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Name: Download [RPG]Tropamohla
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   FireBiker
Version: 12-Apr-2013
TMX id: 5457533
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 6,872
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
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6:42.23   SkandeaR+ 0:00.006,872
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6:43.04   HylleZ+ 0:00.816,788
6:43.29   berk1n+ 0:01.066,763
6:48.26   Knights Ragle+ 0:06.036,253
6:50.99   jurajojo+ 0:08.765,974
6:52.96   Tortugo+ 0:10.735,772
6:58.28   Reahx+ 0:16.055,226
7:02.79   worms686+ 0:20.564,764
7:03.41   elgster+ 0:21.184,700
7:03.96   mixalis_l_sala...+ 0:21.734,644
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Author Comments


Here I present you my second map which is made for the RPG Team Alliance Forever Contest II.

Track reached 4th place!

Track's history:
It's a duo map with my friend Gigo. Everything started with a little beta of one of Gigo's MiniRpg maps which I liked. So I proposed Gigo to make a duo map. Then I was building and building and fixing and building and mediatracking and so on... In the end Gigo built like 10 checkpoints which I all fixed so i made 95% of the map...

Let the mod load, rejoin your TM afterwards; if you dont, you'll loose the atmosphere of your journey.


You're a medical explorer. While being on an explorationin a far jungle your brother called you via cell phone and told you that one of your best friends has a really rare illness. There's no known way to heal him so you decided to find rare fruits in this city made out of pure gold of which you heard by many rumours. Find those fruits at these trees ... Troppletree...Mohanatree...Lananastree. It's up to you to find their fruits, take them and return back home in time to heal your friend.


Well, it's a quite short map for an RPG track but it's a tech/ fs so around having 7 minutes it's a good run. For pros 6:4x will be possible...


Coppersize: Its quite heavy for a short map but scenery took me a great deal of time and coppers so it ended up with 20180 coppers.
Checkpoints: 25 checkpoints and one ring
Mod: I used preciousmetal mod by popgun because it looked so awesome.
My authortime: It's just ... wooh ... undescribable shitty, Reason: I had problems with my computer two days before deadline of the TrackBuilding Competition so I used my mum's laptop to finish it and as you all know: driving with laptop sucks ._. ...
Mood: Day mood, nothing special...


It's a huge mediatracker map, at least for me because I never did that much . In fact around 14 pages...

Intro: Only story with text and transition fade

Ingame: Two modes of driving like in Parallel Universe by igntul: Hunt and Story mode. Spent two f***ing days at this mediatracker so I hope you like it! One espacially new trick(or I hope it's new): You have to succeed on little task which you don't ahve to drive in Hunt mod but in Story mode. Complicated to make because bunmmerly you can't do mediatracker conditionizing twice so big thanks to Agnaktor and Holzbalken who helped me with those little tasks in the Story mode.

Outro: Only one little empty trigger placed that you don't have to erase the whole mediatracker if you watch the replay.


Yey, there are three EEs hidden somewhere in the track. Find them, take one photo and post it here on the page.

Important: The pictures need to be taken online with interface/ HUD activated. The first who post the pictures will recieve a prize of 3000cc.

EasterEgg competition solved by kill-evil 2013/05/05

Greetz FireBiker feat. Gigo

Award thanklist:

Big thanks to:

igntul Oh yeah, big big honor. x)
Berk'sBombasticBoobs <3 (watch yourself berky at top )

User Comments
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  Pulse.Ziza 12-Apr-2013
  Tortugo 13-Apr-2013
  Reahx 13-Apr-2013
  McBong 13-Apr-2013
Hey the mod doesnt load for me can you give me the link to download it?
  FireBiker 13-Apr-2013
Of course. No problem. Have fun enjoying the atmo...
  McBong 13-Apr-2013
Great thanks, response will follow if I finished. Could take a while though, I'm a RPG noob
  Knights Ragle 16-Apr-2013
HylleZ din sjuuuuke faen ^^
  HylleZ 16-Apr-2013
Din sjuke supporter!
  kill.evil 17-Apr-2013
are all 3 ee pictures or mt?
  FireBiker 17-Apr-2013
All three EasterEggs are pictures split in two wallpictures and one cubepicture. Have fun wasting your time
  Poly! 18-Apr-2013
One video of this track with the WR will be really nice
  roman_4r 26-Apr-2013
i will do a video of this fantastic track
  kill.evil 05-May-2013
Yeah found all 3!
  Xerox. 08-Nov-2018
GPS: 6:43.29 by berk1n.
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User Awards
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User Award   Knights Ragle 03-Oct-2013
dat flow
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   Slaitor19 29-Oct-2016
User Award   fetzer 12-Jan-2017
User Award   Pi malun 12-Jan-2017
User Award   xeqzion 12-Mar-2017
User Award   Loe 01-Apr-2018
User Award   paxiuz 02-May-2018
only problem with this map is that I didnt find it earlier
User Award   szentvik 22-May-2018
Not really big fan of fs-RPG, but it's all right.
Kinda hard to read the story on the first run and do the jumps simultaneously tho
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