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Name: Download Dreadwave Bay
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eie
Version: 12-Oct-2012
Released: 12-Oct-2012
TMX id: 5200696
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 17,294
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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5:06.21   berk1n+ 0:00.0017,294
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5:15.15   mt17+ 0:08.9414,264
5:16.25   -DrM-+ 0:10.0413,891
5:53.47   elgster+ 0:47.261,279
6:01.42   thom+ 0:55.210
6:09.84   HouseKeepR+ 1:03.630
7:29.06   ClemPag+ 2:22.850
7:30.43   Maexs+ 2:24.220
8:35.85   rego_joao+ 3:29.640
27:00.11   nunni+ 21:53.900
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Author Comments

Thanks for playing.

About this map
Length: 6:00 (quite short)
Author time: 7:38.00 (lost at least a minute at a stupid cp, so it's a mediocre time)
Screenshot: Not done yet
Difficulty: Not too difficult, might be challenging for beginners.
Story: I think it's about findig a hidden treasure buried on the island, but I built this map a long time ago, so I'm not 100 % sure ^^
Easter eggs: 2-3

All credits for the custom models goes to sol666 (you're awesome
Thanks to igntul for helping me with details !

Have fun!

User Comments
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  jordanr 13-Oct-2012
invisible maze is SHIT

So pissed right now.

No clues...
  eie 13-Oct-2012
I'm sorry... invisible maze? I don't understand what you mean by that, there are no mazes in this map !
If you would help clarify the specified part of the map in which you experienced the mentioned problem, I'd be happy to guide you through it, but I can't help you since I have noe clue about what you are talking about...
  thom 13-Oct-2012
I like this one, may award it after I replay it sometime, "but" it's a bit too easy imo, or too short for the difficulty, don't know !
  eie 13-Oct-2012
Thanks for the feedback anyway =)
I can't build tracks that pleases everyone, but I might build a harder and longer track next time, just this time there was limited space to build on, so it couldn't really be much longer ^^

nice time btw, what do you expect is lowest possible?
  thom 13-Oct-2012
Well, Drunk is probably close to best possible time
  jordanr 15-Oct-2012
I should have waited for someone to upload a replay. I went back and watched. I am not sure of what cp it is because i was playing offline. But it is a part where you are up high in the air. when you respawn from the CP, you drive out on an invisible platform (I thought this was an invisible maze). But there were only two guide markers to use. And I couldn't figure out where to go after trying every possible direction. Obviously after watching, I saw that you take the two guide markers at full speed and then dive and bounce off of the water onto dry land.

I want to apologize for being so angry in my original comment. I was very irate from spending about 30 minutes on that cp and never figuring it out. I also wanted to say thank you for the respect and helpfulness you were still willing to show me even after I was an @$$.

thank you for releasing a new map. It seems like it had been forever since we have seen something from you. i look forward to your next project. And I agree with poster above, the difficulty was a little easier than advertised.
  eie 15-Oct-2012
There's supposed to be a moving ghost moving when you finish the invisible path, which is a block moving in front of the cave. I'd hoped that catch the attention of driver at that part, but I am not 100 % sure if I got them all working properly, and it's indeed my fault if it isn't

But really, ever heard of cam7?

(Btw, I often pm players who have problems with my maps, but you won't allow pm's, why not? o_o)
  thom 15-Oct-2012
The ghost + 3D model works well there !
And everywhere else afaik !
  jordanr 15-Oct-2012
I might not have let the mod load completely. I saw ghost cars, but none that were moving. I will check again. And I didn't mean to have PM turned off, I just set it to allow. thank you for letting me know
  Snellejasper 20-Oct-2012
What kind of easter eggs does this track have? I think I found one, but I'm not sure if that's an easter egg.
  lain64 05-Jan-2013
  Xerox. 01-Feb-2018
GPS: 5:15.15 by mt17.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   igntuL 12-Oct-2012
dreadlock bay ftw
User Award   kill.evil 12-Oct-2012
it was a nice track on beta test... and it still a good track finally... so good build here!
User Award   Reahx 13-Oct-2012
Very nice track <3
User Award   jordanr 15-Oct-2012
Nice hunting map
User Award   Snellejasper 20-Oct-2012
Very nice track
User Award   -henny- 26-Oct-2012
Nice Map Didin't expect sth else
User Award   .Kouba. 27-Oct-2012
User Award   HawkGer 09-Dec-2012
nice classic RPG :-)
User Award   Jurek 16-Dec-2012
Nice map
User Award   lain64 02-Jan-2013
User Award   fleshback 02-Jan-2013
nice sweet track ! the great usual eie flow
User Award   HouseKeepR 27-Jan-2013
User Award   Erizel (brutal) 07-May-2013
Amazing track!
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