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Name: Download That is Dirt!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Dartz4
Version: 27-Oct-2008
TMX id: 517119
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 21,406
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:58.76   ray+ 0:00.0021,406
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0:59.03   dim_an+ 0:00.2720,816
0:59.56   ANE.Gman+ 0:00.8019,657
0:59.58   memy+ 0:00.8219,613
0:59.64   TimeBreaker+ 0:00.8819,482
1:00.18   Bajs+ 0:01.4218,302
1:00.26   Dartz4+ 0:01.5018,127
1:03.00   Mr.Brow+ 0:04.2412,138
1:04.53   mp.Zver+ 0:05.778,794
1:11.52   Lovva+ 0:12.760
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Author Comments

-- That is Dirt! --

Hey folks,
let me tell a little story about the development of the track. On TMU rally was the absolutely hated environment. Nobody wanted to drive it cos of its strange driving. The result was that often many people left the server. So decided to make a cool rallytrack to convince the people, that it is fun as well.
Now, i had the same problem with dirt. I don't know but i always had my fun with those kind of tracks. Despite there were a lot fo bugs and bad landings. Others don't like those kind of tracks because of the uncontrollable slidings there. I searched for some cool dirt-tracks on TMX but didn't really found them (it was 3 months ago ). I for myself again decided to show dirt can be cool and smooth as well.

So finally i hope you will like the track despite it is nearly only-dirt. Give it a try


Some pieces of information about the track:

- style: dirt-action with some street and offroad-parts
- 4 jumps/ 5 drops
- 80%dirt, 10% offroad, 10 street
- Intro
- Outro
- Authormedal: 1:00.26
- personal best was a high 59er.
- Mood/coppers: sunset/ 3100C.
- Betatesters: Smok3y, Aaerox, dgp and €us
- Special feature(s): overall respawnable, cam in the end

Bigger screen: 1280x1024
Wallpaper: 1280x1024

Win coppers:
- Inspired by pwf will there be one secret spot where you'll get a key. The only thing to do is to be the first who found the spot and post the key here in the comments. You will win 1000 coppers for your effort!
- 1500 coppers for the first who drives an exact 1:00.00! You have to drive the time, upload your replay and tell me your login.

Have fun and good luck

I hope you will enjoy and pls leave a replay behind. I am looking forward to your comments, replays and maybe awards

- Dartz4

User Comments
Showing 17 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Dartz4 27-Oct-2008
Please leave a replay behind
  ANE.Gman 27-Oct-2008
another track yippy
will trywhen im home
  t00bstAr 27-Oct-2008
Will check this one tonight..
and hopefully drive exact or find the secret xD..
Nice idea with a competition..
Hopefully nobody will find it before 3½ hours from now
  ANE.Gman 27-Oct-2008
same.. just another hour till im home
  ZayL 27-Oct-2008
Nice screenshot
  Dartz4 27-Oct-2008
Thanks. This is my first i made nearly on my own. rulorzZ
  craxx - gone 27-Oct-2008
sry but this excat 1.00.00 time is a stupid idea i think more luck then skills
  ANE.Gman 27-Oct-2008
I was so close to 01:00.00
oh well

i have a 59.56 to upload later on if som1 gets closer to me...
  Dartz4 28-Oct-2008
Yeah I know it's some kind of luck. But i think the time is chosen that it is a very challenging job to go ahead.

Go for it!
  TimeBreaker 28-Oct-2008
1000 cwn
login: timebreaker
  Dartz4 28-Oct-2008
I knew you would be the winner

If you now find out what i mean with cwn you will get some cookies
  t00bstAr 28-Oct-2008
damnit well done TB
1000 cwn.. hmm..
1000 Coppers won Nerd Maybe ?
Anyways.. The exact time is very difficult
  Dartz4 28-Oct-2008
coppers for c is right. The rest is funny as well

But not correct
  ANE.Gman 29-Oct-2008
i posted this in the recomend a dirttrack forum.. 2nd dirt track ive poste dthere
  Dartz4 29-Oct-2008
Thanks for your nice support again
  ANE.Gman 29-Oct-2008
np i like all your tracks..
i've started to race your earlier tracks...
going for rec on downtown atm... .15 away from TB..

For such a nice track to have only 9 awards is a shame
i guess some go under the radar
  TimeBreaker 21-Mar-2009
coppers work now
1000 - coppers won now !!

for guessing this right and being the cloest to the 1 minute (100.15^^) I shoul get the 1500 now

x rays time is just crazy, he must be god or someting, also he surely uses a pad -_-
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User Awards
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User Award   brødhue|velv 04-Oct-2010
User Award   makonen.nwt 06-Sep-2011
User Award   Lovva 26-Jan-2014
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