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Name: Download S w i t c h »
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Ivi » gone!
Version: 15-Jul-2012
TMX id: 5027316
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 35,416
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:28.99   AR »Down.+ 0:00.0035,416
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0:29.04   Ivi » gone!+ 0:00.0535,049
0:29.10   AR »Trex+ 0:00.1134,609
0:29.11   Switch+ 0:00.1234,536
0:29.14   alchemY+ 0:00.1534,316
0:29.14   Kadzio+ 0:00.1534,316
0:29.21   sir B+ 0:00.2233,803
0:29.24   MaC « psycho+ 0:00.2533,583
0:29.27   dan!el+ 0:00.2833,363
0:29.36   peteypablo7+ 0:00.3732,704
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Author Comments

- 15. o7. 2o12. -

S w i t c h »



Hello there,
that's my new fullspeed track, this time a cool hunter which is a bit shorter and called S w i t c h » . Luckily () there's a person with the same name on so it's a little tribute to him - yes, it's   Switch. Why little? Simply because track feels like mini hunter, but I tried to build in a style of something like his "Far Away", a track with some cool smoothness, high speed and a huge sd. Infi made out of him one of the best sd makers here (well, I say this because of BB|LB project) but since he's still underrated author in my opinion and can't be happy with attention his tracks got, I made this track for him 'cause he deserved this tribute - yep, that's for you mate.


Ok, now to the track - its start might piss you off at first tries, but you'll get used to it, so don't panic quickly , has some nice smoothness and few transitions before a huge, tight and tricky sd comes and pretty high speed and wall after that . Easy to finish, hard to master, pretty tight at places but an ivi track wouldn't be an ivi track if the tightness wouldn't characterize it. I added some sh't MT here. I wish I am more skilled to make Switch a better presentation but ... I think nothing more to add here, just enjoy driving and post some fast times!


Style : Fullspeed <3
Coppers : ~6k
Length : ~29 sec. (28.xx in?)
AT : 29.o6
Mood : Day
Scenery : mid-heavy
MT : intro, gps
Screen :   .max - large one in the title


There was a sc, thanks to the people who made screens, but I really liked max's one so I had to choose that one as a winner. 2nd place went to   CvRk and 3rd to   GodofWar.

Showcase b*tch!

o For first places in SC:

my starry nights by   .max

July_ by   CvRk

*Story of Life* by   GodofWar

o And now for Switch
Far Away by   Switch

Life is a road. by   Switch

Last but not the least, thanks to my two beta testers:

o   sw - who will try to be 1st commenter, I'm sure, but nooo way it will happen on my track page !!

o   dan!el - who tested all track versions, but said 6k cc is unacceptable for a 29 sec. hunter and yea, he's prolly right.

Last words

Now have fun while driving & hunting this track , any kind of feedback is appreciated, of course, hopefully I'll see come close battle here and pascow will prove us that 28 is in.



User Comments
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  qb»Flow 18-Jul-2012
Hey ivi

I can write something like: expected more of you ... too short ... blablabla -> no award
But I want to give you the reasons why I won't give you an award:
1. I hate BM (not only here, hate it everywhere )
2. Overloaded and sometimes displaced scenery (a.e. cactus with his annoying red wires -.-')
3. Don't like the start-section (can't tell you why, but it doesn't have any flow to me, sorry)
4. Some "blind" spots disturbed the flow on the first "learning"-runs (section before you go to this nice long speedslide)
5. And last but not least this overspeeded finish. I know it's like: "if you have your car under controll you can do it". But for me it doesn't make fun to drive when my car is sliding to everywhere except the finish just by touching the joystick a lil bit.

Feel honoured that you get that big feedback, cuz I'm really tired xD

Good night
  Ivi » gone! 18-Jul-2012
well, it's kinda experimental scenery here comparing to my others, tried something what i am usually not doing, i'm personally happy about result but np, i know whatever you make there'll be always haters ^^ and i dunno why ppl are forced to finish track in first tries, somebody gonna punish if you don't do so or what? Will never get this! Oh and 5th point, I didn't expect to see from guy like you, s fullspeed driver, the straight finish only would be pretty boring, tho i don't get why you got probs there, anyway thx 4 feed bro.
  dan!el 19-Jul-2012
finish sux idd, because when you land on that last road, you can't fix your car trajectory any more because of sliding.
  peteypablo7 21-Jul-2012
I'm sorry, no award from me didn't really enjoyed the track but left a replay anyway
  Switch 21-Jul-2012
I'll test the track when I'll be back, sorry
I'm just back at home and I'm leaving in 5 min...I'll be back in two weeks I think
  qb»Flow 21-Jul-2012
About the finish dan!el just pointed out what I wanted to say!

And the point about finishing a map on the first runs just means that I am a person who likes to find out how I can drive a map. Not with GPS or replays - just by myself. And you should know how often you crash with knowing where to go. Then look how often you crash if you don't know the way. These blind spots make me crash that often. And if you crash, you know, the flow is going on to the next track.
  Ivi » gone! 22-Jul-2012


o1. sleepw@lker ... love
o2. kadziolek2 ... excellent
o3. !nFernOxid ... tribute
o4. dan!el CACACACA <333333 ... heavy
o5. Kebab ... job
o6. -GoW- ... thumbs up
o7. ZoggeR|'P.H.C« ... short
o8. »Legend° ... zogger
o9. » ... perfect
1o. Mastermind ... splendid

~ 1o ~

11. Triple.shoot ... great
12. alchemY ... f*ck
13. ReviiLo. <3 ... (y)
14. .Wiinty ... take it
15. Raffi ... weak
16. Ravenwest <3 ... nice
17. AR »Down. ... 1oooth
18. cos Freak.xT ... awesome
19. Tige® ... good
2o. nevier ... rage

~ 2o ~

21. "Dawe. ... gr8
22. sir B ... šta reci
23. Calum ... delay
24. Switch ... fun


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User Awards
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User Award   "Dawe. 22-Jul-2012
thats great!
User Award   sir B 22-Jul-2012
Mislim,sta reci...
User Award   Calum_:( 23-Jul-2012
sorry for the delay
User Award   Switch 03-Sep-2012

First I have to say I'm sorry for the (very big) delay . You uploaded this track for me 6 weeks ago and I award it only now...Sorry for that mate.

Now the track...What can I say about it ? I really love it, although it 's definitely way too hard for my lack of driving skills (not sure) I played it during more than 1 hour this morning during I wrote this award, but I didn't finish...(e : just after I wrote it I re-opened the game, I tried once more and I finished the track )
The huge sd is awesome, just like I love them. Pretty long and tight, easy to make but really hard to master.
The first part of the track is a little too tight for me, I often crash after the boost
I like the final jump too, but I don't really know why. I don't know why at all to be honest. But I like it.
I really like the whole track and I know why. Because it makes me a lot of fun of course. That's the important in a game, no ? That's at least what I think.

Thanks for this great tribute mate (dunno if I already wrote it once in the comment)

Okay, I'm pretty sure my words mean nothing but nevermind, I hope you'll understand them.

User Award   AR »Trex 29-Dec-2017
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