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Name: Download Whenever You Need Me!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   t00bstAr
Version: 25-Oct-2008
Released: 25-Oct-2008
TMX id: 508101
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 61,140
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:38.15   henkel+ 0:00.0061,140
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0:38.25   mimee_+ 0:00.1060,178
0:39.45   «wbky»Hawk+ 0:01.3048,639
0:39.48   AR »Cybernetic+ 0:01.3348,351
0:39.48   MaC « psycho+ 0:01.3348,351
0:39.52   Wunderz+ 0:01.3747,966
0:39.54   Dule+ 0:01.3947,774
0:39.56   vencju+ 0:01.4147,582
0:39.60   » Ptitnono.F®+ 0:01.4547,197
0:39.60   lotky+ 0:01.4547,197
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Author Comments

Hi TrackManiaX
I'm finally decided to upload a new track
For the first time in TMNF i have decided to make a Fullspeed track..
It's smooth and imo it's a lot of fun


Track details:
A lot of Smooth drops and jumps..
3 Loops
1 Wallride
Sweet scenery
Screeny Made it myself.. but just a quick one this time
Authortime: 40.30, But i think 39.7x is possible..

Intro:I used a lot of time on it, and i like it
GPS: Simple GPS, but it can be needed
Cams: Loop-cam-change
Outro: Spend a lot of time on this one too..

Imo, the track isn't that difficult.. but because of the smoothness
you need to drive the track prober to finish it..
Anyways, check the GPS or watch the video to get the hang of it

Last but not least.. Thx to the beautiful Beta Testers:
~ Kirby
~ German_Dude
~ Gelex
~ Syncro
~ PagH
~ Danish
~ DenSu
Really means a lot when guys try out and give response.. thank you

I guess thats it.. I hope you will try it..
Remember to post your best times and comments are very much appreciated..
And if you decide to award Thx a lot..

~ t00b ~

User Comments
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  t00bstAr 25-Oct-2008
Damn.. Sounds crazy Syncro
And thank you.. I also think it has gone very fast with the awards
But let's see if there will come some other great Fullspeeders that will give you a hard time hunting
For now.. Nice WR m8
  SynCro. 25-Oct-2008
  rewiind 25-Oct-2008
BOTW in less than a day... nice job
  t00bstAr 25-Oct-2008
Thx a lot
  SynCro. 27-Oct-2008
you took my rec djsisi
Now i must try for it again
  t00bstAr 27-Oct-2008
Wow Amazing times Syncro and Djsisi..
I think you guys are crazy speeders xD
Anyways.. Wonderfull award Djsisi..
and Syncro.. Go for the rec
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 29-Oct-2008
Why do you always build cuts in your track which are nearly impossible für humans?!
The cut on this track here is just fuckin awesome, but it's a way too crazy to drive!
Maybe a machine can - but not I!

Ahhh, come on - It MUST work!

  t00bstAr 29-Oct-2008
haha.. cut in this one ?
I know you are an amazing cuthunter..
but i doubt you can do it
Anyways.. Saw your cut on Blue World.. Crazy stuff..
I have no idea how to cut on this one..
but if you could drive the cut, i would love to see a replay..
Not uploaded though hehe
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 29-Oct-2008
Here is a little replay mix of my saved replays!
The cut isn't that hard without the finish part, but this one destroys mostly each run!
You need a very good transition when you drive through this last loop to gain enough speed for the end and then you need enough luck that you hit the last CP at the highest point in the middle and then the car should get kicked down and the last jump should be possible!

Maybe I'll try it tomorow again! I have to train today hard for our match again TEP in the UL4!
  t00bstAr 29-Oct-2008
Welll.. sounds crazy
I will have a look later when i get off work..
Good luck with your match
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 30-Oct-2008
Puuhh ...
Already watched?
  t00bstAr 30-Oct-2008
Yeah i did.. Imo..
It's impossible.. but maybe if you were a machine you could xD hehe
  SynCro. 30-Oct-2008
got it

edit: no cut**

I just thought i should say since that was the last thing you were discussing
  t00bstAr 30-Oct-2008
Wow Syncro..
Wicked time.. Got to check that replay later..
Really nice
You think 39.5x is possible.. or impossible ?
  SynCro. 30-Oct-2008
I would say possible I was at the .71 time before i got .64
and it was -.07 that got me .64

but i was -.11 then lost it in the last loop
there is a bit of time to make up at start, the turn to the first loop is VERY important to get a good time
if it's done right I would imagine .5x is possible
  » Ptitnono.F® 06-Dec-2008
You're right
  t00bstAr 06-Dec-2008
haha Nice one Ptitnono.. Great time
  » Ptitnono.F® 06-Dec-2008
  t00bstAr 07-Dec-2008
haha.. np Nice to see some action on this track again
  ced 09-Jul-2012
there is really a cut on this one i dunno if marci found the same before, but mine works with a good start xD
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User Awards
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User Award   Seadevil 24-Nov-2008
Great but annoying track xD
User Award   SweSebbe 06-Dec-2008
Nice fullspeed track T00b I enjoyed it alot There isn't much new but it was anyway fun to drive thought it was little like my fullspeed tracks, maybe not the minijumps but the style.. nice intro and nice outro I have not much more to say a well built track

Here have you a big from me
User Award   » Ptitnono.F® 06-Dec-2008

I totally enjoyed this one !!
So smooth, so cool, so challenging...
Really nice precision curves, they're soo demanding, as the jumps and transitions
Great smooth enging too !!

Aweome work !!


+ The Smoothness
+ The Wall
+ The Loops
+ The Re-uses
+ The Speed
+ The Curves
+ The Plateforms
+ The Scenery
+ The Screen
+ The Jumps/Fallings


User Award   cReatiV/off 09-Jan-2009
great track
nice screen

User Award   LostGamer 14-May-2009
Very cool Track
User Award   AR »Cybernetic 22-Oct-2009
I've always loved this track.
User Award   inksanity 22-Dec-2009
awesome track m8
User Award   McBong 24-Jun-2011
nice track
User Award   ced 09-Jul-2012
User Award   «wbky»Hawk 10-Oct-2012
Great track
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