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Name: Download Dirt.Butterfly
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cranberries
Version: 05-Oct-2013
Released: 05-Oct-2013
TMX id: 4902413
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 39,431
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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1:22.88   cranberries+ 0:00.0039,431
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1:22.97   Bajs+ 0:00.0939,174
1:23.43   Cocktail.afc+ 0:00.5537,861
1:23.94   'Twister+ 0:01.0636,405
1:23.94   Etidu+ 0:01.0636,405
1:24.51   TraX+ 0:01.6334,778
1:25.25   canje+ 0:02.3732,665
1:25.25   Lovva+ 0:02.3732,665
1:25.44   TiggerVater+ 0:02.5632,123
1:26.16   candidatus+ 0:03.2830,068
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Author Comments


Introduction and Idea:
I came up with this kind of a dirt track idea as a reaction to overly BMed tracks - I said to myself: it would be really interesting to build a dirt track without dirt hills. So, obviously, mixing would play a big part in the whole track, and as I was toying with this simple idea, I built more on it in my mind: to make it more obvious, the entire track will have to sit way up, and since no dirt hills would hold the dirt blocks, scenery is important. So this simple idea turned into a sort of big project. Later I started looking at my own style of building dirt: I wanted to see which tracks were more interesting and fun to play, not only for me, but for you guys also, because TMX is my outlet. My attention was caught by a simple track named "Qualia..." - The way this track stands out from all my other dirt tracks is awesome. I wanted the same kind of dirt style to be implemented in this new idea. And the last piece that inspired me was my most famous track series: "the TECH letters" - Tracks built in a simple concept: shape of letters. So I also took this simple idea in this new dirt track project. What I ended up with is a new kind of dirt track, block mixed in the air, away from dirt hills, with a compact and hard dirt playing style, built into a shape of a butterfly

Subject and Making:
The first thing I did before building it was to search for the actual shape. This is pretty obvious, but it's a must do: I googled (in images) the word "butterfly" ^^ so that I know exactly how a butterfly looks like. I made drawings/sketches on a paper with the shape of the examples I liked, also I tried to make a sort of block-arrangement on paper beforehand. As I started building the track in the editor, I noticed that I only built simple dirt roads and it looks really ugly to have a sort of serpent dirt road all the way, so I decided to make it more interesting by making it more unconventional this became another important feature, an important part of the concept. The other thing that I noticed while building was the scenery, it was kinda hard to justify the dirt blocks so high up in the air (I don't like to have floating parts, especially noticeable while driving) but with such a weird mixing concept, it's really hard to avoid that. So if I couldn't avoid making it float, I would have to embrace that ^^ The track will feature this concept as well, the intentional floating parts. An important note is that the shape of the butterfly is not perfectly symmetric, even though it can be. I didn't want the shape to dictate that much (can't ignore a reasonable flow), so that's also intentional ...

Conclusion and Closure:
This entire project can work as a single track, or as a track series: the butterfly shape is the original idea, but a flower shape, or a moth, or any other insect could also be interesting. Due to it's weird nature, I will consider this an experimental project, nevertheless, it's meant to be played and enjoyed by everyone ... Also this author comment is something different: a little insight into my track-making, for all you track-builders out there ^^


User Comments
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  cranberries 09-Oct-2013
first I have to thank the beta testers
  avarice   GodofWar   DisGo.esu
  shortz.esu   samuelhip   :-)
  nair   master94ga|On MX   makonen.nwt
you guys gave me such great comments and support - thank you


I also would like to say big thanks for the screen shot competitors
1.   GodofWar - TMX and big
flowing emotions by   GodofWar

2.   DrKris - TMX and big
Capsizing the Sea by   DrKris

3.   will smith - TMX and big
  GodofWar - TMX and big
  canje - TMX
  Sàmµel. - TMX and big
  Infector.bro - TMX
see the entire competition here: click!


last but not least, the awards
thank you   // Flow for your "I luv it" award
thank you   GodofWar for your "niiiice" award
thank you   avarice for your "pretty fantastic" award
thank you   Razo.'R |R4a for your "surprising" award
thank you   Sàmµel. for your "thumbs up" award
thank you   DisGo.esu for your "smile" award
thank you   scale for your "boring" award
thank you   canje for your "great" award
thank you   Infector.bro for your " ²! " award
thank you   Zerkuso for your "fun" award

thank you   Lovva for your "simple" award
thank you   'Twister for your "nice" award
thank you   discodoom for your "checked" award
thank you   TraX for your "insane" award
thank you   candidatus for your "not right" award
thank you   DirtyMike for your "BIG" award
thank you   Bajs for your "Ahww yes!" award
thank you   xxlr8 / bye TM for your "first time" award
thank you   Rowie. for your "once in a while" award
thank you   link` for your "surprised" award

thank you   Ad!key for your "weird" award
thank you   wormi for your "Cool" award
thank you   Triple.shoot for your "weird but flowy" award
thank you   Kadzio for your "nice with good" award
thank you   Flyps for your "award" award
thank you   Cocktail.afc for your "cool" award
thank you   Sky.esu for your :awesome" award
thank you   samuelhip for your "really like it" award
thank you   Therese Johaug for your "pretty" award
thank you   matze.Qm for your "simple" award

thank you   royale for your "flowish" award
thank you   Etidu for your "realize" award:
  Lovva 09-Oct-2013
crazy time bajs
  »RtA«wally 11-Oct-2013
The idea is good, but for me, it only feels like random tight corners blockmixed put together... I know it's hard to do a butterfly, but I don't love the feeling of the map at all lol..
  cranberries 11-Oct-2013
okay I get your point, but I don't agree with it ^^ ... in fact I built the track with everything in mind: shape AND flow ... but thanks for trying it
  »RtA«wally 11-Oct-2013
Maybe i didn't "train" it enough... i'll try more tonight
  cranberries 11-Oct-2013
hope you do and hope you'll find it challenging and rewarding ... it's a bit tough and technical, not even dirt lovers like this style that much but I really think it's awesome, takes a lot of skill and determination
  matze.Qm 07-Dec-2013
  mr.hubby 20-Dec-2013
ui i know that one
  cranberries 20-Dec-2013
so glad you remember it also, awesome surprise to see you here ^^
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User Awards
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User Award   Ad!key 11-Oct-2013
weird shit
User Award   wormi 11-Oct-2013
Cool idea, but due to symmetry it feels like having 2 laps which is a bit boring. Still, flowy and fun to drive so here's another award to you!

User Award   Triple.shoot 12-Oct-2013
weird but flowy and that's what counts for the track being fun
User Award   Kadzio 12-Oct-2013
Nice idea with good execution

User Award   Flyps 12-Oct-2013
User Award   Cocktail.afc 13-Oct-2013
User Award   Sky.esu 20-Oct-2013
awesome work man
User Award   samuelhip 21-Oct-2013
I really like it, good job
User Award   Therese Johaug 25-Oct-2013
im not the dirt driver but this one is pretty
User Award   matze.Qm 07-Dec-2013
User Award   royale 08-Jan-2014
Wo0W dude !

I fu**king love this mixed dirt track. I haven't played in a while and that's why I didn't tried to get a good time because it's not gonna happen soon. The flow of the track is absolutely amazing and the scenery is just the right amount. I'm happy to see mixed tracks done by you because you always come with something flowish ! All in one, I hope you show up with more tracks like this one. Happy New year !

User Award   Etidu 14-Jul-2014
Great track, and I didn't realize the symmetry at first.
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