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Name: Download Aural Psynapse
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wormi
Version: 09-Nov-2012
Released: 09-Nov-2012
TMX id: 5238541
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 24,421
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:52.54   gswe81+ 0:00.2023,861
0:52.71   schalkeboy+ 0:00.3723,385
0:52.74   nwt.iceman+ 0:00.4023,301
0:52.96   Ragha+ 0:00.6222,685
0:53.02   Yoshy+ 0:00.6822,517
0:53.03   nwt'Sadh+ 0:00.6922,489
0:53.04   wormi+ 0:00.7022,461
0:53.05   makonen.nwt+ 0:00.7122,433
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Author Comments

Good evening, tmx!

This map was made in May 2012. I was meant for ROC tournament at first, but after I wanted to continue it and make it a bit different that I would like a tournament map be, I didn't send it. I find the style of the map pretty nice and that's why I sent it to WDMC, a dirt mapping competition. However, the dirt world seems not to be at my wavelength with this map, and the track was just 9th there ^^ The scenery is one of my own favorites ever, pretty simple and clean but still also complex.

Then name Aural Psynapse is a song by deadmau5. I listened the song a lot while making the map and that's why this track got named by it. And by the way, this map is the map number 355,000.

style: dirt tech
mood: day
difficulty: intermediate
size: 2648c
screen: by   Rowie. - wp

Outro: wait:

Medal times

Screenshot compeitition results
1st:   Rowie. - wp
2nd:   .Ornaiim - wp
3rd:   GodofWar - wp


A showcase to Rowie for screen

Fade to Dirt. by   Rowie.

A long tech map for road experts
Epic Journey by   wormi

GLHF, replays & feedback are welcome!

User Comments
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  wormi 09-Nov-2012

1. Thanks for a great and screenshot Rowie!
2. I'm glad you like it CocKtail-, thank you a lot!
3. Thx for your great award and feedback 'Twister!
4. Wow shad0w, really big thanks for your comment!
5. Thanks for your great award kotarou/dlkilaser!
6. Thx for your cool award and feedback bernatf!
7. I'm very glad you like it nair, thanks for that !
8. Very big thanks for your cool little award GoW!
9. Thanks act» nix, your awards are perfect, too!
10. Really big thanks for your awesome pagg. nwt!

11. Thanks Deejay, what an incredible from you!
12. Wow I'm very glad you like it nwt'Sadh, giant thx!
13. Big thanks for your nice words & carl_johnson_!
14. Once again, thanks for your nice award Chad!
15. Also your gr8 feedback is eye-wetting, pantseri!
16. Thanks raftres for your good feedback and !
17. I'm glad you like it McBong|'P.H.C«, giant thanks!
18. Thank you a lot for your nice littl' »Flo.F®!
19. I'm glad for that you found it °°Dino°°, thanks!
20. Nice to see you here sol666, thx for too!

21. Ravenwest, he rules, and thanks for that !
22. Also you award it very shiny !k7, thanks dude!
23. I'm happy for your attention, big thanks for dulf!
24. Thx for your gr8 feedback & award The4thDuke!
25. Thanks to you discodoom for your nice award!
26. Thanks a lot for your really nice award diplo | mp!
27. Big thanks for your feedback & rare makonen.nwt!
28. I'm glad u like it schalkeboy, really big thanks dude!
29. Thanks 'nwt' ®ocket, I'm very glad you like it mate!
30. Great to see you like it gswe81, giant thanks!
  pagg. nwt 10-Nov-2012
Actually my comment isn't that long, but it's because of the comparison with Shad0w's one ahah
  nwt'Sadh 11-Nov-2012
lol pagg .
@ deejay : that's just one of the most used on dirt ^^
  Ravenwest 11-Nov-2012

I have my unreleased map Aural Psynapse too!
I love this song
  wormi 11-Nov-2012
@nwt'Alyan: As you see, this was going to be a map for ROC, and actually it was going to be a duo map for ROC... So it's a familiar start to Deejay ^^
@Ravenwest: Haha, I made this map during last May, so the name idea is quite an old one :>
  Ravenwest 15-Nov-2012
nice,but my map was built even in nearly february
  Deejay| On MX 15-Nov-2012
Gongratz for your 1st place in the BOTW

- Deejay.
  nwt'Sadh 15-Nov-2012
  shad0w 15-Nov-2012
my wish came true ^^: botw #1 ! (: congratz!
  pantseri 16-Nov-2012
Yay BotW #1 ... onnea mato
  wormi 16-Nov-2012
thx guys

gogo 'nwt' !!
  'nwt' ®ocket 19-Jan-2013
  wormi 20-Jan-2013
I hope you will make a video of the times, like newt feat wormi lol
  'nwt' ®ocket 22-Jan-2013

Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 34 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Ravenwest 15-Nov-2012
User Award   !k7 15-Nov-2012
A jewel
User Award   dulf 17-Nov-2012
Wow very nice map mate
you deserved your awards

User Award   The4thDuke 18-Nov-2012
Sorry, I awarded the wrong track

I'll try this one better and give you a feedback

EDIT: Nice track, some parts are a bit difficult and "break" the flow, but still a cool track
User Award   discodoom 11-Dec-2012
User Award   diplo|mp 19-Dec-2012
great dirty
User Award   makonen.nwt 14-Jan-2013
Second or third award i gave since 1 year...or nearly...
Enjoy it ! !
User Award   schalkeboy 14-Jan-2013
User Award   'nwt' ®ocket 14-Jan-2013
interresting map
some fast & low part. techy as well
& scenry feel good &
great job mate
User Award   gswe81 17-Jan-2013
Nice hunter
User Award   Vönnl 09-Dec-2013
wow amazing screen & good track
User Award   RaµL 06-Jun-2015
works pretty well, only i think it's just a little too slow
User Award   vgr 17-Feb-2016
User Award   Pecorenzo 20-Jun-2018
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