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Name: Download Nuclear Bomb.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   v.neck feat. wiinty
Version: 09-May-2013
Released: 08-May-2013
TMX id: 5486465
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 54,330
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:40.57   Nie'Mam'Pomyslu+ 0:04.3015,683
0:49.30   dan!el+ 0:13.030
1:14.98   Joost»LT+ 0:38.710
0:36.48   .Wiinty+ 0:00.21-
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Author Comments

Originally posted by Wiinty ...
'sup bud's

So here we are again, this time with a dual-track! well, I was kinda honored to see a request from mr v. for making a duo - mostly coz I went inactive for quite some time -, but it was immediately approved of course, knowing him as one of my idols in building (: and, as expected, it was a fun experience to build such a track with him and we're both proud with the result. We didn't have a constant building, from my side coz of the school stuff, but we finally managed to finish after one month, although there were just a few days with of serious building.

I know v.neck made more than me referring to the route and well, I built the middle part of the track, starting with that dirt part at 9-10 seconds, till the platform turn before the wall and tried to make some freaky transitions with this dirt layout.. aand still enjoyable hopefully. And then I made ~50% of scenery, which should be smth between middle and heavy, tho it looks sweet in my eyes with this sunset mood which we both luv :> Another thing which took quite a lot of time was the annoying and timewasting MT work which is one of my best I guess coz I put really hard work in it and, despite the fact that probably many of you are skipping 'em, I don't think it's totally worthless, tho you'd better watch it by your own (: There could be much more particular stuff to write about, but I'll let neck to continue the talking about what he did.

Originally posted by v.neck ...
Hello hello -coming from me too and welcome,

to a duo track, joining me alongside today is the infamous genius behind some ridiculously amazing tracks and mindblowing scenery works - Wiinty. -Sup man. So since he covered most of the important information about the track already, I am just gonna add my two cents to some things I feel like they might be relevant. First off a big shoutout and thanks to you - it was a fun time building and the result is def. something you can show for, secondly a warning to all guys out there keen enough to drive this track, it may not look like it at the first view but it's a damn tough nut to crack. There are tons of spots which needs good perception granted by a tight line or quick turns. I found some parts that were very frustrating at first too but eventually I figured them out they appeared to be quite fun thereafter. To make it short - don't give up after some tries, it's worth it. The screen is made by me here, nothing too fancy just some fx colors with blur added on a pretty cool angle imo. Big version here, and the video is still in work :x . So .. that's pretty much it! Have fun and good night.

User Comments
Showing 14 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  vneck 08-May-2013
sorry for the quick reupload, had some troubles with the accounts
  .Wiinty 08-May-2013
it's finally here ^.^ tho it was such a great experience to build smth like this with you m8 <3
  dan!el 08-May-2013

imho, it's too short (especially for a duo; don't try to remember velociraptor) and based too much on annoying bumpy transitions. not much hunting value, and you can't relax either... expected better scenery too ): nice MT and overall presentation tho.
  pascow.esu 09-May-2013
Agree, why so short? :/
  MR 09-May-2013
a cut @ the end
  Kumpelblase 09-May-2013
c´mon guys delete this one, make it longer, fix the cut, and we´ll forget this...
  vneck 09-May-2013
well, we did our best to extend the track, but to keep it short, it was just not possible. Therefore I can only say sorry but I think neither of us is interested in trying to extend the track again, because we already tried that...
  .Wiinty 09-May-2013
damn >< will update the cut when I'm on.
but ty anyway for the honest feedbacks ^^
e: well, cutters dream should be ruined now. updated
  Rowie. 09-May-2013
love the screen !
  vneck 10-May-2013
shit a comment from rowie on my screen what's going on thx mate!
Originally posted by Golo ...
Nukular, das Wort ist nukular!!!

I see what you did there
  .Wiinty 05-Jun-2013
seems like the bugs love your car kumpel XD @replay
  Kumpelblase 06-Jun-2013
yea they do...and it sucks! I´m like the unluckiest TM player in the world
  Therese Johaug 09-Jan-2014
That is one of the best MT works I have ever seen.
The scenery is a kick ass one.

I tried it for over half an hour but this track is so damn hard. Why did you choose these kind of finish? I am always too slow to get it

Im too unskilled
  .Wiinty 04-Mar-2014
nuclear bomb & u don't finish => the explosion catches you. live/die
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Dule 08-May-2013
User Award   ChadoX 08-May-2013
User Award   .dreamy 08-May-2013
daaaaaaaamn, son..!
User Award   AR »Rockz. 08-May-2013
could be longer
User Award   Pesca 09-May-2013
what a "bomb" rly nice bm with an epic scenery. the track is not rly easy for me but i rly have to say that i like it

gz Pesca
User Award   DisGo.esu 09-May-2013
reminds me so fuckin hard to psymax mapstyle ^^ but this is really short & not your best map.. especially for you necki.. wiinty, i saw a lot of better maps by you, too.. :b
User Award   link` 09-May-2013
nice work guys
User Award   pascow.esu 10-May-2013
its a great track
User Award   Golo 04-Jun-2013
Nukular, das Wort ist nukular!!!
User Award   Deville 04-Jun-2013
Really cool
Sadly, I don't do these long ass quotes xD
User Award   Kumpelblase 04-Jun-2013
too buggy to hunt -.-
User Award   C4 Freak 11-Jun-2013
nice one!
User Award   Dom. 20-Oct-2013
so aweesome!!
User Award   Joost»LT 22-Dec-2013
Pretty cool one
Scenery looked a bit more messy then I was hoping for though
User Award   xxlr8 06-Jan-2014
not the best to hunt, but okay.
User Award   Switch 10-Jan-2014
This one rocks.
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