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Name: Download TMM-Pole-dancing¬TC13
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   PolionHehe
Version: 10-Mar-2013
TMX id: 5423451
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 5,206
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:36.41   vsp.Logix+ 0:00.065,154
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0:36.47   Storm!anon+ 0:00.125,102
0:36.49   volley+ 0:00.145,085
0:36.50   vsp.Karhu+ 0:00.155,077
0:36.52   swezz0r+ 0:00.175,059
0:36.53   tomczan+ 0:00.185,051
0:36.54   ksenuns0n.xT+ 0:00.195,042
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Author Comments

This is my contribution for the Trackmania Masters 13.

Hope you enjoy it and may the cuts never be found!

User Comments
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  PolionHehe 10-Mar-2013
Thank you wally for your critique!
And Dino, next tournament you'll get some even more farfetched wits.
  [OMA] Shishigami 11-Mar-2013
no because for finish
  niklas_2011 12-Mar-2013
looks like wants to give a pole dance
  d3mon 15-Mar-2013
Again another overall very poor tmm map. While some parts of it are fun, the others are outrageous. What's up with these stupid starts which costs sometimes more than 0.10 if you don't do a tiny maneuver just about perfect? It's lucky, risky and unsuited for rounds and competitive play. We might aswell play lol maps. I'm not even going to talk about the ridiculous finish, whose bugs are hardly avoidable. Consider building maps with rounds in mind!

PS: Judging by your AT, you had tons of fun testing this map.
  »RtA«wally 17-Mar-2013
^ chillout, no need to be a bitch.
  d3mon 17-Mar-2013
What a clever, well-thought-out comeback to my genuinely constructive criticism and valid points. Hats off to this man. You, sir, have my respect!

Might I point out the hypocrisy in your other comment?
  »RtA«wally 17-Mar-2013
Chillout o_o
Seems like your only goal is to be hated and have attention. I just meant that you're acting arrogant in your way to ''feedback'' someone. Stay cool, this is only internet
  d3mon 18-Mar-2013
I was pointing out your hypocrisy for calling me a "bitch" when all I did was giving some negative constructive criticism (which is the best kind of criticism btw). That's no way of "staying cool" on teh internetz.

I am not seeking attention or hate, I just presented a couple of valid issues with cup tracks these days. In fact, I am sure you would've agreed with them if they were shown in any other fashion.
  PolionHehe 21-Mar-2013
Hi all!

D3mon, i find your critique justified!
The starts, in general in tmm, i think are tricky and risky because plain, easy, and safe starts have been used way to many times, And it's in theory the easiest part of a track to train to perfection, compared to other turns, which are never the same as the previous by a larger extent.
While the turn/s that are risky are unsuited for rounds by your standards, this extra moment of excitement adds flavor to, otherwise, pretty lame and dull competetive play compared to the complexity of Starcraft or MOBAs.

The finish has recieved alot of critique, and alot of encouragement from others. The bugs being hardly avoidable, is debateable, since this game has KNOWN bugs and all end-part bugs are, actually, the fault of the player for leaving the safe part and hitting the ramstein. If it's in another way buggy, i apologize (as in landbug etc).

Lastly, i do have rounds in mind when creating the track. Being only 35 seconds, I wanted each part of the track to force players to concentrate to the fullest.
Maybe I will change my style. Maybe I won't. But your words will surely make me rethink to deciding turns in the future (as first drift and finish)!

Hope this response somewhat pleased you!
Let's keep it civil.(even tho its the internet as previously, and obviously, stated by the fact that we are even typing).
  d3mon 26-Mar-2013
I appreciate your civil tone and I am sorry if I offended you in any way, but I still think that randomness should not be a part of any competitive-level gameplay under any circumstances.

This is exactly the case for the majority of TMN's playerbase playing "lol" maps and "tech" tracks under 25s. They play these maps because they have a better chance at winning. Having less skill-based challenges and more luck-based ones means that skill won't play the role it's supposed to play in order to win. This is unnaceptable for a competition like TMM.

TMN and Starcraft are way too different to be compared and no small modification can change the overall feel of the game, so let's just leave it at that.
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User Awards
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User Award   »RtA«wally 10-Mar-2013
A bit too much blockmix for my taste, but the flow is awesome <3
User Award   HOT///Dino. 10-Mar-2013
User Award   Hotrod .xT 10-Mar-2013
Niiiiice map m8, thanks for the contribution
User Award   swezz0r 10-Mar-2013
really awesome <3

but end so hard
User Award   tomczan 10-Mar-2013
User Award   Mr.Pink.xT 11-Mar-2013
very, very nice!!!
User Award   /// Tomsen.xT 11-Mar-2013
nice flow here, gj!
User Award   vsp.Logix 12-Mar-2013
User Award   vsp.Karhu 12-Mar-2013
Very nice work
User Award   sik 12-Mar-2013
User Award   Crunch. 12-Mar-2013
The end is a bit strange... Anyways, great map, though !
User Award   Phyter 13-Mar-2013
pure awesomeness in here man
User Award   discodoom 13-Mar-2013
User Award   MnM|nevermind' 14-Mar-2013
love it
User Award   ksenuns0n.xT 14-Mar-2013
User Award   ©am» ßTл Wasiman 14-Mar-2013
User Award   eK.Banane 15-Mar-2013
Rly like it.
Good Job!
User Award   PokeR_ 15-Mar-2013
User Award   CoasterZz 15-Sep-2013
Great Track
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