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Name: Download [PF] Principium finis
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Flyps
Version: 01-Dec-2012
Released: 01-Dec-2012
TMX id: 5282133
LB Rating: Uncompetitive Track (uncompetitive)
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 4m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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2:30.76   I FEEL SO SPECIAL~+ 0:00.00-
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2:33.78   Cocktail.afc+ 0:03.02-
2:35.18   Shanki@TMNx+ 0:04.42-
2:44.71   Raffi+ 0:13.95-
2:49.92   Ad!key+ 0:19.16-
2:57.49   worm.apx+ 0:26.73-
3:10.35   simo_900+ 0:39.59-
4:21.36   apX. agent+ 1:50.60-
4:21.36   vgr+ 1:50.60-
4:21.36   Hitchy+ 1:50.60-
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Author Comments

hi tmx :)

Finally it’s done, what started in july 2011. And the result is… well, you’ll see on your own. Actually it was finished 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to wait a bit for uploading it on my birthday. :)


If you are wondering, what the trackname means – ask google. If you are wondering, why I called the track “principium finis” – there’re 2 answers: firstly latin always sounds more intelligent; secondly I guess (again), this will be my last PX. There’s a simple reason for this. While building this, some awesome PFs have been published these months. But all of them had one thing in common: they all are not perfect. As I realized that, I had to admit, mine isn’t perfect as well. It’s even far away from “perfect”, but maybe closer than most PFs before. Perfect means, each stunt and even each straight would get 10 of 10 points in all categories: speed, smoothness, flow, creativity… I’d give my track that rating:
Speed: 6/10
Smoothness: 5/10
Flow: 7/10
Creativity/Stunts: 5/10
Length: 8/10
Not the best, ofc. If you wanna achieve 10 points everywhere, you probably have to sit for ~11212 attempts for each stunt. That means, building a perfect PF with a length of 60 seconds will take you some centuries or at least decades. And it’s not worth going through that hell.
And that’s the point, why I probably won’t make PX anymore – too frustrating, cause they never will be perfect

When I started working on “princiupium finis”, unlimiter didn’t exist. As I see now, 256³-PFs are the “modern” ones. They will dominate future. PFs inside the stadium are getting rare now. As I f.e. saw “augmented reality” coming out, I was jealous and happy at the same time. Jealous, cause I saw, there was so much space left, where I had to remove 4 of 5 stunts, cause I crashed into already existing blocks or made previous stunts impossible. Happy, cause this is the only challenge left at building PFs: limited space. Make one more stunt, and for the next one you’ll need even more patience. Make stadium full, till you can’t see the ground from above in the end. And that challenge I liked. Those 256³-PFs without limits; that’s too easy. So this track already belongs to “oldschool-PF”, I think. ^.^
And I hope, that you aren’t too fastidious yet after those outside-stadium-PFs, where complex stunts are, of course, a lot easier to create. So even if it’s a flyps-track, I plea you to not increase your expectations to the immeasurable; better compare stadium-PFs with stadium PFs and 256³PFs with 256³PFs.

Now some track statistics:
~ length: 4’21”36
~ distance: 47.201 meters
~ average speed: 650,137741 km/h
~ top speed: 847 km/h
~ copperuse: 21.280
~ building time: 16 months (I didn’t count hours)
~ stunts: 55


A really big THX goes to mastermind for his fantastic intro, that he synchronized with the song “conquest of paradise”, which will load ingame automatically. Again sick job u did here, thx a lot =)

Night Of Your Life 2 by   Mastermind

And I’d like to thank Rowie for his fantastic screen
big screen
Pre Run. by   Rowie.


For those, whose computers scream and cry when driving this, I again made a simple video, containing mastermind’s intro, the pf-way with some cam-changes and the tech-way:
tm-tube / youtube

Some mates felt like they had to make videos, too ;D
Smety video
LaBomba video
killa! video

now hf with this =)


User Comments
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  dan!el 15-Dec-2012
it's not. it's awarded exactly by how many people like it, not less, not more.
  Ravenwest 02-Jan-2013
Killa's video is the best imo.<3
  fab'm PT <3 03-Jan-2013
watching that intro mastermind made with that song.... what a feeling
  ZachD 04-Jan-2013
  Mastermind 04-Jan-2013
glad you like it, fabio, many thanks
  Flyps 01-Feb-2013
first thx-list-post reached 4000 characters... continues here. =)

141. .::. S P I D E R
142. .::. Trone !
143. .::. arzga
144. .::. Æ » swirl
145. .::. amz!»pain
146. .::. Cam° Uludix | Bye tm
147. .::. NicUSTM
148. .::. Rasque
149. .::. unholy79
150. .::. eyebo
151. .::. Perestroika
152. .::. Hr.Mann
153. .::. TriXda
154. .::. ViP*Lewis4Life
155. .::. Logic0
156. .::. XdaC
157. .::. chalwhen
158. .::. Midahekki
159. .::. franz-josef666
160. .::. juliano6010
161. .::. Tim16598
162. .::. "riolu!
163. .::. Andriv
164. .::. vasiacool
165. .::. Reahx
166. .::. v.neck
167. .::. Elystix
168. .::. asd.asterix
169. .::. RtG|Loe
170. .::. Kayaa17.
171. .::. dulf
172. .::. up! geek59
173. .::. link.
174. .::. SpiderX22
175. .::. NarviK
176. .::. ©am» ßTл Wasiman
177. .::. Zengo.xT
178. .::. FT»N!co
179. .::. nwt/Awesome
180. .::. Bart!
181. .::. Beeef
182. .::. Nikola
183. .::. sabblnator
184. .::. Ultrastar
185. .::. TheAenhim
186. .::. nick_555
187. .::. »SUpR« Javs-NL
188. .::. Zerkuso
189. .::. Mewis
190. .::. Kristjàn
191. .::. stefan_markus
192. .::. panos7772000
193. .::. Crashtestdummy
194. .::. Gorjat.
195. .::. keby
196. .::. DemetriVulcan72
197. .::. NS zloty
198. .::. mimoracer
199. .::. Rain>>
200. .::. stonem
201. .::. flipping
202. .::. Knights | Ragle
203. .::. matwor29
204. .::. rpee89
205. .::. Konix.
206. .::. NoobasASS
207. .::. Magik!« :3
208. .::. hauv
209. .::. papa_coin_coin
210. .::. grobec
211. .::. Lapelero
212. .::. Frx ben75
213. .::. elaus43
214. .::. jo la taupe
215. .::. bananagei
216. .::. TheBreaker

and thx for replays =)
.::. Cocktail.afc
.::. Shanki@TMNx
.::. Raffi
.::. Adikey «
.::. worm.apX'
.::. simo_900
  fab'm PT <3 16-Jun-2013
finally it made it above chicken invaders on the ATF
all i have to say is to congratulate flyps for his masterpiece 184 well deserved awards
I hope many will follow
  »SUpR« Javs-NL 26-Jun-2013
I found your secret gps!!!

Just press backwards
  Loe 20-Oct-2013
i love pfs built without unlimiter
  simo_900 13-May-2014
  »nator. 25-May-2014
Damn, I'd have been the 200th awarder, but of course I awarded already
  Dule 25-May-2014
  .Wiinty 25-May-2014
totally deserved imho.
  Flyps 26-May-2014
yaaaay, thx a lot, TMX

  Cocktail.afc 05-Oct-2014
the tech part is also very enjoyable
a perfect run would be around :27 at least
  elaus43 28-Nov-2017
Not Classic
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User Awards
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User Award   flipping 14-Jun-2014
User Award   Knights Ragle 20-Jun-2014
i forgot to award it damnit , oh well. here ya' go
release the kraken
User Award   matwor29 21-Mar-2015
Because you made a PressFoward and a tech in the same map Really good job
User Award   rpee89 22-Aug-2015
The track was so massive my computer could hardly handle it, and the speed was so high my eyes could barely see what's happening, all in all pretty nice work!


User Award   Konix 08-Nov-2015
Quote ...
du bist Homosexuell
ich bin nicht Homosexuell

User Award   apX.Magik :3 16-Jan-2016
nice idea of pf+tech together ^^
User Award   hauv 24-May-2016
User Award   papa_coin_coin 12-Mar-2017
User Award   grobec 12-Mar-2017
User Award   Lapelero 16-Sep-2017
better late than never
sick pf dude
User Award   Frx ben75 28-Nov-2017
Nice work!
User Award   elaus43 28-Nov-2017
apart from the poss. cuts - ONE OF THE BEST PF'S I HAVE EVER SEEN
User Award   jo la taupe 16-Dec-2017
So creative to put a pressforward and a "driveable" map in the same !
User Award   bananagei 21-Nov-2018
User Award   TheBreaker 21-Nov-2018
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