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Name: Download Co.onstruct
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   vneck
Version: 26-May-2012
Released: 26-May-2012
TMX id: 4925992
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 36,663
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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0:40.04   RVSTRE Boomie+ 0:00.0036,663
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0:40.09   »mostfriendlyp...+ 0:00.0536,388
0:40.16   ilmerluz+ 0:00.1236,003
0:40.20   *aAa* Piranha+ 0:00.1635,784
0:40.28   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.2435,344
0:40.31   apX. agent+ 0:00.2735,179
0:40.40   Jff.-Ivan!+ 0:00.3634,685
0:40.43   funky'|Jean+ 0:00.3934,520
0:40.49   iv!ca' :O+ 0:00.4534,190
0:40.49   peekingduk+ 0:00.4534,190
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Author Comments

Huhu guys, hey pasci

wasn't quite active recently and yet managed to finish this one hurray. The start was the original one for 'Bat Country', the continuative turn until the first wallride an attempt for an INTL cup track and the 30 seconds left over some random stuff I built. Quite experimental scenery throughout the track may be somewhat weird, or rather chaotic, but I think it looks really extraordinary amazing. Oh and almost forgot to do a shoutout to dadam, who was big inspiration for the scenery (:

Some tips for driving; since that track is kind of beast in terms of difficulty in my opinion:
Make sure you hit the speedslide at the 180 degree corner since you will have some troubles hitting the jump otherwise.
Hit the turnover as early as possible to get the smoothest line possible.
Neither use the dirt shifting trick, nor drive too tight at the big dirt turn, you know why if you crash the downer part of the finish.

Cheers V

User Comments
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  Kang 01-Jun-2012
Because people are lazy ^.^
  vneck 01-Jun-2012
well, 10 replays is more than I expected, I don't care about lb man
wow and thanks to zogger and co. for these awards! was a pleasure to read through that stuff. big thanks guys!

Btw; for everyone who's interested, I'll officially announce part two right here because of the great feedback, don't expect a certain date yet but it's on the way.
  .Wiinty 03-Jun-2012
sounds great
  iv!ca' :O 03-Jun-2012
... and if you don't make any empty part, i could write huge award maybe.
  'Infi 05-Jun-2012
... and if you keep these empty parts and show us other amazing piece combinations i could write a huge award maybe.
  vneck 06-Jun-2012
haha, will do my best not disappointing either of you
  pascow.esu 12-Jun-2012
... will write huge award

  vneck 15-Jun-2012
  Kang 16-Jun-2012
1 time i pasted pot leaf txt art for a huge award on 1 of necks tracks. don't be tellin all the secrets and given away the double space, those are 1337 tricks of the trade man shows u liked it and made more award pages SON

I snatch and promiscuous women all i got to do is and they to with me haters be like its cool some c my d and go


Kang out, n ya, ima a legend like the lochness SON
  vneck 17-Jun-2012
  'Infi 23-Jun-2012
Most epic quote award - UCA 2012
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User Awards
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User Award   Joost»LT 28-May-2012


«Brilliant map!»

The track itself isreally awesome on it's own!
I'm sure it would be huge fun even without scenery!
Anyway, I totally love this one

Here's my short review:
With a ++ (utterly amazing), + (amazing), - (small letdown), -- (serious flaw) system

++ points
- Scenery
- Dirt Part, I really liked it!
- Atmosphere, those empty places give more 'depth' and 'atmosphere' to the scenery

+ points
- Track itself
- MT, cool intro

- points
- Dark wallrides..
- (too) tight spots
- Dirt part could use a bit more scenery IMO
- Finish

- - points
I would have said finish.. but I put it up in '-' since I finished the map now

Oh and one thing:
Co.onstruct isn't proper English, first of all the dot is misplaced.
Secondly you completely misspelled it.. It should be 'construct'

edit: I should read before I write, or read what I wrote
User Award   pascow.esu 28-May-2012
god you are such a genious. really this track is so fckn amazing. best track this year for me to be honest. its so varying and never gets boring. also the dirtpart was cool, you did an amazing job here. MT is great and the scenery is just mindblowing, one of the best ive are so awesome, love you <3
User Award   Raffi 28-May-2012
someone please bring me new pants
User Award   arti 28-May-2012
User Award   C4 Freak 28-May-2012
I'v been waiting so long for this track and I must say that it is really impressing. Amazing intro cams, brilliant track route and scenery and a nice speed. Nothing to complain about (:
User Award   Kang 29-May-2012
@joost, it is english, and it's not "connect" the word is "construct"

In beta you told me you liked the "abstract scenery" of my track. In the end, some people liked it and some people hated it. I love it, and i think your track is a lot more abstract than mine. It's beautiful man. Excellent work.

The narrow route, couldn't have done it better myself. You know this gets pts with me, we have a clear "best line" and if we don't drive it we have to restart. Can't say much else other than i love it, too.

Excellent track man, my skills are weak so sorry for bad replay. Maybe better one later. Kang wuvs Neckz0r Your abstract can't be mentioned enough

User Award   SapphiroN 29-May-2012
Fucking amazing. The scenery is a masterpiece.
User Award   ZoggeR 29-May-2012
I have to admit that I have always looked at you as an overrated builder, which struck the most to me when you uploaded those Road Trips which - put in a friendly way - did not deserve what they got IMO. I know this isn't something you should normally say in an award, but I don't care.

But this track, wow, it's so...sophisticated o.O. It's so...beautiful, yet simple. You have to know that I love the combination of morning mood + yellow inflatable styled Scenery, and this is just so 100 % this, even with a theme behind it . And you even made the track fit into it, with this fucking amazing long dirt turn which makes it special (but also annoying) and a very well built racing line. I wouldn't call it awesome, but it still got interesting aspects (e.g. the first wall which I personally love because it is some kind of blind but still intuitive) and a good flow.
About the Scenery, many parts made my jaw drop down and made me drool, but some parts didn't look good, almost ugly . But looking at it all together, this Scenery and layout and design are, as Sapp said, a masterpiece itself. I couldn't do it work out this idea behind actually make it work and look like that...just amazing!

Anyways, grab yourself another well-deserved award and keep making this one-of-a-kind tracks because you know they and you will be loved!

User Award   apX. agent 29-May-2012
REally nice fullspeeder. At beginning I had problems with the mixed scenery and ofc the long dirt part..failed there a lof But after some tryies I got how to drive the map and its just awesome. All here is awesome, the track itself, the scenery, the flow .

Really deserved award .: :.
User Award   nQer 01-Jun-2012
for scenery ! ^^
User Award   Cocktail.afc 01-Jun-2012
Just fantastic !
User Award   xTs Jazon 02-Jun-2012
User Award   Speedy' 21-Aug-2012
fcking great
User Award   Pat 23-Oct-2012
Definitely forgot to award this hell of a fullspeeder. Great speed, awesome flow!
User Award   dadm 05-Nov-2012
nice use of BM for the scenery, some block combinaisons are great. Nice speed too!
User Award   scale 26-Sep-2013
User Award   Ad!key 02-Jul-2014
love it
User Award   iHq/fredair.esu 14-Mar-2017
User Award   RVSTRE Boomie 02-Jun-2018
well done
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