm PT <3 03-Jul-2012
it's ok i won't mind
700 downloads now
15 more and it will beat my "OverTheSky" and will be my most downloaded track ever

e/ (11-07-12)
now it is oficially my most downloaded track ever
  dan!el 19-Jul-2012
cg with atf20.
  fab'm PT <3 19-Jul-2012

e/ (august 1st)
a video I made just for fun

e/ (august 17th)
thanks for 800 downloads

900 downloads on 23 september
  flipover 28-Sep-2012
Great video and DAMN that MT!!! lol
  fab'm PT <3 08-Oct-2012
just in case the screen didn't fit with the rules (showing a small part of the track) i fixed that
  rad 13-Oct-2012
Chicken invaders is awesome game. I love it <3
Just finished CI2 playing with two ships till the end^^
  fab'm PT <3 29-Oct-2012
omg thanks all for 1000 downloads
greetings to you dnbfreak for being the 1000th downloader

500 downloads more now it has 1500 dls
over 3500 now xD i don't know what happen
the dl count says 4000 idk but thanks for those who downloaded

thx list continues here

even if the awards don't come as often as when the track was released I'm just happy to see that people are still having fun with it.
I never expected to go furter that 100 awards and seeing 180 atm it's a feeling of joy and acomplishment, thanks a lot guys

and one more thing: I will make episode 2 of chicken invaders stay tunned

»Angry! (thx (: )
Quantum» Lewis (thanks for your feedback (: )
Noobinc (thanks m8 (: i'm glad you liked it)
Gnark (I'm happy to see you enjoyed and had lots of fun (: )
alyen (obg (: )
rastaman (thx (: )
davi (thx (: )
Pulse.Ziza (thx (: )
dimmu_freakz (thanks (:
190 awards now I hope it reaches 200 someday
yeah!magic (lol I'm glad our teammates annoyed you ^^)
Spypsi (thanks (: )
ZION RAINBOW (thanks (: )
Silver°(thanks (: )
rpee89 (thanks for your kind words (: 194 awards now I managed to equal ongrid (: )
VomAdminEditiert (thanks (: keep those awesome PF coming ^^ )
luisoc (thanks (: )
oQult. (it's an unique lol (: thx)
Switch (me too and it did (: thanks)
boomedits (almost =D )
fredair.esu (200 awards (= thank you so much )
after 4 years, the space chickens reached 200 awards and on my birthday thank you so much for that gift and for your awesome words guys, I can't describe how happy I am
  .Wiinty 06-Jun-2014
wish there will be 200 someday..
  fab'm PT <3 11-Jun-2014
ye me too but at the moment I'm happy for what I have so far ^^
I'm more worried about the sequel I hope I can make it this year
  Deville 21-Jun-2014
  fab'm PT <3 22-Jun-2014
working on it but it's getting so hard to do

one more thing
well most of then are a bug but well

e/ 18/04/15
If someone is reading this I want an opinion
since the files no longer work online should I make an update with functionable locs?
I don't want to have invalid replays and this one is 3 years old but I want people to have fun with it
  pascow.esu 21-Jul-2015
It's a hunted classic track, dont update it here...maybe upload an updated version on zippyshare or smth?
  fab'm PT <3 22-Jul-2015
I did a small remake but i didn't felt into update or upload, meanwhile I made that CCP track that is way better than the original

e/ september 11
200 awards thank you so much for that birthday gift
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User Awards
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User Award   »Angry! 16-Nov-2012
crazy shit
User Award   Quantum| Lewis 06-Dec-2012
LoL Really funny! One of the most creative tracks ever
User Award   Noobinc 30-Dec-2012

What else is there to say? Well insane man really awesome work you did here!! Srsly tho only 182 rewards:O this track deserves to be on top imo!
User Award   Gnark 07-Jun-2013
Absolute genius, it put a big smile on my face, I can't think of a track that has done that to me to this extent.

Love it.

User Award   alyen 22-Jul-2013
muito fixe gostei
User Award   rastaman 27-Oct-2013
Awesome track, looks like another game inside TM. Great MT skills m8 Well deserved award
User Award   davi 18-Nov-2013
Very good
User Award   Pulse.Ziza 18-Jul-2014
User Award   dimmu_freakz 15-Feb-2015
epic to the max
User Award   apX.Magik :3 18-Mar-2015
User Award   Spypsi 06-Apr-2015
good track
User Award   Comet West 18-Apr-2015
Very original!
User Award   SummerBoobs 29-Apr-2015
Cool one
User Award   rpee89 13-Aug-2015
This kind of track just can't be driven without a smile on your face, and having fun is what matters the most in the end. Very original work with excellent music, masterful MT, and great ideas. As of year 2015 it still brings lots of joy for racers on this site and I'm sure it will continue to do so for a long time!

User Award   VomAdminEditiert 25-May-2016
User Award   luisoc 28-May-2016
User Award   oQult. 21-Jul-2016
I don't like LOL, but this one is a true concept!
User Award   Switch 11-Sep-2016
hopefully this gets 200 some day
User Award   RVSTRE Boomie 11-Sep-2016
User Award   iHq/fredair.esu 11-Sep-2016
Today. Now. By me. Gz.
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